Stella Dimoko Chinese Flights Banned From Entering The US.....


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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Chinese Flights Banned From Entering The US.....

The United States announced Wednesday that Chinese airlines will be suspended from operating passenger flights to and from the US.

The move is reportedly a tit-for-tat retaliation for China’s inaction to approve American airlines from conducting passenger service to China amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The US Department of Transportation said Chinese authorities have “failed to permit” US air carriers to operate routes previously flown.

“The Department will continue to engage our Chinese counterparts so both U.S. and Chinese carriers can fully exercise their bilateral rights,” the agency said in a statement. “In the meantime, we will allow Chinese carriers to operate the same number of scheduled passenger flights as the Chinese government allows ours.”

The US claims China is violating a bilateral agreement for international travel by preventing United Airlines and Delta Air Lines from resuming trans-oceanic flights.

The airlines asked to resume service June 1.

United, Delta, and American airlines suspended service to China due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The US also imposed travel bans to stem the spread of the coronavirus

The restrictions will take effect June 16 but could be earlier if US President Donald Trump decides to expedite the process.

The spat between the two rival nations is the first of what may be more to come as airlines seek to resume flights but countries remain cautious about the coronavirus.
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  1. Donald Trump sabi keep malice ooo

  2. This one is called do me, i do you. Power tussle in full display. I just hope other countries will not suffer from their fall out.

  3. Oriegwu! Trump ok continue *in Patience Jonathan's voice

  4. Good one from the United States,China are cancerous to the world.

  5. It's a💦💦💨💨 wet Thursday here in ph. Good morning bvs.

  6. Bravo! Other countries should follow suit! Stupid Chinese,making us second class citizens in our country. I once worked with Chinese people and its even one Nigerian lady,Kemi Okufu that was enabling their tantrums against Nigerians!

  7. The level of rivalry between these two nations cant be over emphasized. Even in the midst of this pandemic?

    Trump is a joke.

  8. Donald trump fueling crisis everyday...
    I keep wondering why dey say he is d best president US has Eva got

    1. Which crisis huh???? A country that kept the world on stand still should be part on the shoulder right????

    2. Who said he’s the best??

    3. As for this China's case, I stand with him....

  9. I kind of agree with Trump.

  10. Stella my love good morning, ok make I go brush teeth before I comment

  11. Payback time I suppose🤔
    Time for the chikos to cash their cheque 🤪🤪

  12. We will all see how this will unfold

  13. Singing in P square voice, if you do me,I do you.....God no go vex...


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