Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - Home Schooling Your Kids Due To COVID 19 Pandemic


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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Saturday In House Gists - Home Schooling Your Kids Due To COVID 19 Pandemic

The kids have been at home for a while due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and it does not look like schools will re-open soon in some Countries.........

The stay at home period has opened the eyes of some parents to appreciate teachers,tight? Una don see say e no easy right?LOL

Some parents are having problems homeschooling their kids and some are not...
If you are having problems,what kind of problems are you having with the kids?And if you are not having,do you mind sharing tips to help others?

I belong in the category of those who do not need to sit  with the kids before they can study but even that is not easy and comes with its own problems...Their home work is normally sent to their school platforms and to my email.....If i check on them reading sometimes,i hear them listening to youtube and even though i am damn sure i heard football,one of the Bambinos tell me  it is something to do with Biology...

Aside from being distracted sometimes,i dont really have any problems with me working on their own and if i sense there will be a problem....I just tell them Play station will be banned for a week and it works like magic!!!

Please share your story and/or tips to an easy homeschooling....


  1. As long as those kids have internet enabled gadgets without discipline, they
    will likely not stick to academics. Some kids who are using their parent's phones to study are also beginning to view pictures and videos of naked women.
    I do not know why some parents store nudes in their phones in the first place.
    And those ladies that like to keep nudes in their phones and to share nudes, why do you actually do it?

    1. I don't have a problem with home schooling. The school actually engages them daily. The log in to their daily subjects do their assignments copy notes and submit then log out. Weekly attendance and performance are sent to my email. I just make sure am never short of data.

    2. I am coping well the only issue is two of my kids using my phone. It's not easy cos their classes usually clash but we are coping well.

  2. As a teacher I will advise parents to home school their children for now, they should please always check their work, if they are doing it appropriately, some of my students have seen this avenue and football playing season, I had to call most of their parents the last time I saw them in the field. pleading with them to create an immediate time table for them to study with, so their brain can be active with school activities whenever school resume.

    As for me. I want to go and write agreement on Monday to learn sewing. I can't keep sitting at home, eating And waiting for schools to resume, which is not forth coming.

  3. I'm home schooling my kids(their school do send lessons for the day), and trust me, my migraine keeps getting worse. They are easily distracted. I have banned cartoons both on T.V and on their gadget but these kids are not cooperating. The 2 year old seems to be a lil bit better, but my 4 year old, kai. God help me. I really appreciate their teachers.

    1. so sorry I'm battling with migraine too especially when I'm ovulating.. they say its stress and it's normal.
      it got worse during this locked down. maybe because I stress myself more this period..its not easy managing toddlers especially when they are hyper and clingy..thinking of getting sleeping tablet for them but I really don't want to do that. they don't sleep and even if they manage to do,its for a short while.

    2. Your kids are 4 and 2, please allow them. This age does not need structured learning. Make it fun for them. Ideally they shouldn't even be in school. Welldone mama.

    3. Please allow them play. Let them watch 317 on dstv. Or Disney junior

    4. Sorry about your migraine Enerald. I know how terrible it could be. Please don't give them sleeping tablets. Try as much as possible to rest for few hours, it would help.

      Cyclone, thanks mama. I can't come and kill myself.

    5. @ Nique, please let those kids rest. Yes you can teach them but nothing serious. Just look for educational videos and let them watch them.

  4. I am not finding it easy, taking care of their day to day welfare is enough food on my plate and the additional academics is tough, what with them being at the fundamental stage.

    I am considering bringing their teacher to start home lessons for them, but I'll ensure she observes the necessary precautionary measures.

  5. I dont have strength to school anything..these kids are draining me. by the time I'm done cooking ,washing and doing other chores ,I'm already exhausted..they don't cooperate,always following me up and down...I school them spontaneously though,we recite numbers and alphabets ..that's all I can do for now..
    teachers are really trying

  6. My Own problem is that the British Curriculum School wants to Collect all my Money.
    Insensitive, Inconsiderate, unrealistic Seconday School.
    After Insisting we pay 3rd term School fees,running into millions of Naira,the Wicked School still sent Us Mail on Monday to pay #45,000 per Children for Online Training,Teachers and School Management overcoat.
    And still Threatening Us that " Our Children will be Removed from the E-learning if the #45,000 is not paid.
    You have not given me Services for the Tuition paid and you are still asking me to pay extra Money and threaten me on top.
    How can some group of people be so Wicked and inconsiderate.
    Are we all not in Nigeria?
    Companies are folding up,People are Loosing deir jobs .
    I am so down with this particular School after the" CoronaVirus Pandemic "
    Deeper Life People Fear them.
    If i call out the School,Stella will not Post.
    This School is at Lekki/ Magodo Lagos state,Owned by a Deeper Life Couples.
    I am so Done with this particular school.

