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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hi stella,

Thanks for your platform, kindly keep me anonymous and help me post this, I need advise.

Please I want advise. I noticed most things I do don't go through. Recently there was a promotion in my office, as a result of one little mistake. Others were promoted. People I was better than work wise. Salary was increased mine remains the same.

I applied in another company. Offer letter was sent to me with double salary increased to what I earn previously but the next day the company sent me a mail that they WITHDRAWAL it.

 I cried so much. I am almost 30 no bf! All I get in relationship is disappointment despite how open minded I am and being honest to the fault

Last night I dreamt that Me and a friend went to the market, we both carried two gallons. Mine was filled and hers was two little ones. We dropped it to get something. When we came back, she carries hers but when I lifted mine. It was half. Some wasted on the ground.

On the 28th of June. I dreamt again! Which is the next day after the first dream. I could see all my colleagues in this my present office, we were all seated like we were in a seminar room. At the end of it, they all asked us to pick a tea mug. We all did. I picked a big one. Under the table I picked my slipper. But on my way I noticed I mistakenly added someone else slippers. One mind told me to return it! I said no let me keep moving. But at last I went back nd throw it close to the table i saw it.

But i could not catch up with the rest colleagues. When i got there the tea has finished! I started fighting the person sharing it because she felt unconcerned and ask them not to allow me inside. I was angry to report her to the HR but I was told the HR resigned and no new one yet.

Please I need help, I don't understand what all these is. I feel i am stagnant! Things will move for others but not me. If i try selling online my friends will, i cnt. I have not experienced these things before from my school days. When I set my mind to do things I always do it and achieved it.

Do I have a problem??? Is there anyone that have experienced this before??? If yes! What was the solutions. Please I need a turn around and restoration in my life. I feel helpless most time. I feel like ending it all. I cry myself to sleep. What can I do?? What prayers can I do personally. I have prayed. Do I fast??Pls I need help.

Hmmmmm this is strange!!!...I really dont know what to say!!!


  1. Reading comments. This one is heavy.

    1. Was in your shoes for over 30 years. Start listening to Apostle Joshua Selman's messages and find a way to contact him. Pray after midnight.

      The dreams are revelations to you. If you don't act, you will die a miserable death

    2. Be positive no matter how bad things are. Always have faith. Don't doubt

    3. Pray and fast my dear. Be thankful to God, praise him and switch to a positive mindset. It shall be well with you my sister. If you can locate Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, read it. God bless you.

    4. My dear what is happening is not ordinary. Midnight prayer if you are a Christian.

      Something happened to me too, salary increment in my place of work, mine was N5k as in someone in a place for more than 9 months. Older than all other staff but they got more than me. I called upon my God, I met our CEO, complained bitterly, I'm still angry but my God is still in charge.

      Poster, don't sit idle, please pray o. God is God all by Himself, no place for argument.

      Ignore typos.

    5. Thank you Stella for posting. God bless you.

    6. Is Apostle Johnson, God? Nonsense. Instead of you to tell her to fast and pray more, you are telling her to listen to and contact Apostle Johnson. Warped christian!

    7. One step to solving a problem is identifying that problem which you already discovered.

      Yes, there's a problem and it's a spiritual one.
      Please avoid fake prophets and pastors and go on your knees. While praying, call the names of your colleagues (don't leave out anyone) and tell it to God as it is on your mind.

      I would have advised you to go the Blessed Sacrament if you are a Catholic but no church services anymore.

      Your liberation is quite close.

    8. Do you have someone you confide in? Sometimes the people who you think are your friends might be your enemies as well. Pray more ...laugh more ...maybe God has something better in store but don't worry about it. Talk to only God and believe He has done it, He will do it and He is doing it and see your situation change.

    9. Poster, NOT EVERY CLOSED DOOR, DELAY OR DISAPPOINTMENT means a problem or jinx.

      GO TO GOD in prayer and FIND OUT WHAT HE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU through your dreams.
      Pray for God's mercy on your life because mercy prevails over judgment. James 2v13
      (I hope you are merciful to those around you too)

      DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES. Each person's path in life is unique and different.

      The darkest hour of the night comes before the dawn of a glorious morning.

      If you are in Christ, it doesn't matter who is against you. You will always overcome!

