Stella Dimoko China Is Interested In Nigeria And The West Is Mad................


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Saturday, August 29, 2020

China Is Interested In Nigeria And The West Is Mad................

In 2018, the White House criticised Chinese engagement in Africa, claiming that China was using bribes, opaque agreements, and debt to hold nations in Africa captive to its interests. Okay. Criticizing your geopolitical rival is allowed.

The scary part is the U.S created a committee to explore Chinese activities in Nigeria, given its role on the continent, and its economic and demographic trajectories. We gotta realize Nigeria has the worlds 6th largest consumer market. 6th largest on the planet !!.

Nigeria is also Africa’s biggest economy so China is incentivised to ensure that Nigeria’s expanding middle class continues to buy Chinese manufactured goods. Nigeria offers Chinese companies a diverse range of lucrative commercial and trade opportunities, regardless of size.

As of May 2019, Chinese companies had invested $20 billion in over 150 firms in Nigeria. The importation of Chinese manufactured goods to Nigeria underpins the two countries’ trading relationship. In return Nigerian entrepreneurs make regular commercial pilgrimages to Chinese manufacturing centres like Guangzhou where Chinese traders have come to rely on them for bulk purchases. China imported $1.5 billion from Nigeria in 2017, equivalent to less than 0.1% of its total imports.

But lets not kid ourselves. There are negative attritbutes to this. Chinese goods are flooding the Nigerian market in a way that is harming local businesses. For example cheap imports has killed Nigeria's domestic textile industry.

Ironically, many of the textile factories that have been forced to shut down were Chinese owned plants that had been operating in Kaduna since the 1970s. But lets be honest Nigeria has welcomed the opportunity to trade with a lower cost economy and enjoy cheaper merchandise.

Also while the U.S is trying to arm strong the Nigerian government to accept more NGOs and spread genocide propaganda, Chinese firms are executing more than $20 billion in rail construction contracts across Nigeria, including new commuter railways in Abuja and Lagos.

Perhaps more significant is in the area of security. China actively seeks to ensure security and stability in Nigeria. China sees its security interests in Nigeria as an offshoot of its trade priorities in the country.

This is unlike western countries who view security concerns as a major focus to gain a geostrategic advantage and actively deploy resources to work on this agenda. Think about it. The U.S and France are building drone bases, the Chinese are building train stations.

In 2014, Chinese officials vowed to help defeat Boko Haram. After President Obama torpedoed the deal Nigeria reach with Israel for attack helicopters and placed an arms embargo on Nigeria, China sold 5 armed attack drones to Nigeria.

Two years later the Nigerian Navy received two brand new Stealth offshore patrol vessels from China. A few months ago the Nigerian army received 3rd generation battle tanks, self propelled wheeled artillery guns, tank destroyers and anti-tank missiles.

No nation in Africa would have received such a diverse and sophisticated array of weapons from the west. It doesn't matter if the African nation offer to pay 10 times the amount. It will never happen. Lets not forget China launches our satellites into orbit.

Now..Im not a Chinese fanboy. However i am a realist. We have to realize China actively pursues a non-interventionist policy in Nigeria. Chinese security strategy in Nigeria is self protective and reactive. A stable Nigeria benefits China.

Does a stable Nigeria benefit nations who use the insecurity of Nigeria as an excuse to request billions of dollars in funding, build military bases and even create military alliances? Nigeria is in the middle of a global geopolitical struggle between the East and West.

Now i know nothing is free. The Chinese are in for theior own interest and we have to look at China with the same scepticism as it does the west..but who gives a damn if our interests overlaps? China’s attempts at helping resolve Nigeria’s security issues is to protect her economic and commercial interest. Who cares?

By @DefenseNigeria


  1. The Chinese and The West have ulterior motives.
    I blame us as a nation because we are too blind to see. We can be self sufficient and borrow other nations yet we messed up our system so bad.
    Anyway, The West and The Chinese have subtly contributed to the rot in Nigeria, making sure things don't work 😏

    1. Shebi Amaechi don collect money use style dey sell Nigeria... China ndi wayo.

  2. Making a deal with the Chinese government is like making a deal with the devil himself...Go and see how their are using Nigerian workers in their different companies like modern day labours..!!

