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Sunday, August 23, 2020

New Movies/Series Spoiler Alerts

What new Movies and series are on TV?
Drop the names and please include spoiler alerts....Please!

I watched the preview for new series Gangs of London and I am blown away.....What!!...Will start watching it today on Sky.

Also a Nigerian actor posted a movie that i liked the preview and plan on searching for it..Its called 'Tyrant Prince'..
Who has spoiler alerts for both i mentioned?Please drop!

Drop other movies and series with spoiler alerts if you like.
Am i the only one who loves spoiler alerts?Do i need deliverance?LOL


  1. Greyhound:
    Greyhound is a very nice war movie. Tom Hanks is there lead actor. Be sure to entertained. The movie is about how dangerous it is to ferry the allied forces, military personnel, fuel and military equipments... across the Atlantic to b Britain and do much more. The German u-boats were constantly preying on any ship that dare to embark on such journey

    This is another nice futuristic movie with amazing visuals. A doctor who was able to manipulate the cerebral of his patients intends to force his idealistic world on his patients without their consent.

    1. Coma
      The one I watched was a female doctor who found out about how her colleagues even in other. Hospitals inject their patients during surgeries and make the stay in long coma

  2. If you love Stranger Things will enjoy Lovecraft Country. It's Black American with a mixture of alien and racism with a twist.

    Then movies Project Power, American Pickle, Rogue, Ava.

    1. If you like The Umbrella Academy ...try The Boys...awesome series.

  3. For life
    Love victor
    Star girl
    The politician
    God father of Harlem
    What if
    I may destroy you
    Game on
    The new legend of monkey
    Die hart
    Big dogs
    The most dangerous game
    Double cross
    Mr iglesias
    Free ray Shawn
    We hunt together
    Gang of London
    The first team
    Defending Jacob
    The rookie
    Magnum p.I
    The last czar
    The capture
    The dead land
    Manhunt Unabomber
    Danger force
    On my block
    The Fugitive

    Then for short series....all this 3 are sweet....wen I say short, I mean like 10 minutes per episode
    The most dangerous game
    Die Kelvin hart do am
    Free Rayshawn

    Dark humor and 30 minute...


    High sch gay boy wanting to come out

    Love victor

    The first who want to b a millionaire game and how Someone wey no sabi anything got all d answers..cheated

    Quiz...just 3 episodes and fucking sweet

    Football comedy...real football not that American own

    The First team

    1. We watch almost the same series.

    2. Hi @Pictionarist
      You must be my soul sister because I have seen all these movies that you mentioned. Strange, yeah?

  4. Old guard is a good movie to see.
    Gangs of London is a beautiful series too.

    1. I didn't really enjoy Old guard. I prefer storylines that are real and can relate to.

    2. I think something was missing from Old Guard, I can't put my finger on what it was. A good story, but poor execution. I wasn't impressed by the acting or directing.

      I love Kiki Layne but did not like her in this film. I will probably watch a part two, just to give support to a young up and coming Black actress.

  5. Patiently waiting for Power Book II 😁

  6. Black Mirror-
    A Series of short independent films linked together and based on a realistically-futuristic setting. Where humans would be able to store and copy consciousness like we store information on a hard drive.

    1. I love Black mirror ...I have all the seasons. It's really good...almost all was interesting

  7. I know this isn’t a new movie but I started watching orange is the new black last week while in the north and boy I was drawn. And what blew my mind most is that it’s a true story...just amazing.
    On the real tho I think everyone should watch the old guard....well majorly cause I think Charlize Theron is a goddess and an amazing actor.

  8. The oval is the perfect choice for everyone who can tolerate a high dose of suspense and adrenaline rush. May God bless the BV that mentioned it here. I am soo looking forward to season two.

  9. I finally watched Living in Bondage and to be honest, I was quite impressed. Something I can definitely watch again if I'm bored.

    Other Movies I've watched Recently

    1. Project Power
    2. The Old Guard
    3. Colette
    4. Emperor
    5. Last Christmas
    6. Ready Player One
    7. Interstellar
    8. Little Italy
    9. The Kingdom (Asian Movie)

    As for dope series... I think INSECURE is really cool..