      I faced worse on my job - from my entry level first team to transfer to my second and third teams in another location - nasty and envious team leads, 6 YEARS DELAYED PROMOTION, DAILY ANTAGONISM.
      It was so terrible the MD got to know about my case and I got promoted.
      However, my God dealt with each one of my antagonists in very drastic ways.
      Most of them fell by the wayside.

      Not all my colleagues and bosses were nasty. God used the good ones to get me to where he wanted me to be.

      Along the way, I learnt how to defend myself and put those nasty team leads in their place especially when they overstep ethical boundaries or policies.

    10. Anon 19:29 I bless my mum, she taught me that any funny dream I have I must turn it positive, if I fall back in a dream my mum tells me that means you avoided something that would have put you in trouble. With that i always thank God for everything both good and bad experience. I tell my self God in his infinite wisdom knows why he allowed it to happen. I always thank God. so I advice start thanksgiving

    11. There is nothing wrong with you poster. Life just happened to you. Stop looking for spiritual solutions to physical problems. Take your work more seriously, dont procrastinate. Cast off the negative mindset that got you thinking you are cursed etc. Be positive and practice mindfulness. Believe you are good enough and you will be fine. I was once like you and people will give me the spiritual bullshit, pastorpreneurs turned me into business but las las I received sense and ever since I have been fine. If you wanna pray. Pick up your bible and pray and ask with your mouth what you want. Do not seek a middle man that will charge you money to reach God cos salvation is free

  2. Replies
    1. You have a lot of work to do,fast and pray.

    2. Read " the secret" by Rondah Bryne.

      You are your own enemy. Your problem is ingratitude for what you already have. You go about with this negative energy of comparing your achievements with others and feeling defeated so you magnify a little non-issue to become a mountain. Do you know how many that are better than you but roaming the streets jobless?

      See, you don't need any deliverance,prayer or fasting. All you need is GRATITUDE. A heart filled with joy and appreciation for what you already have.

    3. Sapphire, you got that right! πŸ‘Œ

      Girl is not grateful.

    4. Dear Poster are you born again? I had this kind of problems but what brought me out was Jesus.

      If you not attending a bible believing church is important you start and take it very seriously.

      I also gave for the work of the gospel alot as I was lead by God spirit and the rest they say in history.

  3. Calm down, give yourself peace and stay focused. Your head is messed up that's why you're having such dreams.

    1. Exactly! People should learn to appreciate God for little mercies. This is how I was always fretting, praying, fasting, casting and binding for all sorts of nonsense that I assumed were my problems. When I started having serious health issues, I then realized that I was not grateful to God for the times when he was good to me rather
      I was busy worrying over nothing. Please learn to leave well enough alone. You don't have any problems. See them as normal everyday challenges. You'll surmount them.

    2. You are concerned with measuring your success with other people's own. This will only cause more frustration for you. Work on yourself. Have a positive mind n hope for the best for yourself.

      Btw how do you know you are better than your colleagues that got promoted. "People I was better than work wise" indeed. This might even be the reason God decided to humble you.

    3. Anon 16:43. For the record I am not a proud person. Reason I stated work wise in terms of hitting target and services. I was never on probation. My name was among the list but becos of me helping a colleague out.

      Thou she was sacked but I was not becos they later knew I was just following orders. Reason dey decline the promotion. Am not a proud person OK.

    4. So you actually committed an offense and the used the promotion to punish you so how come you didnt state that in your chronicle? Na wah for you poster. Just continue to pray and add fasting

    5. I did not commit the offence. Reason I was not sacked. The person that committed it got sacked.

    6. Relax madam poster. What if you were summarily dismissed for any form of involvement at all with the offender? This situation you are crying yourself to sleep about, do you have any idea how worse it could have been if not that you are favoured and loved by God? Instead of gladness, you are here with this tale of are only a few steps away from witchcraft if you don't know it. Because jealousy and hate will slowly lay eggs in your once beautiful heart and gradually, contempt for the organisation and management will creep in and it will show in the way you carry yourself and dampen your zeal to quality work and output.

      My dear, be careful before you loose it all.

  4. Taking your life should never be an option. Have you offended anyone in any way or cheated someone and did something that affected someone in anyway? Pray over it, ask God for forgiveness, be open minded and positive. Things will become good again but never stop praying or trusting God for a turn around.

