Stella Dimoko Late Afrobeat Legend Fela's Son Seun Says That A Lot Of Artistes Use Fela As Excuse To Smoke And Chase Girls


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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Late Afrobeat Legend Fela's Son Seun Says That A Lot Of Artistes Use Fela As Excuse To Smoke And Chase Girls

Seun Kuti, son of Fela Kuti, late Afrobeat legend, says a lot of contemporary artistes who claimed they are inspired by his father only use him as excuse to smoke and chase girls.

In Instagram live chat with Ubi Franklin, a media personality, Seun said such artistes often hide under the notion of being inspired by the late singer to pursue their own interests.

The 37-year-old Afrobeat singer also added that majority of those who make such claims are from religious homes but they use his father as a form of “escapism”.

“I think a lot of them grow up in Christian and Muslim homes but use Fela as an excuse to smoke and chase girls And also using Fela as a reason to be reckless and rude to your elders. They are not really rude to the authorities”.

The late iconic singer has continued to be a focal point in discussions bordering on the country’s music industry, often seen as a yardstick for comparison with contemporary Afrobeat singers.


  1. Was Fela really such a good influence? 🤔

    1. Ask me o, but he was one hell of a good musician.


    2. He is right.
      Fela was a great African musician and activist. I can't say much about how he chose to live his life....... Many artists have their baser sides.

  2. He's very right.... None of them are closed to being fela kuti in any way

  3. But he did these things na. Heard he later regretted most of his actions before he passed.

  4. That's not an excuse! They decide their way and should own up to their mistake.

  5. He's right though,we are matured enough to decide which path to follow

  6. But your father was modeling that behavior na What exactly are you saying sef?

  7. Pls these can are so under the legacy of there father,he can do or say any thing with reference to fela. Coming out to say people r using fela as excuse to smoke n womanize is a lie , ask any body that smokes who got them to it, it’s either the snoop dog wiz Khalifa ( access to Americans media) or our own modern artist fela my foot or is it because of shrine he his saying that dohhhhhh wake up the world doesn’t revolve around only fela

  8. This one is always talking off point

  9. Why does he dress like this? Be authentic, it’s 2020. You can’t be more Fela than Femi his first son!


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