Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Soars To 11,166


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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Soars To 11,166


Kano state has no new infections?Hmmmmmm!!!


  1. God please heal the world,deliver and cleanse this pandemic from the surface of the earth,amen.

  2. Lagos always with the highest number. With this rate is there hope of opening schools and religious places soon? Lord heal our land

  3. This thing is real o. It's not scam. Someone tested positive in my office. They asked all of us to resume fully back to work and in less than 2 days, someone tested positive. A friend of mine said his seat mate in his own office in another company also tested positive. He is awaiting his own result as we speak. May God intervene o. Everyone is scared at the moment

  4. God have mercy. People aint freaked with the results any more

  5. Ever since they gave Lagos 1billion to fight covid19,they have been leading in scores..
    If they want to know if dis is a game,they should give kano 3billion nd watch how kano we b leading daily..

  6. The way Rivers is increasing ehn? Even with Wike's strict lockdown rules.

    My Edo State 😑😑😑

  7. I don't expect anything lower tho I pray it gets lower.

  8. May God help us. Hmmm, Kano state, are they sure?

  9. The no in Lagos is always high. Maybe other states are not conducting enough test. May God protect us.

  10. Rivers state keeps going up everyday

    It is well

  11. God will see us through.. Amen

  12. Probably Kano has run out of testing kits.

  13. God help not sure school will reopen any time soon.

  14. Lagos state obviously is up to something, they are absolutely fishy with these numbers. I do not have facts, but I strongly believe these numbers are inflated for selfish gain. Probably the more the numbers go up the more funds will come from FG, China, US, UK, and WHO.
    Go to Ikotun, Mile 12, Ikorodu, Ketu, Ijegun, Ajah…the numbers of people in these markets are something else, there is nothing like social distancing or safety measures, everybody is just rubbing each other, yet they are closing churches and Mosques that can conveniently follow these staying safe measures.

  15. God abeg ooooooo, but Rivers State results continue to amaze me, with all the lockdown,strict orders and gbo gbo ti gbo, odiegwu ooooooo.
    God please 🙏🙏 heal the world

    1. Lock down in Rivers State? Please don't make me laugh. The whole thing was a huge joke! Lock down for 3days, holidays for 6days lock down another 3days and end of lock down. Yet they had to bring people's houses down but release people to attend Political gathering where social distance flew out of the window. Big joke.


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