Stella Dimoko President Buhari's New COS Ibrahim Gambari Allegedly More Subtle And Even More Dangerous Than The Late Abba Kyari


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Thursday, May 14, 2020

President Buhari's New COS Ibrahim Gambari Allegedly More Subtle And Even More Dangerous Than The Late Abba Kyari

Village people have landed Oooooh..

Buhari's New COS Ibrahim Gambari More Subtle And Even More Dangerous Than Late Abba Kyari 

By Ambassador Dapo Fafowora
What I have written in this long piece is just some of my personal experience and encounter with him. Everything I have written here is in my memoirs 'Lest I Forget 'which he has seen and read.

I know him quite well. I was the one who in 1981 brought him to the UN at his request as a member of the Nigerian delegation. He was then a senior lecturer at the ABU. In fact, the late Prof Audu, who was then Foreign Minister actually advised me against inviting him to the UN. But he had strong academic credentials which impressed me.

He had obtained his first degree in political science from the LSE, and a doctorate from Colombia University in New York. We were looking for strong delegates to the UN General Assembly and I considered him the kind of delegate we were looking for. So I invited him as one of our delegates to the UN General Assembly. He was at the UN in New York with me. I gave him and his wife my city apartment which I was not using free for 3 months plus a car. I liked him and I was not seeking any favours from him.

After 3 months he returned home and sent me a note thanking me for giving him the first opportunity to visit the UN as a delegate and giving him his first experience at multilateral diplomacy.

However, he sent President Shagari a secret and private note that while he was at the UN he observed that I had not been attending the meeting of Islamic states at the UN.

President Shagari sent the note to Prof Audu who forwarded it to me in New York. He didn't even ask me for any comments on Gambari's secret memo as Prof Audu fully understood that Nigeria had traditionally not been attending meetings if the Islamic states as we were not then a member of the Group. Gambari asked for a private meeting with President Shagari which Prof Audu advised against. I was shocked that someone I had helped so much turned round to betray me so blatantly. I did not tell him I knew about the secret letter he had sent to the UN. When Shagari was overthrown by Buhari Gambari became Foreign Minister.

When career ambassadors were being suddenly retired I was at first not on the list. But Gambari, now FM and Rafindadi, the head of the NSO who had worked under me in London, and was now head of the NSO worked together to secure my retirement. In fact, when I called him from New York to confirm from him news about my retirement he first denied it.

Thereafter, he no longer took my calls. In fact, I remained at my post in New York for another 3 months during which the MFA tried to reverse the decision to retire me. I had done absolutely nothing wrong in my entire career in the diplomatic service and only got into trouble for helping a young academic who turned against me to fulfil his own personal ambition. Since then, he and I have only met twice in very difficult circumstances. First at a dinner by a mutual friend in New York several years after my retirement.

He could barely look directly at me. He was clearly embarrassed. Then when Buhari won the elections in 2015 I headed a team that was set up to prepare a paper for him on our Foreign Policy. Subsequently, Alhaji Joda asked him to join the team. Last year, he suddenly called me to ask if I would kindly represent him at a public lecture he had agreed to chair.

I told him I could not and that he should look for someone younger. He immediately hung up on me. Now, he may be the kind of person Buhari is looking for to succeed Abba Kyari as COS.

They are very much alike but Gambari is more subtle and even more dangerous and will substitute the national interests for his own personal interests. I have no doubt about that.

What I have written in this long piece is just some of my personal experience and encounter with him. Everything I have written here is in my memoirs 'Lest I Forget 'which he has seen and read.

It is nothing new. But I think it important that the character of our top govt officials should be revealed and not covered up. We have, as a nation, paid dearly for supporting appointments to high office that are often detrimental to our nation.

Enough is enough and this has to stop.


  1. Replies
    1. Afonja syndrome....somebody will welcome you to his home and you will go ensure he has no home and no work later....issorai

    2. The man even looks wicked. Someone that already stated he only answers/reports to Buhari and not the nation. We shld know doesnt have d interest of the ppl at heart.

  2. Can we ever get it right in this nation.

  3. I support the last part. “The characters of our top government officials must always be made public”.

    It’s easier that way to know who you are dealing with.

    Na stubborn fly de follow corpse continue its journey.

  4. Nobody cares if he's dangerous, so far he do the job cut out for him.
    No saint anywhere, enough of all this nonsense.

    1. Of course evil supports evil.
      You are worse thus you see nothing wrong in what this man did.

  5. So who is Amb. Fafowora?
    Is he telling us that the man should be replaced now and why?

  6. Nice one. We need to put national interest above our personal interest so this country can move forward. For that to happen, we have to do away with sycophancy.. we are not Dele Momodu- Executive Director of Sycophants Club of Nigeria

  7. Can someone say what has been, is and will be good under this Buhari APC led government?

  8. Just imagine bitting the finger that fed you. Chai. I think we have a more treacherous replacement for ABBA Kyari... but of course that's buhari s plan. To bring onboard individuals that will conclude the islamization and fulanisation of Nigeria. I m happy they wont give Tinubu the 2023 presidency, at least our leaders will understand that going our separate ways is non negotiable

  9. I also read he was one of the key players in Abacha's government and an enemy of democracy,once quoted as saying paraphrased, ' Nigerians do need democracy, they need food'

    Time will tell

  10. They keep recycling the same old thugs...**spits๐Ÿšถ♀♀

  11. Buhari is a petty and nean spirited man who thinks himself higher than others, we cannot be surprised he surrounds himself with people like him

  12. Oga professor crawl back to where ever you are coming from, you ain't saint either. why didn't you tell us this story before now? You ar beginning to sound like an enemy of progress.
    Wish him good luck and move on.

    1. You are a supporter of this wicked and useless government so I'm not surprised that nothing good came out of your mouth.

  13. At this point, he is the chief of staff. 2023 is around the corner encourage people in your vicinity to vote wisely.


  14. Well, just like Ananias and Sapphira, if the new chief of staff likes, he should make evil decisions that will be detrimental to this nation or the body of Christ. The same people who buried the former will be waiting at the door. God is watching over the affairs of this country. No man is greater than God. There is an end one day, let your end not be disgraceful. Be guarded and be a good leader to all no matter the religion, ethnicity or party.

  15. Ilorin mesujaba!!!


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