  3. Una go dey do am dia dia until una sell us las las.
    If you like paint china whiter than snow, the deal Nigerian government had entered is one chance and very dark.

  4. China na devil.They are evil

  5. If you believe that China loves you, then you need to reevaluate your view

  6. I don't have a problem with China doing business in Nigeria to achieve whatever agenda they may have. US offers no better but they treat you with respect...some of them anyways.

    Chinese firms have been known to treat Nigerian staff like crap, underpays, puts them in horrible working conditions that even dogs won't live in...that's the problem I have.

    I have had some of them as clients and it has been a bitter experience. They hate Nigeria with a passion but yet they make money here. They are extremely racist only to those that work for them. Imagine a whole mongoloid coming here to be called "master" and "mistress" over the peanuts that they pay their workers, they won't try it in other countries even Ghana won't tolerate that shit.

    Unfortunately, their gifts to Nigeria will make sure that they will never be persecuted. What happened to all those Chinese who were illegally mining in different parts of the country?? I guarantee that they have bribed their way out, same way they bribed in. I remember a client who travelled for their Chinese holiday. Even tho there was lockdown in Beijing , he found his way back to Abuja, during a pandemic when flights were not coming in. Did u know the airport officials told him to quarantine at home??? Imagine if he was infected.

    Now your Cow govt has signed away our future with monies that would only enrich the North...not develop o! Cos if they do, there won't have minions to do their bidding...everyone would be rich. They tax the south, East and West and yet nothing to show.

    God help Nigeria

  7. @DefenseNigeria, keep on believing that until China colonise Africa. You know what I think? It’s a shame that Nigerians and indeed Africans still keep asking for aid. This is the richest continent by far!!! At this stage, African leaders should be ashamed to ask for aids. If they stop laundering monies and looking after their families alone, we can fix Nigeria/Africa all by ourselves

  8. That all are after their own gain, them no send una at all

  9. Almighty God, please make it impossible for Nigeria to sell her spiritual birthright for a morsel of bread, amen

  10. Amethyst and 16:55 you have said it all.

    I laugh at this writer's post in vernacular!

    China has already indirectly colonized the country. They are progressively stripping your land of its mineral resources and gradually enslaving your human resource. They have inextricably tied up your country with debts.
    Unfortunately, your leaders are outrightly dumb and the few smart ones are too blinded by greed to save the future of the generations to come.

    With the West, you could get some of their godly men and women who would use activism, the law to fight for the right of your third world country like they did during slavery, civil war etc.

    What do you think China, a country that does not know or serve God do to your land and your people??? 😑😑😑

    1. It’s funny you talk about the west and God, the religion they brought to keep you praying while they take all of your natural resources, even up till now you are still praying. There are more church goers per household in africa than the west I wonder why?they are all the same e.

  11. 🤔🤔🤔. I hope to read this post in 20 years time if God keep us alive.
    China has colonised Nigeria and BuBu has signed it off without being able to read / comprehend all terms and conditions.
    Giant of Africa my foot. Selfish leaders whose interest is in material gains, fat bank accounts, murdering opponents, training their kids abroad, treating sickness and having checkups abroad, having mistresses and frolicking about with too many partners and kids.
    It's very pathetic. I weep for there was once a country, but not anymore.
    Thank you all. Stay steadfast.

  12. Nigeria is like a beautiful lady being wooed by many men. She thinks she is all that not knowing that they just want her for a bang.

  13. With all the borrow borrow wey FG dey borrow, we have already bn loaned as a country to china.

    All the monies returned from Abachas swiss accounts is more than enough to run the country. But no. We rather waste time, money nd energy on nonsense while we're bn taken into slavery unconsciously.

  14. With all the borrow borrow wey FG dey borrow, we have already bn loaned as a country to china.

    All the monies returned from Abachas swiss accounts is more than enough to run the country. But no. We rather waste time, money nd energy on nonsense while we're bn taken into slavery unconsciously.

  15. With all the borrow borrow wey FG dey borrow, we have already bn loaned as a country to china.

    All the monies returned from Abachas swiss accounts is more than enough to run the country. But no. We rather waste time, money nd energy on nonsense while we're bn taken into slavery unconsciously.

  16. I hope you were paid enough to do this PR that reeks of lies.


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