    1. If you are a fan of high suspense movies, please try the oval! It is on netnaija

  10. Una no dey watch Indian film?I need those ones that talk about criminal investigation and other interesting one. I don't want the movies wey dem dey dance like tomorrow no dey

    1. @Anon. Watch
      . Drishyam (A must watch)
      . Raazi
      . Rustom
      . Neevavero
      . Article 15
      . Raees
      . Raat Akeli Hai
      . War
      . Section 375
      . Good Newzz
      . Chinchore (A must watch)
      . Lootcase
      . Hichki
      . Hindi medium
      . English vinglish
      . Commando
      . Bajrangi bhaijaan (a must watch)
      . Badla
      . Raid
      . Baahubali 1 and 2....
      Watch these ones first, you will love them

    2. Kahaani
      Vikram Vedha
      Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru
      Kuttrame Thandanai
      Samay:When the time strikes

    3. Only Indian film you sabi, abi? Oya, avoid me. 😒😔

    4. Serene God bless you. You need to watch Traffic also, you'll enjoy it

  11. Dirty John: Betty Broderick story starting Amanda Peet and Christian Slater.

    It tells the true live story of Elizabeth Ann Broderick, whose husband of 16years, Dan, left for his 25year old legal assistant, Linda Kolkena. On 5th November 1989 at about 5am, Betty went into her ex husband and his ho...sorry, mistress now wife Linda, and shot them dead, just 7 months after their wedding.

    Dan Broderick treated her cruelly. He didn't only divorce her, he took her children, fined her outrageously and openly spited her by making sure no lawyer represented her as he was the President of the bar association. Note that this woman was the breadwinner when he was a student. She worked jobs, sold Avon products and she also took care of the kids. She also typed his projects. Nine pregnancies, 2 abortions as Dan didn't believe in family planning. He reluctantly agreed to tubal ligation...
    The woman gave him her youth and when he became affluent, he decided to dump her in the most callous manner.

    I'm not gonna say much cos I'm feeling so emotional right now- I watched the last episode a few minutes ago, but anytime I happen to be in California, I'll be sure to pay Betty a visit with a bouquet of flowers at the California institute for Women, Chino where she's still serving time.

    Watch the movie. It's on Netflix.

    1. Looks like it has the same story line with Tyler Perry's Acrimony.
      Will look for it and watch.
      Thanks Castle 👍

    2. Her husband showed her shege. To think they didn't even quarrel, he moved out. She asked about the mistress and he denied it. He did all that and more, and when she decided to do her own, he made her look like a psycho.

    3. Twin squared my dear, Acrimony is child's play compared to this. You will cry at some point. I remember weeping loudly last night during an Easter episode where she was denied her boys. No woman should go through that.
      You should see it. It's a straight to the point eight episode show.
      Amanda Peet should get a Golden Globe for her performance. Even Betty would be impressed.

    4. Castle love,your synopsis is apt and it sounds like a must-see for young women/ young wives... However, I can't watch this movie because movies like this one leaves me emotional, cranky and paranoid. Acrimony messed me up badly and if this worse than that, then its best I safe myself the emotional torture.

    5. Sapio Jules, I guess we're alike too. I regretted downloading the movie at some point too. If I'd read about her, I'd not have. I avoided watching Acrimony after Bvs dissected it here, it upset me so much. Only saw it last year October after months of lying in my room.

  12. The good place
    Its a fantastic series about afterlife. Some group went to a supposedly good place when they died. Later they discovered it was the bad place designed to be a good place.

    The last man on earth
    One of the most hilarious comedy i have ever watched. You will laugh and laugh.

    I have forgotten the title of this one
    But the story goes
    Two middle aged women were suddenly informed by their husband that they are gays and will therefore be divorcing them.

    Anyway i am still combing Netflix for some good series.


    1. Yeah King XOXO, the Good place was really nice. I enjoyed it so much Eleanor, Chidi and Tahani were my faves.

      The other movie is Grace and Frankie.

  13. It irks me so much when people refer to TV shows/series as "movies". They're different, my G. Moving on swiftly, I have just one word, P-valley! It's not for everyone, if you like ratchet shows and you're very "open minded" and very tolerating of other people's sexual disposition, then you'll enjoy it. Honourable mention: Lovecraft Country. I'm also sad to say goodbye to Greenleaf.

  14. Greenleaf,

  15. Fracture:
    If you love thriller!

  16. Queen of the south
    Who killed malcolm x
    Breaking in

  17. Where do you guys watch all these movies?

  18. Little
    Greenhouse Academy


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