Stella Dimoko Tiwa Savage Tweets Her Frustrations With Living In Nigeria #WeAreTired


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Monday, June 01, 2020

Tiwa Savage Tweets Her Frustrations With Living In Nigeria #WeAreTired

Do you have a list of frustrations?Add it to crooner Tiwa Savage' list..................


  1. We are tired of insecurity,unemployment and terrible traffic.

    1. Tired of rapists gpoing scot free

  2. Tiwa could not have said it any better.
    Honestly speaking, Nigeria is not an easy country to live in. Is it the polluted air, the high unmployment rate, the bad roads to mention but a few. God will keep proteting us all.

  3. *Playing politics with COVID 19.
    *Jos plateau state still on lockdown despite the sufferings and Poverty everywhere
    *My horseshit salary as a qualified lawyer.
    *The Fulani herdsmen killings silently going on in the villages yet the governor says nothing.
    *Etc etc.
    Lord knows I am frustrated.

    1. Jos is better na,its 9weeks 4days of lockdown in kaduna,the suffering is unimaginable.

    2. I just wanna give you a warm hug.

  4. lack of health care facilities
    police brutality
    poor educational system
    terrible road network
    abandon project

  5. I'm tired of no constant light,unnecessary hike in price,poor are getting poorer.. Governors becoming senators after 8years of ruling and still collecting pension worth millions of Naira,collecting salaries as senators.

  6. Nigerian men having little or no regards for women, young people cursing out pastors, NEPA not giving enough light ( we should v 24/7) light in Nigeria by now. The government seeing police brutality and not doing anything about it!

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    2. 11.40 what gives you the right to say someone doesn't have sense?! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    3. we are tired of Pastors stealing and destroying homes..

  7. I am tired of complaining about the same thing our fathers and fore fathers complained about.

    1. Chai....Rainbow... This is deep and heavy.When it's not as if it's a generational somtin. Hmnnnn. . .

    2. It's a generational something since it still persist.. How can a people keep praying over the same thing since 1960.


  8. I'm tired of everything in Nigeria .

  9. Chiefoo!!finally you guys are waking up to reality?? Good good.
    I honestly think that the non celebrities in Nigeria including myself are tired, maybe it's time the likes of Wizkid, Phyno, Kiss Daniel, Tekno and Co starts the calling out on Nigerian illiterate police MEN to stop killing young innocent boys because they look good, wear good cloth and has a car at "his" young age AND also call the young boys/men to stop their criminal acts.
    Maybe it's also time The likes of Dangote, Toney Elumelu, Ifeanyi Uba Femi Otedola starts the findings and reasons Nigerians are being butchered on a daily basic by fulani herdsmen and BH, And why trucks keeps killing innocent citizens,Shops and houses being raised down by fire and the fire service people always giving silly excuses like, "we don't have water.
    Maybe, it's time Ngozi Ezonu, Joke Silver, Omotola Ekeinde starts calling out on MEN to stop killing their wives.
    Maybe it's time WE all dropped gender madness, Tribalism, Nepotism,Selfishness, E no concern me attitude, Biasness and Ass licking aside and try to actually fix our country/Ourselves. Don't we all think that we deserve better after our ancestors traded their lives just for our independence??? πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ, Ike agwugom eziokwuu.

    1. The E no concern me attitude is the worst 😒

    2. Chisom your comment is really stupid in my opinion

    3. Can't you call out yourself? Weren't they like you before they worked On themselves to be where they are today? Very typical of Nigerians. Always wanting people to do some things for them while they just come on board to enjoy. Can't you lead a protest or start a revolution?? Is it a business man that will leave his business and go to the street to protest unemployment or bad roads? Running from rubber bullets and tear gases till something is done?? Like they care you exist? Like they don't have back up plans like relocating abroad where worse turns worse?? No go fight for yourself. Siddon dey wait make otedola come carry placard say hunger dey catch am. Very stupid comment

    4. Some of these so-called celebrities talking (some not all please) are only doing so to get international recognition and deals or ambassadorialships. The real person that will fight for what You want is YOU DEAR so stop calling names cos those names you called will never reply you unless where their interests is present. Think girl

    5. @Anony 12:10 just as you are the most STUPID creature creeping round the streets of planet earth. See ehh, if I enter your matter this afternoon, you will regret ever opening this post in the first place, gbalu ogwu gi nuoa oo.

    6. Well said ChisomπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hmmmm... I’m honestly tired! My own list will overcome yours. If it’s a country where the system works, there would have been street CCTV to catch those heartless rapist

  12. Bad roads. No light this country will frustrate you to a point that even when you want to start something small you will be scared. Imagine wanted to star a zobo, kunu or kunu Aya drinks business in your niebourhood you will always be scared if there will be electricity to sustain this business because using of gen to run this business will not make you any profit and my neibourhood is notorious for not having constant light am just tired. I have some business ideas around my neighborhood but they all have to do with light cos the businesses is not common in my area.

  13. I am tired of politician promising common basic amenities to the populace even after 60 years of independence, I am tired of Nigeria still wearing nakpin at 60, I am tired of the politics concerning this Covid 19, I am tired of untold suffering of the masses, I am tired of the oppression of the black man and I am tired of dreaming about Nyesom Wike oo!!!

