Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


Good day ma'am and bvs, I trust you are all doing well. I sent my chronicles December last year and it was posted on the 27th day of December, titled Wicked Family. I'm sorry for not sending you my response since then. As at when I sent the post, I was bereaved of my grandma and before you posted the chronicle, I lost my uncle within the space of a week after my grandma's death. I actually want through the response from you and bvs. I want to appreciate everyone that took their time to read the post and also give a possible solution on how they would have handled it.

I saw a certain comment from a certain person saying that my mom may have treated my cousins wrongly, so they decided to pay us back like that, I wish I knew that person who made that comment in person, so that I could have asked him to ask this cousins of mine and people that knows us directly if something like that really existed. Please don't feel offended for me saying that because I know you might have had an experience that warrant you to say such. Recently with all the happenings in my life, I have come to a conclusion that you can never be too good to a person, as some people will still repay your goodness with evil. 

I said that my mom had me when she was still young and in secondary school, I was practically raised by a single mom. Since my father rejected me because I'm a female child, forgetting that he never paid any dowry on my mom, he said that they was no need taking care of me, since I will end up like my mom but I thank God because He proved him wrong. 

My mom and I were firstly staying with this my late uncle, who happened to work in a Federal parastatal as at the time but his wife was always creating issues with my mom, that made her take me and her late younger sister out of there, to get our own little place. There are so many things I would have talked about which I can't presently but I hope that someday I will because I know that my life is a testimony. 

Now back to these cousins. My late grandma had 11 children. Although 3 were late during the infancy stage, leaving 9 children, which comprises of 3 male and 6 female. The males are her first children before the females. My mom is the second to the last child. The last child died some years ago, while the 3rd male child died in December. This cousins are my mother's first sister children. Before my mom had me, there was a time she visited this her first sister's house for holiday and she said as soon as the husband came back that evening, that he was angry and asked her to leave because he wasn't expecting any visitors, he said that she had to write a letter and wait for an approval letter from them before she comes.

 The funny thing is that she was in the village and decided to visit them in town and they returned her back that same day. Years later one of their son travel from our state down to Lagos, without writing a letter or calling and my mom didn't send him away but decided to accommodate him. His senior brother went to other of our relatives, including our late uncle who happened to be living in a three bedroom flat but they all returned him the following day. Mind you when my mom accommodated the first of them that came, the rest of her siblings fought with her and asked her to send him back but she refused because she doesn't believe in rewarding evil with evil. 

 After that senior brother was sent back to the village, he called my mom one night, so frustrated and was telling her that he has nothing to leave for, he was already suicidal but my mom asked him to forget about the past and come over. She accommodated the both of them, their second daughter went to live with one of their father's wealthy relative, who was maltreating her and took her as a househelp. They were constantly beating her up and starving her. She was transferred to another uncle's of theirs, everyday she was always complaining of their maltreatment, especially when she came over to our house and see the way my mom treated her brothers nicely. One day she called my mom that she wanted to elope with someone, since she was being maltreated where she was, my mom was scared for her life and pleaded with her to rather come and stay with us, which she did. 

When they were staying with us, my mom encouraged them to save their money and enrol themselves in higher institution because she knew she was buoyant enough to do so for them. She never for once asked them for house rent, light bill or feeding, this act of my mom upset her late younger sister. Everyone told my mom that all she did for those children will be rewarded with evil but my mom refused to listen to them.

So I later open up to her on what I heard and she decided to confront them but they couldn't deny it. Another revelation happened this year, as we were mourning and people coming to sympathize with us, a certain man from our place came. He told my mom, how he loved her and wanted to marry her but couldn't approach her, so he spoke with this cousins of mine to help him out and he said that they were discouraging him from coming ahead and instead of that, they were introducing their elder sister to him. When we heard that talk we were shocked, Mrs Stella, that was when I now remember how pastors use to talk about household enemies. Before I told my mom the truth, I decided to visit them and confront them. Along the line, one thing led to another and my cousin brother said that shebi I use to have a big dream of getting married and relocating out of the country, that he will see how it will come to pass. That day after he said that word, he said that ah he was just joking with me and that I shouldn't take it to heart. 

My mom informed her second sister who happened to tell us to stay clear from them, so we have broke off connection from them and stay on our own. Lastly my late uncle was a boastful person, I got to find out that this cousins hated me because our late uncle boasted to not only to them but to some other people that he was the one sponsoring me in sch
ool, whereas he told my grandma and my mom that he can't sponsor me in school because I wasn't his blood and that I have a father. He said he can't educate me for my father to come and eat the

To think of it that when this uncle had that I was through with school, he asked that I put on My NYSC khaki to be sure that I really went to school, because he never believed that my mom could single handedly train me in school. I just pray that God gives me my own good job opportunity. 

I'm sorry for the long write up, it's just that by pouring out my mind in writing, I feel light. Thanks for this platform of yours, may God continue to bless you

God bless you too and thanks for updating us.


  1. Replies
    1. Poster, don't ever talk or relate with those your cousins o. Be prayerful and alert.

  2. I can totally relate walahi

    1. This life's good that you moved on.....wait and see how all of them will end up....similar thing happening in our family, we have cut everyone off, they don't even know our locations sef. ..all their kids are useless now....face front o, don't keep in touch with anyone

  3. Stella love,
    Please try to post the links to former chronicles to refresh our memories. Thank you
    Poster dear,
    It shall be well with you. Help will come to you from where you never expect because your mom has already sown the seed of kindness.

    1. @Selena;here is the link to the previous chronicle..


    2. @Martins always helpful...Poster thank God for your life...Please just dey on your lane jeje and keep praying for God to protect you and Mum..All the best..

    3. Thank you Martins.

  4. God be with you,lovely.I pray that God makes a way for you soonest all to the shame of the devil

  5. I remember your chronicle, your cousins told someone who was willing to give you a job that you did not need it.
    Whereas you had been begging them to please help you get a good job with their connections and they kept promising without fulfilling only for them to block the one that was about to come with lies.

    God'll remember your mum's kindness to them and bless you with your dream job.

  6. I don't remember the previous chronicle

  7. We never know what God has done for us. I can’t relate to this cos I never grew up with such family squabbles. God I thank you so much!!

  8. It shall be well with you and your mother.

    May all household enemies be exposed.

  9. I can relate well, E-hugs to you dear.... it will surely end in praise.

  10. I hope God gives u a job that will send shock waves through your enemies soon.

  11. no offence. is this another chronicle or update,

  12. Don't worry about them, put ur mind at rest becos God will provide a better job for u soon

  13. See my dear there's NOTHING that God cannot DO, you have seen countless times that they are envious and filled with evil.
    Please stay away, very far away from them.
    God will give you a good paying job soon.
    You and your mother must eat the good of the land.
    Hold on.

  14. God will come through for you

  15. Poster just keep faith alive and trust God to come through for you.

  16. Everything is time. It's all gonna be alright.


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