Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Explains Why It Is After EFCC Acting Chairman Magu


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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Nigerian Govt Explains Why It Is After EFCC Acting Chairman Magu

Nigerian government says the ongoing interrogation of the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, is to clear him of weighty allegations leveled against him.

A presidency source, who preferred not to be named, told State House correspondents in Abuja on Tuesday, July 7; that the probe of Magu was an affirmation that nobody under “the present administration is above scrutiny’’.

The source, who could neither confirm nor deny the suspension of Magu as reported by traditional and social media outfits; maintained that the investigation of the EFCC boss was to reinforce the Buhari administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

He affirmed that the holder of an elevated office such as the chairman of the EFCC must be above suspicion.

According to the source, the Buhari administration would not prejudge anyone because it can be counted on to uphold justice and fairness.

The source said: “The panel investigating allegations against the Acting EFCC Chairman had been sitting for some weeks now.

“In consonance with the principle of fairness and justice; it was needful that the Acting Chairman be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations, which are weighty in nature.

“Under the Muhammadu Buhari administration, nobody is above scrutiny. The investigation is to reinforce transparency and accountability, rather than to vitiate it.

“Accountability for our actions or inactions is an inalienable part of democracy. In such an elevated position as that of EFCC Chairman, the holder of the position must be above suspicion.

“There’s no prejudgment — absolutely none. The Buhari administration can be counted on to uphold fairness and justice at all times.”

A presidency source had earlier confirmed that Magu was on Tuesday afternoon suspended from office; following the ongoing investigation by the presidential panel, headed by retired Justice Ayo Salami.
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  1. Enough of this their dumb explanation,make we hear word..

  2. We'll see how this unfolds. 🙄

  3. Okay, we are watching eagerly.

  4. "...that nobody under the present administration is above scrutiny."

    Hogwash and gibberish.
    Selective justice is the order of the day.

    What about his nephew "Tunde" with huge amounts in his account? Is he above scrutiny too?

    They are tired of Magu and looking for a way to remove him.

    Magu, the only EFCC chairman to function under acting capacity all through his tenure.

    Very soon, the will sweep the case under the carpet. It's their usual way.

    1. Was Magu himself not tired of the position? which kain sit tight mentality in the face of so much disrespect? they've been signalling him for ages, refused to confirm his appointment, yet he held on to the EFCC his private company? Is he the only person that can 'fight corruption'? how about walking away before it got to this, with some dignity?

  5. until he finally gets prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.i am not believing anything

  6. Magu, wetin you do Buhari 😂😂😂😂

  7. Who remembers the time Magu encouraged whistle blowing with a hefty reward, then he kept the loots and exposed the whistle blowers. Who remembers when Magu was arresting MD’s of Banks and taking cash payments as bribe? Who remembers all the allege 419 boys that were picked? To be released they must pay EFCC a portion of their gains... Now Zombi Buhari, President of a dying Nation claims he has woken up.

  8. The only righteous man in Nigeria that made Buhari and Saraki quarrel, how come he's been accused of embezzling?
    Clueless lots.

  9. Which kain story sef, if not for clout. FBI don do with hushpuppi, una sef (EFCC/govt) want to show unasef. Nothing is coming out of this. Unless he (Magu) is not "one" of "them"

  10. It is better to resign honourable than to be humiliated out if office.

    1. Nigerian leaders no dey resign oo. They have this "we die dia" mentality.
      I don't even know whether to pity him sef as we don't know if it is just a frame up to get him out of the way.
      Only God will judge our leaders.


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