  14. Tired of no good health plan
    Tired of been unemployed
    Tired of poor road network
    Tired of insecurity
    Tired of PHCN exploitation
    Tired of nija.
    Tired. I am tired

  15. My own rant is that I'm thankful to God for excess love.
    For his guidance and protection despite all,I'm alive and healthy.
    Nigeria is frustrating but I pull through through Christ who strengthens me.

    Oh Lord,guide our leaders right.

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    2. This is the same I don’t care attitude Chisom talked about all day everything mustn’t be about you biko.

  16. May God heal our land in Jesus name (Amen)πŸ™

  17. I'm tired of the pandemic.
    We were managing life small small, had plans for this year, everything seemed to go well till coro came and scattered our plans. Coro pack and go let normalcy return!!!

  18. Nothing is working in this country and it's tiring really! The list is endless joor!

  19. I'm tired of this country. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠 For many years this country have not add any value to the lives of the people that voted them in. It's high time we take our stand or we remain like this.

    1. So many lives and talents are wasted in this country

  20. No jobs, electricity, police/sars wahala, boko haram/fulani herdsmen, bad roads, medical system is zero, politicians thinking about themselves and not the people. The list is endless.

  21. We are tired of paying for utilities we don't use
    We are tired of going to universities no job
    We are tired of police brutality
    We are tired of unlawful arrest by SARS

  22. The list is truly endless , how can we achieve a better country ?
    I know it's possible but change begins with you and I.
    For instance someone was telling me that a pack of surgical mask was #400 but due to the pandemic its 14k in most pharmacies
    Thermometer went as high as 90k.

    1 we need to do better by not exploiting each other in times of crisis.

    2 we need to do better by having some sort of integrity.

    3 we need to do better by looking out for one another and not drinking water and minding our business .

    4 we need to do better by being united knowing that the fight is for us and not pitching tents with government officials that don't give a shit about us .

    When we come to the realisation of all of these we would in unity stand for whats right and true, we would fight for what we deserve πŸ’―.
    A country like Nigeria up until now has no data base , no constant electricity supply , no good hospitals for its citizens.
    We have become so laid back and now accept the crumbs dished out by these leaders , they spend years fixing a particular road like they're doing us a favor when it is our civic right.
    Honestly things really need to change for good and YES IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE A BETTER NIGERIA.

    1. Honestly, I keep telling people Nigeria’s problem is not the government, it’s Nigerians.
      Road in my area was bad. People complained. It was fixed. Now rain season is upon us. Drainage system is blocked. Much flooding. Please who blocked the drainage? The government? Or you that throw your pure water nylon on the road cause after all it’s just one nylon. Or the person that buys corn and throw the paper on the road, expecting it to beautify the environment?
      I don’t care attitude has gotten us to where we are today. And it will continue till God knows when.
      I don’t complain about the government again because I know an average Nigerian would do exactly what government is doing when given the chance to be in power cause I have seen how people in lesser position act.
      Let’s start by being good citizens cause all we like to do is complain. Bad things are happening everywhere.

    2. Convince Me, you couldn't have said it better. See how critics get into government and do an about turn. Government officials did not drop from the sky.

    3. @Convince Me thank you for this , we need to start taking responsibility for the little things .
      We can only seek true accountability when we make ourselves accountable .

  23. I'm tired of everything that has to do with this country especially recycled leaders.
    Bad health care
    Dead roads for transportation
    Police brutality
    Unjust killings and rape

  24. The list is endless o
    May God touch the hearts of our leaders

  25. I'm tired of injustice and tribalism that is tearing us apart.

  26. Every is claiming frustrated, tell them to come out for peaceful protest and watch them cower under their beds. Good life is for the brave not for cowards

  27. Hike in prices of EVERYTHING.

  28. am tired of our poor electricity, like seriously what's so difficult in providing constant electricity, starting up a small scale business is difficult because of electricity, people are seriously going into depression because of blackout in their homes and businesses, at least nija since you can't do all, choose one GIVE US LIGHT!!

    1. Totes agree. Nigerians are very entrepreneurial . If they can have constant electricity, standard of living will go up immensely

  29. So many of them::

    Poor Education and Examination Malpractice




    Boko Haram

    Farmer-herder clashes


    May God help us in this country..

  30. Unemployment
    No regards for human life
    Bad roads
    Poor educational system
    Fulani herdsmen killings
    The list is endless.

  31. Tired of "celebs" wedding in Dubai beyond the reach of most of their fan base which is Nigeria
    We are tired of Nigerian musicians who start in the Church with holy communion and end in the clubs and do coke
    We are tired of female musicians who get naked and smoke crack cocaine.
    We are tired of those musicians who signed away their eternities with foreign music labels who
    can't dare mention Jesus in their songs, even when they used to.
    We are tired of people close to these musicians dying as if it is a norm.
    We are tired of divorces for any and every reason especially among the so called "celebs," they make marriages
    so cheap to be dispensed with.
    Tired, tired, just so tired! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 

  32. We are tired of having very selfish leaders that consider only themselves and their immediate family
    We are tired of insecurity in the country
    We are tired of the economic instability ( I.e dollar from N180 to 360 and now 480)
    Fuel price is sold at N128 per litre
    No light yet you pay NEPA bills for the past 4 days... here in Surulere
    No employment
    interest rate is nothing to write home about
    No security
    No healthcare facilities yet there is always a budget and even a supplementary budget
    No good roads
    No future for the youths...
    intact th3 list is endless...

  33. The list is endless we are tired.πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯


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