Stella Dimoko NDDCGate - Breakdown Of How N5 billion Was Spent During COVID 19 Lockdown


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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

NDDCGate - Breakdown Of How N5 billion Was Spent During COVID 19 Lockdown

The Nigerian Senate has revealed how the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) management shared approximately N5 billion for “medicals”.

This is contained in a report by the Ad-hoc committee which probed the multi-billion Naira scandal in NDDC.

Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi (APC – Ekiti North) chaired the committee.

Senators Abdulfatai Buhari (APC – Oyo North); Chukwuka Utazi (PDP – Enugu North); Ibrahim Hadeija (APC – Jigawa North); Biobarakuma Wangaha (APC – Bayelsa East); Jika Dauda Haliru (APC – Bauchi Central); and Mohammed Tanko Almakura (APC – Nasarawa South) were members.

The disbursements, paid into individual accounts, were made in March during the nationwide lockdown.

“Payment to all the 1,401 staff who received the allowance was made on 16 March, 2020,” the report said.

“The three members of the Interim Management Committee received the highest amount of N14.2m each. Two other people, namely Evan Caroline Nagbo and Ms Cecilia Akintomide took N12,387,500 each, while Peter Uwa Edieya was paid N10,340,000,” it read.

Acting MD, Kemebradikumo Pondei, and two executive directors got N14.2m each.

Four other members of staff got about N8m each, while 140 got an average of N7m each.

Furthermore, 75 members of staff received N6m each, while 153 were paid N5.5m.

Another 4 members of staff got between N4.1m and N4.8m, while 7 others received about N3m each.

Additionally, 804 members of staff got between N2.4m and N2.9m each.

Fifteen of them got N7m, while one collected N5.2m.

The remaining collected between N375,000 and N550,000 each.

However, the management paid N114.9m as supplementary medical allowance to 26 staff members.

Pondei had stated that those who got “emergency contracts” were scared of the ongoing forensic audit.

He made the claim in reaction to Senate’s disclosure that IMC members get 20 – 30 percent of contract sums before contractors are paid.
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  1. Replies
    1. For the first time I disagree that it is well oh...

      I dey find money even if na loan sef, to move my business to another level, some set of people are sharing it as palliative...

      Oh God arise oh...

      This is not funny anymore...

  2. Hmmmm...wind don blow, fowl yansh don expose

  3. That's what we get when we keep voting HALF BAKED educated people to lead us.

  4. It's only in this country where you have the rich keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer.

  5. Stealing within the law is one of the ways to show that the Pen is mightier than the Gun. The problem is that Nigerian over do things. They'll never copy the good things of the western world, but you see the wrong and evil things ehn, count them in! In FEMINISM (they won't copy the aspect that most of these white chics split responsibilities equally from the get go "dating stage), in TAXING THE MASSES (they quick to state that developed world doesn't joke with tax, but having selective amnesia in the part that it's easy to pay for these taxes there, because you can see what the government is doing with the monies). Etc etc. Here, the government only plan for the common man is to exploit them, instead of the opposite being the case, cos most of these people are JOBLESS and living in PENURY.
    They have succeeded in making all institutions that are supposed to serve as checks weak because of their selfish interest and greed, the judiciary and legislature are best described as toothless bulldogs. I really pity this country oh.. I really do. It's really dangerous for SHALLOW AND MYOPIC MINDS to be at the helm of affairs, they'll so plug the country into irredeemable mess because they can't see beyond their noses.
    A state like Lagos is an embarrassment, no good road even with all the billions generated daily,.. Let's not even talk of ABIA state even with all the monies the government gets from ABA market daily, ABA road remains a disaster. Common road oh.. road and electricity which is supposed to be a basic amenity is what these people still use to shamlessly campaign with in this century. I wonder how anyone who have lived abroad cope living in Lagos, I couldn't deal.. I couldn't.. my psych was getting messed up daily and I was beginning to complain every hour, I was turning to a nag.. I had to relocate out of the nonsense state.
    Now see this nonsense NDDC, words fail me.. I don't even know where to begin, NIGER Delta is supposed to be a place flowing with milk and honey, but boy! What do we have here? RUBBISH is even an understatement. The only state making headway is Akwa ibom, even though they could be more, but in this terrain where government does nothing, his efforts are applauded. He seems to be the only one who cares about sustainable development, in all the states I have been to, it's only FCT and akwa ibom state that can boost of GOOD and QUALITY ROADS to certain extent. That's the reason I always regards Akpabio because he did well in that aspect. The others States are not moving forward in ANYTHING, unlike what most people think, IF YOU'RE NOT MOVING FORWARD, YOU'RE NOT STAGNANT, YOU'RE ACTUALLY GOING BACKWARDS.. Think of it this way, everyone is moving forward, you stand on one point, they keep going, while you keep standing, the more distance they cover, the father behind you are.
    How do you expect the outside world to respect us when you yourself treat us like animals.. people would only give you the same respect you give yourself, you respect us by doing the right thing, you can steal and still work, you should stop trying to kill people and claim their lands, the world has moved past such stone age mentality. Stop thinking like a savage.. Stop feeling like a god who can't be corrected cos you're in power. Just stop being STUPID abeg..
    I just hope a Miracle happen soon. Only a miracle can help this country to raise from the dead. This country is just the way Lazarus was before Christ raised him up, DEAD..

    E go be fam✌

  6. So basically the money was shared. Clap for yourselves. No wonder you fainted and you were rolling your eyes like an ogbanje, e reach to faint.

  7. The money they are supposed to use pay fees for students they sent abroad, they are here comfortably sharing

  8. May this people suffer for 600 years...Them don thief, them must go prison

  9. This money u are sharing, there is God oooooo!

  10. ...and their students are abeoad starving.
    God please help Nigeria.


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