Stella Dimoko Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Slams Pastors With COVID19 Conspiracy Theories + Calls Them Fake...


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Monday, April 06, 2020

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Slams Pastors With COVID19 Conspiracy Theories + Calls Them Fake...

Matthew Ashimolowo, Nigerian clergyman, of Kingsway International Christian Centre, says 5G theories is not biblical and he's very disappointed at Pastors who said there's a conspiracy theory about to take over the world.

In his words;

"Too many theories, too many videos and too many fake news out there.

There are too many theories, 5G, this G, that G, please stay out of all those theories, keep your eyes on the Lord, do not be afraid. Don't think, 'oh my God' this is the Antichrist, yeah there might be things that are pointers to the last days but not everything around us that we begin to think the Antichrists wants to take over our lives.

Everytime there have been a major shock to world, the church have often thought this must be the Antichrist.
One time it was Napoleon Bonapart in France because he was conquering the whole of Europe. Churches began to teach the Antichrist has risen,Napoleon Bonapart is the Antichrist, then he died.

Then it was Benito Mussolini of Italy then the church began to say definitely Rome the seven empire, then Benito Mussolini died. Then Hitler rose, then they said definitely by the way this guy is going he's the Antichrist.
Please I'm not a scientist, I'm Pastor but all this 5G theories is not biblical, it's not practical, there's a virus out there killing people, stay locked down, don't think it's some 5G that is killing, how come it got to my village where there is no 5G.

A sickness is out there killing people and I'm very disappointed at Pastors who have hastenly showed graphs to show that there is a conspiracy theory to take over the world and put some chips in people's body we know the Antichrist will play pracks and do all those things, but this is not it , this is pandemic, Jesus spoke about this in Matthew 24 vs 8, this is a disease, it doesn't make any sense, you carry the Dettol in your bathroom and you found Coronavirus written on it.
There have been coronavirus before now, it's just that this particular strand is mutated to become what we have to cure for and that's what we are looking for cure for.

America will not destroy it's economy to the tunes of almost twenty trillions inother to put a chip in your body,
Britain will not destroy it's economy to the point of two three trillions inother to put a chip in your body and am ashamed and embarrassed by the Pastors who are ill informed, partly informed, take videos patch it together and mislead the body of Christ. It has to stop.

God will expose the Antichrist when that time comes but let's not put people in fear, this thing is a disease killing people, we as believers will come out and testify.
Use it as chance to witness to your friends who have been cursing God and laughing at Jesus. Use it to evangelize the world, let us populate the kingdom of God instead of carrying a foolish theory, very important.

Stay locked down, locked down is in the Bible, social distance and locked down in your bible, stay alive, stay safe you'll overcome, you'll be at church dancing in Thanksgiving when this thing is over. May Lord bless you, keep you make his face shine on you, give you peace bless your going out and your coming in, may the grace of Jesus will increase for you


  1. You are as guilty as those you pointing fingers at,take several seats and focus on the tithes and offerings.

    1. On this matter, hrs saying the truth, though I never like him too.

    2. They are all charlatans. Every single one of them. Believe their pious bullsh*t at your own peril. Intellectual laziness and lack of critical thinking skills is the only reason they're still in business.

    3. Meaning?
      Don't choke on your hate that you can't just read without trying to form ITK for Pastor dem matter.

  2. I'll just read and pass.. I no wan mis yarn.

    1. You have been brainwashed by your Jerry curled pastor and you can't open your mind to reason on your own.

    2. Hahahaha
      Do it the way some bvs do on RIDDLES POST, swim awayyyyyy

  3. Thank you Pst. Matthew.
    Don't mind them theorist.

    I didn't even bother to believe their conspiracy theory.

    If God be for us, who can be against us. That's my stand

  4. Some of these pastors need re- orientation on tech-world.

    1. Well-done.
      Native doctor with laptop & 5G.

  5. I watched pastor Chris video I was so ashamed of what he was saying live with confidence.

    It's a shame on him, linking 5g network bd Coronavirus together, my people there's no linkage between he two, stop listening to the fake men, they just going to put fear in your mind so as to play along with them.

    Whoever believe sstor Chris claim need his or her head examined.
    They know they have failed, Coronavirus has opened their secret, majority of them were not called by the almighty God.

    1. You are very correct. We now know the fake pastors. God is exposing them

    2. Who knows why all Oyakilomes pastors all over the country, bleach and do Jerry curls? Is that an initiation of being a pastor of his church or they just want to look like him? The foolish things that happen in the world are mind blowing.

    3. Less than thirty seconds into the video, I scrolled past it.

    4. It's called 'fishermen' branding, looolz. Imagine jerry curl ooh. Jerry curl, divorce, remarriages, concubine, money +more monwy, harem of pretty women etc.

  6. I don't like pastor Mathew too but he's saying the truth here.

  7. "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind"
    Religion is the cancer of this earth, preventing psychological growth in humans.

  8. Hmm hmm
    It's about to go dooown!

  9. You made a valid point. My hope is in God nothing else.

  10. Some people level of reasoning though,how does 5G relate with corona virus ???

  11. In this season, believe what suit you most. I believe in Jesus Christ and I try to make my research. #Faithoverfear!

  12. Thank you Pastor Ashimolowo.

    The AntiChrist is far from this generation, some kposa n'ala already so they wish yhe,world to end.

    Go preach Jesus to an unbeliever, there is Corona in regions without 3G.

  13. If you are a Christian, make out time to study the word of God , ask the Holy Spirit to direct you , pray for the spirit of discernment.
    This way you wouldn't be swayed easily by what you hear, God speaks to his people that make out time to seek him,
    Communication is a two way process He speaks and you hear him ,You inquire and he gives you answers .
    The Bible says in Deuteronomy 29:29

    The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

  14. If you dont read and know your Bible for yourself, you will believe anything. I saw videos on this matter and even got WhatsApp broadcasted messages, I just scrolled past it.

    No one can put unnecessary fear in me. Yinmu.

  15. I think people need to be informed and carry out their own research before coming to mislead others with false statements. People are quick to spread negative news without facts. Gullible people will always fall for it becos they refused to read or find the trust and depends on others to tell them what is not. 5G can be harmful yes, but there is never a correlation between 5g and Covid-19.

  16. See how all this pastors are saying different things and contradicting themselves.Fake pastors everywhere.I pity their gullible followers

  17. Look at how low thinking Nigerians are?
    Have they done their research to prove him wrong?
    Mind you, I’m not religious so don’t attach me to a member.
    I’m basing by facts on research and pure science because I am a scientist by profession.

    I wish to write to Stella and break down this facts.
    Nigerians wake up. You don’t research or ask questions that’s why your government will sell you to the enemies.

    1. You don't have any Fack to back up the bull shit.
      It's only lazy mind that will think there's linkage between Coronavirus and 5g. Nothing connect the two together.


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