Stella Dimoko Former Minister Femi Fani Kayode Says He Has No Apologies For Cussing Out Journalist


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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Former Minister Femi Fani Kayode Says He Has No Apologies For Cussing Out Journalist

He says he has no Apologies for the way he reacted to the question he was asked by the Journalist....


  1. This was the one urging Nigerian to be like their Malian counterparts. LMAO. Journalists are one of the most disrespected people in Nigeria.

  2. He even posted the video on his page, trying to affirm "I said what I said".

    Its a pity, His response reeked of condescension,like who are you to ask me any question? I felt bad for that journalist, see epic disgrace. May his shame be converted to something good by Gods grace.
    And the mumu FFK was saying," I have a short fuse". Short fuse kii you

    1. @Olodo
      But that was not a question, it was a dirty assertion.

  3. THAT BARRACK BOY26 August 2020 at 10:54

    Mstchewww, what nonsense, so if the journalist cannot perform is duties professional does that mean you should act foolish by calling someone STUPID in a formal setting, are you the one paying his bill

    If the journalist were to be one of your theif politician son can you dare call him STUPID popularly, you at the person that's complaining about the youth not being as their Marlin counterpart is the same person intimidating a young man who dare to confront you with a daring question, how much more will you do if the same young man try to collect power from you

    As for comparing yourself with obj and Trump, I think it a slap on their faces, who are you, what have you, what is you, are you you, is like Linda ikeji comparing herself with TMZ, it is impossible, what they have achieved and still achieve you haven't dreamt to achieve such, so as such you can never command such manner of respect they command..

    If only the former government was in power, would he have said what he said about the whole Nigeria youth think

    Yeah we know, the government presently is not good but the formal government you belong to is not any better

    Drop mic, I dey vex

  4. Ogbeni you goofed big time and that's who you are. So arrogant and proud of man.

  5. Their cup of tea, Nigeria drama never ends

  6. I am not a fan of FKK at all, but I strongly agree with him on this one. It was an insulting question, period. At the same, he is a Nigerian journalist, I do not expect any better from them.

    1. The question was totally OFF likewise his response. There are better ways to responds to things especially in public and when you are a leader....

  7. Short fuss man and very arrogant/annoying that doesnot have self control, what kind of a leader is he ? Look at the way/ words he used on innocent journalist. Can he give that to a CNN reporter? He is busy criticising other people and cannot stand one himself. What a leader, father and husband.

  8. some Nigerian journalist and stupid unproffesional questions. FK should have handled it more maturely and reprimanded him without the name calling.


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