  5. You need to keep praying against the spirit of rejection and stagnancy.

    Pray against the spirit of failure/disappointment, pray that whatever God has designed for you will not pass you by.

    Check your life, have a self re-evaluation and do not live in denial. Avoid every occasions of sins.

    Do not give up on yourself
    Keep a positive mindset always πŸ€—πŸ’–

    1. I agree with Ms. A. I just want to add that you should also add 'near success syndrome' to the prayer list.
      I'm currently in your shoe. You see, I used to take everything in life too casually but yesterday, I had a change of perception. I was in a Salvation Ministries program (Week of Spiritual Empowerment), when it suddenly occurred to me that there is more to life than meet the eyes. For the first time, I took careful stock of my life and saw I was moving in a circle.
      I have decided to take charge of my life in prayers. I have decided to give God a chance in my life because now I know "He will never MISMANAGE my life and affairs"
      On a lighter note, I'm inviting you all to hook up online to this Salvation Ministries program by 4pm today at or Salvation TV. The program runs till tomorrow.
      God bless you all.

  6. You have a job, you're healthy, you can pay your bills... yet you feel like ending it all?

    Start by being appreciative of what you got and watch things fall in place for you without you struggling. Start a Thanksgiving challenge if possible. For the rest of this month, no complaints whatsoever no matter what happens. The universe will move to favour you.

    1. where did you read... ending it all... read again

    2. Dede Ugonna, yes the poster said she feels like ending it all.
      I think the poster needs to pray and then change her mindset, change to believing that all God can give you speed in life.
      Pray that God should open your eyes to see who who have offended that his making things difficult for you in your office and life.

  7. Poster dear..don't relent in praying cos only God can deliver you,you might not see the answers now but He will surely come through! Pls don't be tired to pray and fast,this is the only way you will prevail over any power limiting you.. keep holding on to God,when you pray, believe that He hears and answer you

    Sending you strength and love πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ™

  8. Remember d Tom Tom story? First if u are collecting food and stuff from people at work stop it! And yes pray !!!!

    1. I support this 100%. Life is strange. Also experienced this, and the stagnancy at work stopped when I stopped eating office food. Poster whenever snyone celebrates just collect the food and dispose as you wish but dont eat it. No matter the person giving out the food or snacks.

  9. This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” This quote, from the Gospel of Matthew 17:21

  10. Poster, this was what came to my spirit whilst reading through your story: "Get into the Word."

    That's your answer.

  11. "No Bf, no work, no promotion, no money".
    Foremost, let me correct an impression;
    God gives "good husbands" not boyfriends. Well going by his promises in the Scriptures.
    It is often so important to us to have these pursuits of life and once acquired, folks feel that they are "doing well, God is with them..."
    But you know what, Godliness is not a means to financial gain, those who think otherwise are robbed of the Truth (1 Timothy 6:5)
    And pitiably, the one that does not bother you are the only one that is important. The one that when you get, all these things will be added to you without sorrows. You know what it is?
    Answer: eternal life! Yes, seek Jesus, in repentance from sin, studying his Word, prayers, fasting.
    That is how to seek him. And you will not only find him and have peace. You will find all those things of this life that you run after. 🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️🀸🏻‍♀️

  12. You mentioned that you weren't feeling that way while at school right?
    Check your life, you probably have acquired some "curses" through fornication.
    When you breach the laws of God, you might invite destruction on the works of
    your hands. Check Prov. 6:16-17. You might as well find the answers there.
    If that is not your case, ignore this comment.🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️🀷🏻‍♀️

    1. But she said she's not in a relationship. Is the problem from her workplace?poster please pray and fast

  13. I'm also going through this ish.....Toba dori adete temi lakara ma ndi eegun. I'll be reading comments

    1. Yeah me too, will be reading comments

    2. Mom Ella,let me be frank with you,The kingdom of God suffers violence and only the violent one takes it by force. Watch the kind of food you eat and people you share your problems with. Dry fasting for three 3 days over stangnancy and generational cursed.If you can go naked in midnight please do so.Been there but i overcame,spent lots of money on work o and prayers.

