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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



Good day Stella, good job you're doing. God bless you and your blog visitors.
This isn't a relationship issue. 

I have a friend that I have known for 4 years, she is a really pretty girl but she has both body and mouth odour, the mouth odour has actually reduced now but the body odour is killing. 

I just need advice on how to tell her because she is a really sensitive person. 

When anonymous message was trending, another friend of ours used that opportunity to tell her but she obviously didn't take the advice and she got angry about it.

She is a really good person and it hurts to smell the foul odour from her. I just need to find a subtle way of telling her.
Thanks and God bless.

Does she have a boyfriend?if she does and the boyfriend has not told her then e go hard.......
Get someone to send her a hand written note begging her to take care of it....try to first check codedly if she has rotten hair under her armpits,if yes,that's the first step to eliminating the smell...
Most ladies do not know that the hair under the pits and  privates hair need to go every now and then,they leave it as if they are training it for a competition until it breaks out in a smell....

Also try to how her hygiene is,monitor her well so that you will know how to advice her.....
Get someone who does not know her and dictate the letter and then you drop it off where she will see it address to her...

I wish you all the Best but please be careful cos this act of wanting to help might break the friendship if she has some complex issues.


  1. I have this problem too, I don't know how to tell people what is wrong with them because I fear to hurt them.
    I once overheard my Children's teacher singing
    *Some have food but cannot eat , some ca eat but have no food....
    Then she switched it to eyes
    *Some have eyes and cannot see
    Some can see but have no eyes, I knew it was wrong but I just couldn't talk to her in front of the children and I just let it slide.
    Words get to me easily, so I find it difficult saying my mind for fear of unintentionally hurting them.

    You could start with " I need to tell you this, but please don't get offended....

    1. Stella wat is rotten hair.

      Ewww I wanna throw up. Jezz.

      But people with body odour obviously dnt clean their ass very well.

    2. Teacher that you're paying? Get rid of her asap. Some can see but have no eyes ke, hian.

    3. I am a straight forward perform and it be nice u tell her the absolute truth not minding whose ox is gored

    4. Seriously, "some have eyes but cannot see". Pls correct her .πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    5. Dearest poster, buy her roll on and Rico body soap and give them to her- that should solve the puzzle

    6. Poster the sch teacher might not be completely wrong. I think before you send her away, ask her what the statement means. For me, there are some people that have no eyes for example the blind but they can see with the eyes of their heart. Open the eyes of my heart Lord I want to see you. We have physical eyes does not mean we actually see. Pls before you send her away, let her explain it to you and if the explanation does not make sense, then go ahead. God bless u and your kids.

    7. There is possibility she wasn't referring to you.

  2. I might be wrong but the best gift you can give anyone is Honesty even when it hurts.
    I appreciate the fact that you're so concerned yet understanding but truth is your friend would value this more coming from a friend than an anonymous person .
    Maybe you should ask the Holy Spirit to give you the right words ? You'd be surpised how well she'd absorb it .

    1. Poster, tell her the truth in love. Say it like it is. Yes, the truth hurts but it's best she gets to know this, for her own good.

      It may cost your friendship? No problem, as long as you tell her the truth. How you tell her is very important and that's why I said, tell her the truth in love and not in a way to demean her.

    2. Poster, tell her the truth in loveπŸ™‚. Say it like it is. Yes, the truth hurts but it's best she gets to know this, for her own good.

      It may cost your friendship? No problem, as long as you tell her the truth. How you tell her is very important and that's why I said, tell her the truth in love and not in a way to demean her.

  3. I don't understand why peeps with bad odour don't know they have it. Is it that they don't perceive the smell themselves or what? It really baffles me oo. For example, if i noticed i have any odour, I would know and eliminate it with immediate effects.

    Poster please, just find one tricky way to tell her in a way that she won't be offended.

  4. When it comes to telling someone this kind of truth, its better not to mince words, be firm and tell her and also provide solutions.
    If she vex, na she sabi.
    I can't deal smellos abeg as I have very very sensitive sense of smell
    My younger brother smells very badly, like he pollutes the whole house once he enters. I remember when I was telling him, he felt I was insulting him. Now no babe can stand him.
    Poor hygiene is a major deal breaker for me, whether girl/boy friend.

    Anaghi m ayi ndi isi nsi

    1. Let her brush her tongue and chew gum regularly

  5. Please tell her no matter how bad she will feel

  6. Just say "Girl you stink" "hmmmm" while holding your nose

  7. If you can't talk to her in person,make use of bulk Sms service..

    That way you can put any name as the "sender" and forward everything to her..
    It can't be traced so it's a win for all..

