Stella Dimoko Newly Recruited Soldiers Vow To Deal With Civilians....


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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Newly Recruited Soldiers Vow To Deal With Civilians....

Is this a  comedy skit or what????


  1. I saw the video, and I was angry, comedy skit, or not. See the way their mouths were running, if they see BH now, they'll flee.

  2. When people are not properly oriented on what their jobs are.. is it civilians or terrorist and threats against the polity they are supposed to face.

    The problem with Nigerians is that they're approaching the problem from the wrong direction. We're approaching the problem with a 21st century mindset whereas the people causing the problem have the mindset of the 19th century. They only understand the language of old.

    Them kuku know the people weh dem dey intimidate and bully.

    At the end of the day,na Allen dem go go stand for night codedly for side hustle.. them never know say e dey go yet.. make them go ask their seniors..

    E go be abeg Lol

  3. Useless country with useless people. They entered army for civilians. That one that said, civilians are useless, that include her father, mother, brothers and sisters..

    1. Even the one that said " I will flog them". Did you see her walking like a duck?

  4. Can u imagine, So for their mind now they have arrived mtcheeeeew!

  5. And the military hierarchy will see this and laugh it off! The self deceit goes on. Sad.

  6. They deserve to be dismissed from the Nigerian Army. What rubbish!

  7. These ones have already shown theirselves, imagine, whay not boast of how to deal with the bokos, they were not meant to be in the military. Dismiss them!

  8. Very rubbish and stupid girls. Take the gun away from them and I will beat them blue and black if they ever cross my path, belt or no belt.

  9. They deserve to be removed from the military, this is real and can't be comedy for any reason.

    So they trained you people for innocent civilians or for security reasons.

    Una kno see Bokoharam boast with .

    Nigerians and the way we take serious issues cos this is just one!.

  10. I don't blame them. After the initial training, the uniform usually make them feel high and invincible. After like 6 months on the job, nobody will tell them.


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