  14. Prayer of Thanksgiving. That is all. Don't Ask, don't fret just give thanks like it's running out of fashion and see your life sparkle.
    Forget your troubles. Speak positivity into your life. Stop believing in that narrative of being left behind, left out, or singled out for negativity. Faith is all you need, my dear. God said: When I propose who can thwart it when I stretch forth my hand who can pull it back(Isaiah 14:27). I believe in dreams more than anyone because that's one of the ways God speaks directly to me. However, I am not ignorant not to know that sometimes your beliefs seep into your subconscious that leads to you having reoccurring dreams formed from your preconceived perception of your self. Don't give in to fear. I believe all things happen for good to those who fear the Lord and walk according to his will. Yes, you weren't given an employment letter and were rejected by the other company. Rather than grumble, thank the God that knows the start from the end. You might have ended up getting sacked or roped into a bad situation if your employment with them scaled through. Everyone had a raise but you were left out. well, learn from the mistakes and improve on yourself. At least you knew the reason why you weren't given a raise. The situation would have been different if there wasn't a tangible reason.
    I believe you have given your life to Christ and you live a life of holiness pleasing to him. If that aspect is settled. Then key into your faith and see things turn around for you. Instead of asking just give thanks. Stop seeing your glass as half-empty rather see it as half-full.
    It's well.

    1. Gbam!! Op thanksgiving and mercy prayers are the keys you need now....πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£Thanksgiving oooooooooooooo is all you need my dear.... Yes I'm blowing this trumpet cos that's where ur answer lies!!!!πŸ™πŸ’žπŸ’•

    2. Thanks Sabella,I'm not the poster but your words ministered to me.

    3. Thank you for this. Thank you all. I will work towards all.

    4. When I got my break through I did fasting. And I did a week of Thanksgiving. No asking just finding the good in everything. Appreciating God for every thing I saw as positive, even quarrel I had , I will thank God that I learned from that experience. Please start doing thanksgiving only. Once God is happy he will give the revelation on when to ask for what you want.


  15. Dear poster, please and please change your mindset. Always have positive thoughts. No matter how negative thoughts try to creep in, don't let it. Position yourself to only positive thoughts, positive situations, positive mindset.

    Tell yourself how special you are, praise yourself, believe in yourself, take care of yourself.

    Pray, pray and pray. Don't give up on prayers, they work magic. You can download "Our daily manner" app, follow it religiously, pray the daily prayers underneath each post. There's a fast coming, please join in. Never ever give up. When praying, tell God everything you just typed here, don't just "pray", speak to God as if he's your friend (because he truly is), pour your heart to him, don't do all those stiff praying, speak to him, open up to him. Tell him to help you, tell him every tiny detail about your self,because he said we should ask and we shall receive, please ask. Ask like Oliver twist.

    Mehnnnn,poster I wish I could talk to you physically, because I was once where you are, but I'm so free now. Please don't give up, I beg you.
    Also, buy motivational books, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Joel osteen etc.

    Start with "the power of positive thinking" by Joyce Meyer. Also, "confident woman" by same Joyce Meyer.
    I genuinely wish you all the Good things of life.

    1. Yea,our daily manner will really be helpful

    2. Dear poster, if you're into novels please try out our wonderful African authors because honestly motivational books can get boring so please if you can afford them, walk into a book shop and ask for novels by African writers, some are 500, 700, 1k, etc. They're like therapy for me plus they're really interesting. They help me escape all the craziness of Jubril (Buhari) and his partners.
      Just switch things up from time to time so you don't get bored.

  16. There is no smoke without fire. Something is wrong,but whether it's spiritual or physical,only God has the solution. Please add fasting to the prayers (for three days at least). Then put money in an envelope, pray over it and drop it as a seed in front of the altar where you worship. Let God take care of the situation.

  17. Thank God you do dream. There are two things that you need to look into: spirit of almost there and wasters..

    You need to declare fasting coupled with midnight prayers as your strength carries you to pray against every spirit of almost there and power of wasters working against your efforts...

    Use can use Isaiah 49 vs 24_ 26,62 vs 8, 2 Tim 4 vs 18, Exodus 14 vs 14, 6 vs 6, 1 John 3 vs 8...

    You can add yours... God see you through..

  18. Again poster stay away from negative people, negative friends, negative posts on social media sef, anything negative please run away because they mess with your mental health.

