Stella Dimoko Former NDDC MD, Joy Nunieh Talks About How She Was Almost 'Arrested' And How Gov Wike Rescued Her


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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Former NDDC MD, Joy Nunieh Talks About How She Was Almost 'Arrested' And How Gov Wike Rescued Her

Former NDDC MD Joy Nunieh was supposed to travel to Abuja to make a submission before the House of Representatives Committee but she could not make it because she harassed by Policemen sent to arrest her..

She explains what happened...

According to her;

''Early this morning at about 4'0'clock, I heard people were around my gate. I made some calls. I tried to reach the governor because he had told me that if I saw any strange movement, I should alert him since he issued the statement.

So I tried to reach him and the phones were off. I called some people and they said they might not be real policemen so I should stay. They said they came to take me away. I said for what? Do they have a warrant of arrest? They said no warrant of arrest. So I left it. At about 6 o'clock, they broke the gate.

And later Senator Magnus Abe now called me that he had reached the Commissioner of Police who said he didn't know anything about me. So the CP called me, I sent him my address. He came. They told me the CP was downstairs but the CP wasn't there, I think it was the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

So I opened the door, they wanted to grab me. I now pushed back the door and locked it and went upstairs and got through to my governor. They tried to break the back door. It is a security door so they kept hitting it for over one hour but they couldn't get access.

My Governor came, asked them for the warrant of arrest and asked them why couldn't they invite me to the police and that I would have come instead of going to take a woman like a criminal.

So the governor took me in his car and here I am refuging in the government house, i was supposed to be going today to Abuja to make submission before the House of Representatives Committee,
I'm sure it's about that.

Meanwhile, the man that harassed me is at home, the man who stole money is at home. The man who stole government files is at home. The man who took money is at home. The man who said I should go and take an oath is at home..''


  1. I hope she has receipts though... May God protect her 🙏

  2. Please scene what and episode what is this?
    I am very much interested in this drama. Kindly tell me when the next episode is released. 😜😜😜😜😜😜

  3. Buhari God would judge you in your life time and beyond. Continue to enable the worst evils

  4. Useless zoo. Cursed country

  5. I respect women in politics! It's not easy

    1. E no easy rara,

      These politicians fight dirty, i knew they will come for her.

    2. She is indeed a strong woman

    3. Akpabio used part of the money for Ajala the traveler's campaign.

      Biafra shall rise one day

  6. And the story continues.
    i hope they didnt send thugs after her?

  7. I fear for the life of this woman.

  8. And some people are saying govt wike is a corrupt man.

    1. Until someone spills the beans on him. Na turn by turn

  9. Hnmmmmmm,intimidation of the highest order,this matter is getting more complicated everyday.

  10. This is just one out of the numerous attacks they will sending to her...

    Let her up her game because it's not gonna be easy at all...

  11. Why did she spill the beans on Akpabio? What is really going on? This country the more you look the less you see. Nigerians are like the Roman people , their Governors and the rest would give them gladiator fights, public beheadings etc. To entertain the poor. Who will watch these things and be carried away, without asking why are the nobles so rich but we are just completely impoverished. Nigeria Govt. Will just give us one scandal to keep us busy while they will keep looting. Wasn't Akpabio once accused of a wide scale corruption during his tenure as governor, he ran to APC and he became a hero, ABI I no understand ni? This is how they will keep entertaining us with all this mad scandals while the nonsense keeps going on.
    Nigerians start asking why? Why is she announcing it now, is she innocent.
    Is there going to be a follow up?
    After all this beans spilling want next? Would there be truly justice?
    Would the audit be completed.
    Nigeria we know how to start but can't finish.
    God help us all!!!!

    Canadian citizen in the future!!!!

    1. @Y you asked the right questions.👌❗
      Unfortunately, many Nigerians are so drunk on tribalism and high on religion that their senses are too befuddled to reason and act aright.

    2. Anon God help us!!? I am tired sha, just tired. May God help us.

  12. So if not for Wike, this woman would have disappeared?. Do we still have a president in this country?, Akpabio should be invited to answer some questions?

  13. Hmmmmm! Madam Joy, this only the beginning oooo. There will be both physical and spiritual attacks. You must be consumed with prayer. Prayer of waking hour. Fasting. Giving of alms.
    Someone has to go down and Mr. Akpabio doesn’t want to be the one. Either it’s pinned on someone, who will take the fall or they kill you off.
    Madam, time for ceaseless praying. Pray pray pray.

  14. We Pray For Mercy Mercy All Around Us...


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