    You can even tell her on the sms that you are secret admirer and the body odour is bad when you met her somewhere..

    The truth hurt,lies also hurt..Choose the best option..


    1. Deliver toiletries to her with a handwritten note. Written with love

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Just calmly ask her Babe,what bodyspray and Deodorant did you use today,its unpleasant ooo.

    Or Better still Buy Nivea Deodorant and Gillette Men Body Spray for her and tell her a crazy friend forced you to buy a Dozen each. If she likes them, she should please come and buy 3 each at least to get back your Gbese. Trust me she will love it and start using them.

    Likewise Discourage her from repeating her clothes and Undies without washing them.

    Such scenarios are quite Uncomfortable and unpleasant. I had friends like that. I just buy products that I use in 6 pieces each and come along with it.

    I stylishly put it in a way the will see it and scream it's too much then I gladly give the person 2 units each of the products. Trust me they love the smell and voila problem solved.

  9. I will say what I have seen people experience...
    Get the crucifix and nails ready. ➕➕➕πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
    I have known people whose body odors have a spiritual dimension.
    (note that I did not say that all body odors are due to this)
    I mean ladies who smelt like dead bodies that has decayed for
    weeks under the hot sun.
    And they gave their lives to Christ and begun learning his teachings
    and their friends noticed that they no longer had it. One, her mommy
    was very curious as to why she no longer had the body odor.
    I will list one thing that these ladies had in common (they said so);
    They belonged to the kingdom of darkness in the sea
    They seduced men for pleasure and as a compulsion
    They had murdered babies in their wombs.
    Jesus delivered them from the bondage of Satan.
    They became new creatures and the odor of the foul spirit from
    within them vanished with the foul spirits.
    That is why they are called "foul spirits" (Rev. 16:13-15), unclean
    spirits, Acts 5:6 etc.
    Jesus liberates.
    Okay, you can now get the cross and crucify me.

    1. Haba, spiritual body odour? There nothing one won't hearπŸ™„

    2. Would really like to know how many souls you have won and brought to Christ because you really suck at trying to direct people on the right path. Wearing Christianity as a cloak but your words and actions says otherwise. The sad part is despite all the corrections being pointed out, you still are ignorant of ‘there is something you aren’t doing or getting right’ for people to keep hammering on your mode of communication.

    3. Ang or whatever she is called goes overboard sometimes,i won't be surprised if people like her eventually go to hellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. ANG is absolutely right. There are spiritual body odour that can be cast on someone...

    5. I believe we read on this blog some months ago of a lady who wrote in about how she fell sick and had decayed body odour after she aborted a baby, and how everything cleared off after taking spiritual steps under the guidance of her priest in her catholic church.

      You never know how many people have repented or have been stopped from doing bad or have been saved from one form of evil or the other because of this BV's comments.

      He or she is entitled to comment on matters posted here. Indeed some people look forward to reading his/her comments.

      The BV writes from his or her experience, conviction and or knowledge. He or she writes from experience.

      If you do not agree with the BV's comments, write a contrary opinion and let readers decide which to believe or follow.

      Please pardon me. No offence intended. Thank you.

    6. Wow! I can see that the cross and nails and hammer are all ready and
      they are hitting it hardest! 🀦🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️🀦🏻‍♀️
      @Enchantress already knows my "actions?" Really? Wow!
      Barbing my hair in absentia, are you kidding me?
      @Liz has already judged, condemned and booked my jail room in hell?
      Wow, nice to know that you actually know where hell is. I pray with
      all my heart that you do not go there, ever! May you and all your generations
      make heaven in Jesus name. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
      But none of your judges refuted the Scriptures up there, why were those
      spirits called "FOUL spirits?" Rev. 16:13-15, Acts 5:6
      If they are dwelling inside a human (as most of you chant, "go for deliverance")
      why can't the human be foul smelling?

    7. Liz darling, you know this!

    8. Nonsense.Always saying trash mtcheeewww

    9. @Sexyspice
      Easy o. Nobody forced you to read it.

    10. i hate to be judgemental but this person is right. alot happens in the spiritual and yes it happens....when you do to the place of deliverance and in a praying ministry you will see things. if i read well her comment did not say this particular poster has that issue just stating an experience.