    When praying ask God for protection over your mental health because alot of things are going on these days, ask him for the spirit of contentment, ask him to make you peculiar, make you unique, make you always stand out, make you uncommon, make you shine. See open up, don't be stiff, confined in him. Ask for Elevation in every aspect of your life, lastly always, always give thanks for the littlest of things.
    Let God be your therapist, please open up to him.

  19. Slow down, close your eyes and take deep breaths. I have noticed that when people send in Chronicles and where they're supposed to elaborate on an error or mistake they made, they like to summarise it with words like "just a little mistake", "we had a little disagreement over something", etc. You cannot move forward if you don't pick apart your own failings as an individual.
    Another thing that you should consider is that many companies are not taking in new applications during this period.
    As for your dreams, it could be stress dreams. Again, it could be some form of spiritual bondage. People will suggest various mediums and churches here in the comments, just apply wisdom. What works for A might not work for B. Use wisdom and be bold.
    As for selling online, etc. Have you tried to attend any free webinars? Just to gain inspiration. Just any webinar, register and attend. Your blessings may not be in online sales. Let me tell you the truth, many people are not selling at all this period. Many people are packaging their businesses with silly tags like "out of stock", "sold out". Don't allow anyone intimidate you, some are selling but some na audio sold out.
    Boyfriend and relationships: were your parents strict when you were younger? Will you say that you have good communication skills? How about emotional intelligence? Do you have boundaries and know how to set them, abi you're just a walk over and people pleaser? These are the skills people who have been "blessed" with good relationships have.
    I have a feeling that you're about to be blessed very soon, I am optimistic for you.

    1. Interesting perspectives

    2. I love your view. I also think that we over-spiritualize things. Poster please follow this advise

    3. Thank you.

      Posters. Thanks to everyone that has advised and contributed.

      God bless you all. Thank you Stella for the opportunity too.

  20. Midnight prayers is all you need.
    When you wake up from dreams what do you do? You need to pray immediately to cancel evil dreams and claim the good ones.

  21. Ooh dearie something is definitely wrong.

    Firstly you need to start midnight prayer asap; pray against spirit of stagnation and delay.
    After praying praise God for about (30minutes or more depending on your strength). Do this for 7 days and you will come back to testify.

  22. I laughed when I read your chronicles. Your set backs are mere trifles compared to mine but guess what I have never let it stop me. Every horrible thing you can imagine has happened to me. To the point that my family stopped praying for me as I was a complete embarrassment to them. Hmm. What did I do, 2 things. I NEVER let go of my God firstly. Secondly I focused and worked so hard and I was very very persistent and tenacious to the point that the evil spirits feared me. My dear, work hard and pray hard. Also examine yourself, look at ways to improve and do not let bitterness overwhelm you. In fact banish it from your life as the devil uses it to distract. You WILL overcome but be prepared to figt.

    1. "YOU WILL OVERCOME BUT BE PREPARED TO FIGHT " dear poster this is itπŸ’―

  23. Since u believe in spiritual attacks I would advice u go to cele or cherubim and seraphim church. They are really into those things. Go to somewhere remote o like in badagry. They will take u into the bush and attend to u. Good luck dear

  24. Poster Please I want you to be still and know there is God..This is what I call a ''near success syndrome'' however you have dreams which shows God is revealing the secret things being manipulated..My dear you have to do fasting and prayers..There is this book ''Prayer of Jabez''..Cry to God just like how Jabez did in the bible and ask him to enlarge your coast..Seek the face of God, Check yourself make sure you are not found wanting..Find a believing brother or sister and do aggressive,agreement prayers..God has redeemed you..Please don't even think of suicide cause God wants to make your life a testimony..All the best...

  25. You are suffering from ancestral curse. You need to fast and pray so you can be delivered from it. Pray against the spirit of limitation. Dont miss midnight prayers and if possible you need to visit your ancestral home probably with a pastor to break that connection from you. If you do this, you will not experience that set back again.

    1. Just pray and keep trusting God. All this happening may be mere coincidence without anything attached to it. May God come through for you.

  26. Please, please and please, DO NOT TAKE YOUR LIFE. I think this is more spiritual than physical. Pray about it, and trust God. It will end in praise.

