Stella Dimoko Nigerians In A Batch Of 322 Arrive Nigeria From The US


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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Nigerians In A Batch Of 322 Arrive Nigeria From The US

A total of 322 Nigerians who were stranded in the US due to the Coronavirus pandemic have arrived Nigeria from the US.

They arrived at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos on Saturday, July 4 on an Ethiopian Airline.

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission NIDCOM, on its official Twitter page, confirmed that all the returnees tested negative for COVID-19.

”Evacuation Update: 322 Evacuees arrives at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos via @flyethiopia ET 509 from the USA.

“Those who tested Negative to #COVID19 will now proceed on 14 days SELF-ISOLATION as mandated by NCDC and FG,” NIDCOM wrote on Twitter.
Addressing the evacuees, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman of NIDCOM, said another flight from India is expected to arrive in Nigeria on July 5.

On her Twitter page, she wrote: “Welcome home from the USA, as we await flight from India in the early hours of tomorrow.

“Unfortunately, some evacuees were not allowed to board because they did not present their Coronavirus test.”
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  1. Hmmmm,if I were among then,I can't return now to naija ooo unless they are really stranded, which can't happen for me

    1. Trump go deport.

      What makes you think just hanging in america is easy.

    2. Amazon, you are really ill informed about this abroad journey.My friend without paper in the US does this delivery job with her car.She works 7 days in the week.No work no pay.She has developed severe back pain.Everyday, she is either crying or causing out her husband in Nigeria..

      She did arrangee marriage, the akata does not even work.Been out of jail numerous times.Write now she is the one paying the tax of the guy so he can file a work permit for her.

      She lives in a 2 bedroom shared apartment
      Everyday issues with her flat mate.

      I don’t envy her.I rather relocate to the UK with a work permit than live in America without papers.

      Bills everywhere, No savings
      Hair she can’t fix
      She can’t remember the last time she went for a pedicure or a treat because that is a luxury.
      This is someone who was living comfortably in Nigeria oh.I really don’t understand this crave for Abroad without papers sha.

      I rather remain in my water logged Lekki abeg.

      The story too long abeg

  2. Even if i don’t have anything doing in US, what’s going to bring me back to naija?

    1. Anonymous 17:57, living or squatting with someone who will frustrate your life will make you beg to return to Nigeria. Hunger, homelessness is another reason. E plenty wella

    2. They return because Nigeria is actually safer to be in right now. Any African country is safer to be in than in the US at this time. Many of them initially thought staying there would be better for them, better Healthcare and what have you, they did not think Africa would be the safest continent to be on in the pandemic. They are likely overjoyed to be back home on safer ground.

      Many will look at Africa in a new light after this scourge has passed, and governments should be on the alert for those who will come with false faces seeking to reap what they did not sow on the continent. They should be on the alert for many Trojan horses to pop up.

    3. i have to wonder if people don't realise that a lot of people who travel are not suffering they go and return often dont you follow all these actress and toke and such like why do you assume everyone wants too live abroad illegally ..a lot go in conduct business or visit their family members `and return ..

  3. Whose paper u go take work & who go employ u? Things dey tight for there now. Everybody is on his/her toes & extra careful, to avoid Wahala with d government. Even some people with Resident Permit have lost their jobs bcoz of companies that are laying off .US is no longer d land of opportunity until after Covid, no body dey smile for there now.

  4. All those here saying they wouldn’t want to come back to naija. See eh, as bad as naija is if you really want to go back to the US, best you return home and go back. Most of these people were squatting with friends, some were lodged in hotels which ended up closing due to the pandemic, some were staying with “family members”. The emphasis is that some family members would have started giving you side eyes as you have overstayed your welcome. No one in the right mind would be happy you staying in their place abroad for as long as four months. Na naija fit accommodate that kain thing. Others their visas are almost expiring. No embassy will hear that you overstayed and allowed your visa to expire. Not to talk of Trump waiting to start deporting people like anyhow.

    As much as we all travel out, home is still the best. Where you are most comfortable despite what is happening is home. At least till you make another home for yourself and by yourself.

  5. Hope that chronicle poster, that went on visit with her two small kids and got pregnant again for her husband, is amongst them.

    I just dey ask oh, make una no vex😶

  6. Obioma you have asked my question. Its better to be in d US with complete kpali. Cos illegal immigrants suffer in silence but they would not tell you. They will just paint all rosy may b cos the weather is better over there. Cool weather keeps you fresh.... so everyone thinks there is no hardship

    1. People don’t understand ni. You are in USA without kpali, you will suffer ehnnn! Work 6 days a week for like 10hours a day on your feet! You do refugee sef, it’s wahala! You do arrangee, akata will want to finish you! If you are female and akata is male lasan...they will say they want to fuck you and you can’t say no and can’t accuse them of sexual assault or harassment when afterall the person is your ‘husband’

      People’s eyes are seeing o. They just can’t come back because of the stigma so when you see people come, don’t shame them. If it’s Canada now, Ehn hen you can die there but America???????

  7. If you came here on B1/B2 visa and you overstay, getting to come back to visit will be very tough so they are better in Nigeria. Living as an illegal immigrant in America is not fun under a normal administration, not to talk of a racially insensitive administration whose leader called Nigeria a "S******country". We have an incompetent, racist administration that actually stopped some countries from the green card Adjustment of Status process, including Nigeria.
    Secondly if you think the Covid19 numbers reported in Nigeria reflect the extent of the disease, you are not well informed about the total number of tested people out of approximately 220m people. Nigeria has NOT tested up to 300,000 people and the numbers are grossly underreported, its a pandemic.

    What makes the numbers higher here is the incompetent president and lack of cooperation by "white evangelicals" and rightwing nutcrackers who think God is white and mistake white nationalism for true christianity. Before you abuse me, understand that white evangelicals used the Bible to justify slavery, they are pro-fetal life but against black and brown grown up lives and idolize a form of "freedom" that has no social responsibility at its core. Its a sad season in American politics and many cannot wait for November to come! Job losses are happening but that will be global eventually and hopefully we can elect a humble, competent president in November as there is no central response to covid19 right now. This is still THE land of opportunities and if you are here legally with a green card or citizenship, you will be ok. Goodluck to the Nigerians who just returned to Nigeria!

    1. The type of thing I will write. You are better in delivery. We cannot accommodate you, not because we don't love you. Many of you have no boundaries. Until you start to pay bills. You take ghosts for granted. America na hard work.

  8. Most are people doing well, they only just travelled to the USA for visit or business. Why do people think they were all illegal immigrants. People are stranded everywhere na.


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