    11. ANG you need to change your way of approach. yes you know the scriptures but when you correct without love then you come across as very judgemental. the truth must be said and gospel must be preached but know we are all a work in progress.

  10. This body odour thing could be from birth or spiritual ooo.
    A girl of 3yrs in my compound has a dangerous body odour. Her parents have tried all they can; they have used native sponge and salt, coconut water and salt, honey and black soap, different perfumes, etc all to no avail. They have gone to dermatologists...for where... and unfortunately the smell is still there...horrible I must confess...If she enters any place, walahi you will want to vomit...

    1. πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† God have mercy...

    2. Hi dear, please, let them look into this. It's very likely a disease called Trimethylaminuria - body odour defect.

  11. Do you people not use YouTube or go to your doctors? Gosh

  12. Me I will tell you ooo if we're really close. Just that the way I say my own you won't be offended at all cos it'll be like normal gist. Did that with one of my close friends

    Me: Girl what's up naw did you change any personal stuff you use?

    Her: No why?

    Me: We need to check you well ooo. Something is not right somewhere.

    Her: You've come again. What is it now?

    Me: You have an offensive odor.. Its either you caught an infection or you're not taking care of your body well. Lets go see Doc and rule out the infection part first.

    At the hospital Doc takes over and I just do follow up.
    It'll help if you try not to attack them and make it look like they're irritating you. They'll feel more comfortable that way.

  13. shave and use lemon on that armpit o

  14. If I drop the remedy now,they will start shouting fetish. So no I won't!

  15. She should seek medical advice, it could be anyone of the following;
    1. Hormonal imbalance
    2. Poor hygiene
    3. Continuous bleeding after menstrual cycle
    4. Diet...yes diet
    You can take her to the hospital yourself if you truly are her friend.
    Also, you can buy her perfumes, soaps or even toothbrush and paste as gifts
    Lastly, when you can, judge her outfits i.e if it's neat, damp, stale etc. Yes it sounds ridiculous but only a true friend will do as mentioned.

  16. My little nephew has mouth odour. He brushes regularly but no difference and he is too young to be placed on diet. We are just tired

    1. Buy hydrogen peroxide,mix with little water and use it as mouth wash before brushing in the morning and at night.

    2. I think your nephew should be taken to a dentist or ENT doctor. I remember when we were kids and one of our neighbour's daughter had this terrible breath that we used to run away from her.only for her mum to take her to a doctor and they found that she had something stuck in her nose like crayon or something. It was removed and that was how the bad breath stopped

    3. @ Anon 18:30; You are so spot on!!!
      This happened to my baby brother when he was little, the smell was beyond horrible until we went to an ENT Doctor & he had some things stuck in his nose..
      Chizyy j

    4. Thank you guys. Will do as adviced

  17. She should lime or lemon,it eliminates bad smell.

  18. When I brought such issue here, people cussed me. It's always difficult to tell people close to you that they smell. This my friend's own was so bad. I bought her body spray but to summon courage and tell her was so hard. She smells so bad that if she lays on my bed, the odour doesn't go away. I have told her stylishly but not directly. Ladies and gents, smell yourselves...know your odour. Understand that hygiene is good. Bath well and use body perfume. Ladies, please when you braid your hair, always try to spray a bit of perfume on the braid. Nigerian is hot, so we sweat and this causes both hair and body odour. Vagina too can smell. Always wash with water when you bath and maybe anything of the day you feel you have sweated down there. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Gently scrub your tongue and once in a while scrub your gum very gently. Lime or lemon for armpits is good.
    For intimate purpose whenever you are with your woman or man, both parties should try to brush and bath. Brush for oral sex purpose. Dirty mouth touching vagina or penis is not good for genital. You can also use perfumes or body spray on the body before sex. This makes everything smells and feels good. Bad smell is bad, it affects people around you. Let's try to be hygiene conscious

    1. How can I like this comment o

  19. Brushing the tongue properly, rinse first beforr soaking bras, panties, shirts or any kind of top. Regular bowel movement with the aid of water , laxative or fibre foods like tiger nuts helps.poor bowel movement becomes fermented or gets rotten and escapes through the mouth

  20. Fresh lemon worked for me for my armpit and I added baking soda when I brush I use it a pinch with my toothpaste ( only add iy twice a week). Works wonders mint breath all day

  21. Is it her body that is smelling or her clothes
    Check which one
    Some people smell like their house or the couch they sit on or where they put their clothes that takes on the smell of the room


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