  27. Miss Poster, kindly do fasting and prayer about it, tell it to God and He will surely turn. ur story around

  28. Nigerians are so hyper religious without any works!
    most people will attribute this to some non existent spiritual problem without taking a pragmatic view of it;
    You say a little mistake, who deemed it a little mistake? you or your organisation? what if your little mistake cost the organisation so much ?
    have you exhausted all the avenues available with HR concerning your promotion? have you gone to seek the advice of the HR or the person in charge what you can do to better increase your chances of promotion the next time?
    you probably sat behind your desk and sulked and bad mouthed your management. be there !

    the second organisation, did you email or even call the recruiting manager what happened? was it something you did or organizational decisions? have you kept in touch with them so that when the opportunity comes up, you would be remembered?
    again probably no yet look at you attributing everything to spiritual warfare and for sure you will get people to feed into your insecurities here.
    continue !
    not everything is spiritual guys ! most are attitudinal! check it

    1. I did all that you listed there long before now.

    2. The spiritual rules the physical. Whether you like it or not, believe it or not it is there........
      It is not about being religious or seeking diviners, it is about knowing your God to be victorious.

  29. Dear Poster,
    Its good that you are sensitive enough to discover your position. it is also good that you receive a lot of revelation to set you on the right path.
    You sure have a great star and destiny. Things are suppose to be working for you rightly and timely. There is a but, you are been monitored. Just at the point of your breakthrough, there is a spirit that divert your success. Do you discuss yourself with someone? STOP IT. FOCUS MORE ON YOUR PRAYER LIFE. YOU'VE GOT A SHINNING STAR AND SHINE YOU WILL. JUST BE WATCHFUL AND PRAYER FULL.

    1. Poster anon 16:16 is spot on.

      I also have a great star but the monitoring no be here o. But i serve a living God and I have never left God for a second. It hasn't been easy but God has been faithful.

      1) fast and pray if you can go to a good prophet not scammers o then go don't listen to anyone online or in real life that says don't go its a lie they also have their own prophet or babalawo they go and see so don't dull.

      2) whenever you are sad get up and be singing praise and worship to God it helps and changes your mood and also God loves it

      3) never ever give up yorubas will say elemi lo ma last

      4) keep your mouth shut about any moves as in move in silence

      5) finally give give give to beggars, pregnant woman, widows etc when or after each fasting and prayer


  30. OP, please what exactly do you want to end in the last paragraph?
    If it is your job, many BV will like to have it.
    If it is your life, many Covid-19 patients all over the world will live to exchange their lives with yours.

    You need to be optimistic and hopeful in life.

    In all things, give thanks

  31. Fast and pray over friendly enemies and ask God to reveal whosoever is monitoring your progress in life.

  32. These all begin in the mind. Hold unto God closely. Be God-minded. Keep away from sin. Be free-spirited, optimistic, faith-filled and prayerful. It will end in praise.

  33. Poster,it's spiritual. I was in the same both as you for 10 years after NYSC. I could not further my education, could not get a job,could not make any head way in my life at all. I prayed and fasted but it still persisted. People are evil.

  34. Jesus is the answer.
    Are you a believer?
    If yes
    Be rest assured that the thought of God towards your life is good.
    Stop telling God how big your problems are
    Start telling your problems how big your God is.
    Change the way you think .
    Dwell on the word of God and his promises for your life.
    Live it! Speak it! Act it!
    Untill you see it.
    You are not cursed
    You are blessed
    Wake up everyday and say this
    The Lord is with -----------(yourname)
    And I am successful.
    Be conscious of God's presence in your life.
    We will be hearing your testimony soon.

    If you are not a believer
    Accept Christ sincerely and see him make a whole difference in your life.

  35. Ending everything will solve nothing...

    Hold God firmly and never let God of him, because your breakthrough and miracle is near.

    Going forward: Pray like never before

    Listen to inspiring songs( i will recommend hillsong united songs You Never Fail, christ is enough for me among others)

    Mid night prayers

    white/fruit fasting

    Give alms/Sow seed

  36. I recommend the book battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyer. Thank me later


  38. I was listening to something like this 2days ago from Brother IG Newman. My sister, the way of the world is deep. The enemies manipulates us using the medium of dreams. This world we live in is highly spiritual. Whatever happens to us has been agreed on spiritually (using the dream medium). What I suggest you do is that whenever you have such dreams, once you wake up, charge o and start firing prayers. Pray against that dream. Stand on the authority of Jesus Christ and rebuke the devil. Fight the devil as if your life depends on it(it does o). Commend the devil to return a hundred fold what he has taken from you. Add fasting till six o'clock. Do warfare prayers and watch wonders happen.

