Stella Dimoko Musician Waje Talks About Growing Up Carefree In Benin After Horrific Murder Of UNIBEN Undergrad Uwa


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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Musician Waje Talks About Growing Up Carefree In Benin After Horrific Murder Of UNIBEN Undergrad Uwa

There was a time that we didnt have to look back in fear...........

Waje says.....

''Growing up in Benin city, I would walk to the market carefree, had friends I would play with along the way and probably lose my money. I lived close to gapiona so would catch a bus to sch and back, I was 11, your neighbors child was your child.

Now I fear for myself talk less of my children. I took defense lessons with dr jack in phase 1 and was shocked at the number of women who would come just for that class. Everyday the fear increases when we see the lives of our girls snatched from us for nothing more than 5 mins of madness. Our boys and girls are harassed and killed by trigger angry law enforcement agents.


We are tired of being told how to dress because you can’t control yourself. We are tired of people justifying the horrible things they do, we are tired of them getting away with it.
Sadly uwa and Tina and many more have lost their lives for us to wake up''.


  1. Replies
    1. Really,really sad. I was gang-raped by 3 guys in 2010. I have never ever told anybody this,not even my husband or mother. Infact,I pushed the memory to the back of my brain for 10 years and uwa's case just brought a lot of unpleasnt memories flooding back. I might need therapy soon cos I have been experiencing panic attacks since I read about uwa's rape and murder. I can't sleep,I can't eat and I keep dreaming about her. I only thank God I don't contract any disease from the bastards or get pregnant from that horrible experience. They robbed me and raped me. I swore for them and I pray they are all dead by now! All rapists are bastards,scum of the earth

    2. Those who did that to you and any other victim will never ever know peace,that is if they are still alive. They will knock on death's door to no avail. Their tears will be their water and their poop,their food. The sun will never shine on them and if it does it will burn them!

    3. Thank you so much for this. It made me feel a lot better just talking about it and having someone hear me and respond. Thank you so very much. God bless you. May evil be far from our dwelling places.

  2. It is so disheartening RIP to Uwa. May the perpetrators never have peace

  3. Honestly there’s no justification for evil.
    Absolutely none.
    Used to love going to Benin. Even when uni is on holiday we’d all stay back at the hostel cause most of us were from Lagos and we preferred the peace in Benin than that of Lagos.
    But now, look at it. Started from the kidnapping along that Ore road.

    1. Benin has turned into something else. The whole of Edo State is a no go area. I fear for my parents everyday.

      We were kidnapped once on that road.

      God help your children.

    2. Most calm places are now associated with terror. Look at maidugri, kaduna,
      My elderly doctor was matcheted and killed on ore road, for mere change. The first time ever he decided to travel by road.

    3. So sorry about that swag lafresh i can't imagine what you went through.

  4. Raise men right. Womens rights matter

    1. In as much as women’s rights matter,men’s rights matter too.I am a woman and the fight should be against all humans that abuse.Man & woman.

    2. After the protests what next?

      After putting up "placards" up and down what next?

      After screaming “say no to racism“ what next?

      After screaming for women right, what next?

      After all these demonstrations what next?

      We tends to be too tensed and furious about a particular event only when the heat is still very hot, which after we move on with our normal life and everything ends there. And wait to react again when same act is put up. Isn't that crazy and ridiculous?

      Uwa rape case isn't the first and won't be the last, rather would Floyd be the first black man that was killed by police and won't still be the last..

      It's time to rise above mere screaming and carry of placards only when bad tins happen and start planning and building a lasting solutions to these messes..

      The so called rapists was once a suckling likewise the so called racist..early child's orientation is very crucial, so family roles is very important in building a safe society were both the male and female child are free..most crisis we've today are mostly as a result of broken homes..

      But were most families are already failing and failed to their responsibilities govt policies shouldn't fail as well..

      Though we are now in a society were anything can be a factor to social crisis, like we can't stop listing factors if we start to.. But the responsibilities still lies within us, meaning we are not totally lost in it..

      Save our society today.

      Go beyond lifting placard only when an evil is being perpetrated..

      We can still build a better world...

      "Be kind to mankind.... Copied

  5. It's so sad πŸ€’πŸ’”
    I remember growing up on the Island in the 70s & 80s. When I had to go to the General Hospital from Cow lane ( now Razak Okoya lane) through Igbosere and Catholic Mission street btw 8/9pm..... just me, just 11/12 yrsπŸ˜ƒ
    There were street lights and everywhere was quite safe and people looked out for one another.
    Oh gooooooood ooooooold dayyyyyyyys!!!
    I miss you look, come back plsπŸ’–πŸ’ž

  6. It's not just Benin oh. As I read this I shuddered. And remembered the many nights I spent at "infinity" at Ago Iwoye. In my 100 level days. Empty school, in the middle of the night. How I would confidently stroll back to my room on Igan road, when I got tired of reading. Still in the middle of the night. With never a care or thought of any harm coming my way. Indeed the days are evil.