    1. Don't you all have a PTA chairman? When my son's school (secondary) wanted to start misbehaving as per this online school thing the PTA chairman called them to order. It was like an all out war ooo but we parents came out victorious.

    2. Please check with the school as the school fees you paid is not yet in play as third term has not yet commenced. Lagos State govt has instructed that all current online schooling activities are not 3rd term school work. The #45k is for optional "corona holiday" lessons.

  7. My sister's kids school do online learning. They use Google classroom and zoom meetings and it's fun for them. They get to see their class mates and see their teachers too, that helps in making them cooperative.

    After the online learning, they send projects to be done over the weekend to be submitted via mail. I think it's really cool.

    There's also a lady my sis found on fb that teaches primary school English on her fb live. From primary 1 to 6. She has a timetable for each grade. So far so good. The kids have been learning and playing. Not so bad.

    1. Wow
      GOD bless that Lady
      What selflessness

  8. It's not easy coaching the kids o. As am not a trained teacher,

  9. My nephew and niece are using Google classroom for their Assignments and for any informations,and zoom for the teachings. To be honest it's very easy, and the classes videos are also uploaded for more understanding. And they are doing excellently well

  10. Lol aunty stella your post even tho you heard football they will tell you its something to do with biology 🤣🤣kids are the best

  11. My hubby is the Lockdown school monitor,hands-on instructor and disciplinarian,I don't come close to the balcony he set the temporary class,me got no extra power abeg. When they use the smart tvs inhouse during screen mirroring for some assignments, I come peep,shikena.

    Of recent,online classes start at 9am prompt daily,they connect their tabs to google and skype,2 aside,lots of practical lessons then log into big screen computer desktops with headsets for the orals on skype,by 1pm the alarm goes off,the teachers shutdown class,then you hear them blast music and jump about especially Chris Brown's songs.By the time they get to dinning table,lunch is ready,that's my part bo.

    The difficult ones as usual are LO and BEHOLD,more of coloring,bible and music lessons,my hubby's niece is around sha chasing them upandan because as toddlers they can drag crayons, paint the walls too and can dance on the Ipad if you doze off,hahaha. The Kurio tabs can't hold them down either.I drive out to their schools and stationery stores sometimes,carry the required course materials provided for them or buy the unavailable ones,they have enough data for their lessons via Dh's unlimited free wifi.

    My data bingeing is on SDK BLOG,other news or movie sites and NETFLIX majorly,watching allllll the films bvs have been recommending,starting from Game of Thrones,oh yes,I am that laid back,no time before now.Sigh.

  12. Well I teach the two that are in nursery class..the elder in nursery 2 just started reading during this period n I'm happy. The one in nur1 writes A to Z twice a week.No online lessons pls.

  13. My daughter’s school post Classes and assignments on their portal everyday. It’s been easy for me because my child loves learning. After the official class, we do more learning ourselves. I have a bunch of educational games on my iPad for the days I’m too lazy. My daughter loves them. She’s just in prekg.

  14. My daughter school open a whatsapp forum for all the subject and so far so good it has been really helpful,from 9am to 3pm everyday each subject teacher comes online and teach for an hour following the school timetable and the student gets to go to their various class online,really draining my data as they ask and answer questions on voice notes live with the teachers,they give assignments too and ask them to submit in a stipulated time. It has been really helpful as they give them notes too and scheme of work for Third term already,once they finish a particular subject the portal is closed for admin only and they don't get to do any other stuff there till the next lesson. We get to review everything in the evening and before you know it the day is over,although someone has been frowning around the house that this is more strict than going to school and having time to go for break,she still get to do her chores after the lesson and she can't wait to go back to school😒. If I hear😂I love this arrangement for👍


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