  39. My love, change your mindset and change your life. What is probably wrong is that you believe something is wrong with you and you have been saying so.
    Haven't you heard there is power in the tongue?
    Your constant confession from school days has become your reality.

    Just so you know, d devil uses our mindsets against us and project harmful thoughts in that direction.

    BTW, can you count your school mates, peer groups that have died, jobless, with terminal illnesses, in abusive marriage, etc? Most times we focus on complaining and we don't see all God has done for us.

    See me I have MSC and I don't have job yet, bedsheets hasn't been selling, but I trust God things will change, business will become bigger and better and a good job will come. And i dont go about telling people i am jinx or God is against me. But here you are complaining.

    Alot of people have been laid off work this coro season. Most with wives and children, some salaries have been slashed, many have died of the virus, etc. But you are still looking for who jinxed you.

    Sister, start with writing down all what you believe God has done for you and start praising Him for them. Do it for a month and see if any result.

    Remember, life itself is a gift. How much did you pay for it.

    1. This is another angle..Poster count your little blessings and be grateful

  40. I believe dream is another means of God talking/revealing something's to us.

    Dear poster, Jesus is the answer.

    Seek Him for breakthrough in all aspects of your life.

    1. Just want to add that Satan gives dreams too, as well as our present mindsets/d day's event/ recent happenings.
      So, you can't base your judgement on dreams alone, cos it can be infiltrated.

      Not all dreams are from God

  41. Yes Poster, you need to appreciate God for life, good health, sound mind and even your job. Praise Him like you have not done before.Then let Him know that you need a lift from your present position to a higher one.The bible says promotion does not come from the east...Psalm 75 vs 6. He has done it before and He will do it again.

  42. Yes Poster, you need to appreciate God for life, good health, sound mind and even your job. Praise Him like you have not done before.Then let Him know that you need a lift from your present position to a higher one.The bible says promotion does not come from the east...Psalm 75 vs 6. He has done it before and He will do it again.

  43. These are the things that i am passing through now.

    Poster yours is that you have a job, but you don't get promotions.

    I don't have a job and if i go out to love for one, i will be rejected. people hate me for no reasons, and I'm a nice person.

    I'm 37 years, no husband, no child, no source of income.
    suitors don't even come to me anymore.
    feeding has become a hudge problem, accomodation another problem on it own. i have tried everything and nothing is really working for me.

    I was once ok doing well for myself until i had a dream 4 years ago where a gift was given to me in my dream, i was rejoicing in that dream when a horrible looking thing came and took it away from me.
    since then, i started encoutering witchcraft attacks every night till date and that's how setback, rejection, hatred, limitation, peverty and stagnation set in.

    I'm now a shadow of myself that when ever people sees me they will be like "what happened? this is not you" what's going on with you?

    If good thing tries to come to me and i get attacked by witchcraft, that's the end. that good thing will never happen. they don't want to see me happy at all.

    I have given my life to Christ, i fast all the time, pray morning and day and even pray at midnight always till date still no way. i have gone to Mountain Of Fire Miracle Ministries several times, still nothing has changed.

    Some times, i will just feel like ending it all but, how can i? when hell awaits me if i do that cos i wasn't the one that created myself.

    I have been in tears, pain, sorrow and depression for 4 years now,but i hope one day God will see me through.

    1. Hmm..keep engaging in scriptural confessions, especially at midnight hours between 12am to 3pm. Engage in praises too. You can also join a service unit in your church; it's a source of blessing. Your testimony will manifest soonest. Amen!

    2. I once used to have attacks every night. I went for Mfm deliverances it still didn't stop but got worse. I noticed I was because I was living a life of fear of the devil. I started confessing scriptures especially when that fear creeps in before the attack. "Who ever the son of man has set free is free indeed" I overcome them by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. and the lord created the night for rest. Keep repeating with boldness and as if it it directed at that demon
      Lastly if the attack happens at night and u wake up immediately pray with anger towards that demon as if the words you are saying is happening instantly. It's been more than 7 years since it stopped. Except I sleep with anger which I ask for forgiveness before I pray is well. The bible says I ll give u a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Praise and worship is the antidote for depression

  44. The truth is you are under a curse. I won't talk too much.
    You can pray, fast or go spiritual.
    It could be near success syndrome curse
    Failure curse
    Disappointment curse
    I know something you can do to break curses but I don't know if Stella will post it.
    If I find this comment in the comment section, I'll drop the curse breaker.