    May we be continually protected from wicked and unreasonable men.

    1. Amen....I lived off Igan road (Onabamiro street) too between 2002 and 2008!Those days were sane

  7. GOD bless you
    I'm tired of being told how to dress 😭😭 😭 some men use that statement to justify their stupidity

  8. I disagree with Waje.. Incidences of rape didn’t start now, there was a lot of coverup and stigma associated with being raped. The only difference is that there is more social media coverage now and people are tired of keeping quiet.

    1. "There is more media coverage now and people are tired of keeping quiet" that's what she meant. You have said the same thing.

      Besides rape wasn't this bad in the past.

    2. Life generally was safer back then and that’s the truth. Yes there were more cover ups then but things weren’t this bad.
      I also grew up in GRA, Benin, close to where Waje lived, we strolled along the streets without fear back then, even as quiet as GRA used to be in the late 80’s.
      Now, my siblings who have kids living in the same area dare not let the children out of the house or out of sight without trusted supervision.

  9. have relly hard enough of this rape all think it all applicable to guys only,but not it a both ways thing ...when i waz so Young i can remember our house hlp then each time we are alone she wil alwys touch my manhood and when it erects she wil put it in her virgina tht time i never knew all a out sex then ..but each time it continued even at night to the fact that i got used to it then.. times passed by i got addicted to sex even to this stage of my life please guys also do pass through a lot at a very young age ...i pray i could stop but i cnt help me..thanks

    1. The Original ShugarGirl2 June 2020 at 16:47

      So sorry about experience.
      This is sad.

  10. My friend was raped in her school Hostel.hostel for girls only,can u imagine?.she was scared to say cos nobody including her Dad will believe her.

    Later on,when she found out she was pregnant she told me,I felt really bad.
    I asked y she didn't tell me on time or her family or the school management, She said nobody will believe her rather she will be disowned by her family and school might expel her.

    Long story short, I advised she keep the baby, thank GOD she doesn't have big tummy cos at 7months she looked like she was 3months she completed her ND,this Corona period she gave birth to her cute baby. After this Corona she will go back to school.

    Well she told her family,as expected the Dad didn't believe her, gave her two options to either birth and sell d baby or abort. But with the help of her mom she got to keep her baby.
    But living in that house with the Dad when she was pregnant was nothing to write home abt.
    But when she put to bed all of a sudden the Dad changed and started being a good dad and Grandpa......

    Y am writing this is that society always blame the girl for being raped or sometimes nobody will believe her story. That is the reason most of the victims don't say anything about it.

    When I was a kid I was molested by a rev father,I tried telling my aunt abt it but she told me to keep quiet that I should never talk ill abt anointed 1. I know if I had finished the sentence she would have beaten me black and blue.(I came for holiday in her house then)

  11. The home front determines the type of society we have. Ladies, dont be quick to rush into marriage or have sex with just any man. Mixing your blood with that of a man to produce a child requires utmost care and prayers for God to guide one aright. This rapist was once the joy of a woman. What happened and at what point did satan enter into him, possess him and use him to accomplish this wickedness?

    1. Wow... deep question... at what point did an innocent child become such a beast?

    2. New mothers need to start raising godly children, teach them God's virtues and tell them the truth, spank/beat them is it warrants... Above all, always pray for them.

      God has entrusted them in our care, what did we do?

  12. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    No justification for rape

  13. There is no justification for Rape! #SatNoToRape 😦😑πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  14. No justification for rape, I was closed to being raped and tha was traumatic for me,took me time to overcome it.#SayNoToRapeπŸ’”πŸ’”

    1. The Original ShugarGirl2 June 2020 at 13:35

      I had a near rape experience, it was traumatic.
      I wished the person death. I wanted to kill him myself, if I knew I knew how to.
      I hated myself.
      I felt depressed and unclean.
      I could not talk to anyone for so long.
      I couldn't eat.
      I couldn't sleep.
      It was someone I knew, he played the guitar on campus fellowship services for a particular Pentecostal church.
      It was hard, I attacked him one the day I saw him close to hall1 and he was shocked.

      God saved me that day after I said a brief prayer. That I believe is the only reason he failed at his attempt.

      Girls never visit a guy in his apartment alone, never. Trust no man.
      The effects of what might happen/go wrong are better imagined.
      You don't want to be there because it might be too late to turn back the hand of time.


  15. Well written, except the issue of "being told how to dress"
    Ladies should cover their bodies, for decency and sanity to prevail,
    not because of a rapist lurking around. It is just common sense.

  16. I was almost raped in 1993..i was 18 and a virgin.Ladies pls trust no one.This person wasnt a stranger.I fought with all i had in me and still have a big scar on my arm that reminds me of Gods grace.Because it wasnt my strength that saved me from such a huge man but God.


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