Stella Dimoko Reasons ASUU Embarked On Another Indefinite Strike...


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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Reasons ASUU Embarked On Another Indefinite Strike...

For those who do not understand "Why ASUU is on strike" - Please read this and understand the state of the Nigerian University system....

Make it a must read and spread it on...........

1. Less than 10% of the universities have Video Conferencing facility.

2. Less than 20% of the universities use Interactive Boards

3.More than 50% don’t use Public Address System in their lecture OVERCROWDED rooms/theatres.

4. Internet Services are non-existent,or epileptic and slow IN 99% of Nigerian Universities

5. Nigerian Universities Library resources are outdated and manually operated. Book shelves are homes to rats/cockroaches

6.No university library in Nigeria is fully automated. Less than 35% are partially automated.

7. 701 Development projects in Nigerian universities 163 (23.3%) are abandoned 538 (76.7%) are PERPETUALLY on-going projects

8. Some of the abandoned projects in Nigerian universities are over 15 years old, some are over 40 years old.

9. 76% of Nigerian universities use well as source of water, 45% use pit latrine, 67% of students use bush as toilet

10. UNN and UDUS have the highest number of abandoned projects (22 and 16 respectively).

11. All NDDC projects across universities in Niger Delta States are abandoned. About 84.6% of them are students’ hostels

12. 77% of Nigerian universities can be classified as "Glorified Primary Schools" Laboratories are non existing

13. There are 8 on-going projects at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi. None of them is funded by the State Government

14. 80% of Nigerian Universities are grossly under-staffed

15. 78% of Nigerian Universities rely heavily on part-time and visiting lecturers.

16. 88% of Nigerian Universities have under-qualified Academics

17. 90% of Nigerian Universities are bottom-heavy (with junior lecturers forming large chunk of the workforce)

18. Only 2% of Nigerian Universities attract expatriate lecturers, over 80% of Ghanian Universities attract same

19. 89% of Nigerian Universities have ‘closed’ (homogeneous staff – in terms of ethno-cultural background)

20. Based on the available data, there are 37,504 Academics in Nigerian Public Universities

21. 83% of the lecturers in Nigerian universities are male while 17% are female.

22. 23,030 (61.0%) of the lecturers are employed in Federal universities while 14,474 (39.0%) teach in State Universities.

23. The teaching staff-students ratio is EMBARRASSINGLY very high in many universities:

24. LECTURER STUDENT RATIO: National Open University of Nigeria 1:363 University of Abuja 1:122 Lagos State University 1:111

25. (Compare the above with Harvard 1:4; MIT 1:9; Yale 1:4, Cambridge 1:3; NUS 1:12; KFUPM 1:9; Technion 1:15).

26. Nigerian Universities Instead of having 100% Academics having PhDs, only about 43% do so. The remaining 57% have no PhDs

27. Nigerian University medical students trained in the most dangerous environment, some only see medical tools in books

28. Only 7 Nigerian Universities have up to 60% of their teaching staff with PhD qualifications

29. While majority of the universities in the country are grossly understaffed, a few cases present a pathetic picture

30. There are universities in Nigeria which the total number of Professors is not more than Five (5)

31. Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil, established in 2001 (11 years old) only 1 Professor and 25 PhD holders.

32. Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, established in 2006 has only 2 Professors and 5 PhDs

33. Ondo State University of Sci & Tech Okitipupa, established in 2008, has a total of 29 lecturers.

34. MAKE-SHIFT LECTURING SYSTEM: Out of a total of 37,504 lecturers, only 28,128 (75%) are engaged on full-time basis.

35. 9,376 (25%) Nigerian Lecturers are recycled as Visiting, Adjunct, Sabbatical and Contract lecturers.

36. In Gombe State University, only 4 out of 47 Profs are full-time and all 25 Readers are visiting

37. In Plateau State University, Bokkos, 74% of the lecturers are visiting.

38. In Kaduna State University, only 24 out of 174 PhD holders are full-time staff.

39. 700 EX-MILITANTS in Nigeria are receiving more funds annually than 20 Nigerian universities.


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  1. This country sef, I baff tired! No sector is working as it should. God have mercy.

  2. I don’t believe this nonsense, as for 11 I know it’s not correct NDDC HOSTEL in UNIBEN is completed and in use

  3. Nothing is working in nigeria the way it should be..
    Which way Nigeria our country!!!

  4. A learned man behaves differently from a lay man anywhere. Until our universities begins ti show signs of difference I will not see them differently from the normal Nigeria. Are they the same professors who will take bribe to bring in corrupt politicians and the come back to list the above?😲 common now , let's think

  5. Do not mind all these reasons ASUU gives every year. Once the fed. govt. add monies to their salaries,
    they go back to work. Sheme.😏😏😏😏😏

  6. In most countries, Universities are money generating; via researches and productions, farming etc.
    We used to buy livestock in the Agric. department of the university in my town some decades ago.
    Today, nothing anymore.
    Universities have turned themselves to dummies. 🀒🀒🀒

  7. Most of the above listed are pure lies. Do you expect the government to come hire ladies for them or the government to start farming activities for the universities? Our lecturers are part of the problem of Nigeria

  8. Endless list on top of $12 per barrel of crude. You guys need to wake up for alternative funding if only you guys are serious.

  9. I don't believe that's why the union are on strike because half of what was listed doesn't affect them directly. they just don't want their salaries to come through ippis so they can hide so many irregularities.


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