    1. Please drop it Stella also wants people to be free abeg drop it we plenty for this kain thing ooo

    2. Plz drop it. Tnx

    3. This is not fair nau, Stella wants everybody here to be happy. Please drop the solution. No knowledge is wasted please

  45. While you are relying on dreams and the supernatural to guide you, others are putting in their best, developing themselves and moving on. Have you noticed that everybody in life has good times and bad times in life. It is up to you how you view things in life. The cup can be half full or can be half empty, it is up to you. At a time like this, you have a job, do you appreciate it? No, you are more bothered that others got promotions. What you dismissed as a small mistake might look small to you from your small minded point of view but might actually have been a major problem. Do you actually listen to feedback about yourself or watch others and try to emulate the positives you see in them? All fingers are not equal but they are all important to us. Forge your own path and appreciate what you have in life. You are not married, you don’t have a boyfriend. Thank God you did not end up with the wrong person bc of your desperation. Make ue of this phase in your life where you don’t have kids to leverage yourself. In other words, face your lane, run your race!!!

  46. My dear just pray I strongly believe there is nothing God cannot do, your experience and mine maybe slightly different, and honestly right now I can only confess positive things into my life. Nothing was moving I prayed for so long ,I'm still praying, I don't even have a job presently because it's like they don't even see my CV, if I try to do a business it collapses. I did the weekday fasting and prayer deliverance in mfm prayer city but nothing changed, after the deliverance I dreamt I was with my colleagues and we were done for the day so we were headed home, some minutes later I realised I was walking barefoot and I was wondering how I can forget to put on my shoes so I went back to my workplace and got them but by the time I could come out Al my colleagues were already far gone, I didn't know if to be happy or sad cos walking barefoot is not good so I was happy I got to out on my shoes and sad I got left behind. If I decide to keep typing it would be so long cos this had been going on for years. Sometimes I wake up and start crying asking why I'm awake, why I actually woke up, sometimes I can't even pray I just cry all through, sometimes I just tell God that I have nothing what am I doing on earth and that scripture that says he would never leave nor forsake me just keeps coming to my mind. So dear it's not easy but I believe God will see you through because there's nothing to hard for him to do, at the end of the tunnel is Jesus and he will shine his light on your path, just pray and believe and everything will turn around, I'm talking to you but it feels like I'm advicing myself too. It's well in Jesus name

    1. You are a strong person..E-hugs to you..God will surprise you dear

  47. You have a problem which is UNHEALTHY COMPETITION. You are not living life and enjoying it, rather you are enjoying it and I am sure everyone around you knows this about you.

    Free your heart, live your life, don't look at what others got. Just set terms for yourself and live your life on those terms.

  48. Pray for 3 nights, from 12 midnight for as long as you can... it will be nice if you can fast for the 3 days too.
    Hourly prayers, I.e 6am 9am 12noon 3pm 6pm 9pm, 12 midnight.
    Read psalms 3, 4, 19, 86 91, 121 and 123.
    After this, you will thank only God and not man. God will never share His glory with any man.

  49. Find you way to arakeji ikeji in osun state (after churches reopen) spend at least one night.. make sure you bath in the river and fetch little home... surely you will praise Go

  50. Nigerian and Prayers.
    This Poster doesn't realize that she is amongst the few Nigerians who are LUCKY to still have a paying job in this COVID 19 period.

    Babe Please thank God and look at the positive sides of your life. No pastor can help you. If you feel u need blessings from God, Kindly create a private time for yourself and praying to God personally for a lift in your life. But also try more to look at your positives than the negatives.

  51. Say a prayer and put salt in your bathing water. Also wash your face with your early morning urine. Urine works as an antidote to evil

  52. Say a prayer and put salt in your bathing water. Also wash your face with your early morning urine. Urine works as an antidote to evil

  53. Say a prayer and put salt in your bathing water. Also wash your face with your early morning urine. Urine works as an antidote to evil


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