Stella Dimoko Sapphire Scents CEO Wale Aladejana Begs Men To Stay At Home With Their Wives This Weekend...


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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sapphire Scents CEO Wale Aladejana Begs Men To Stay At Home With Their Wives This Weekend...

Sapphire scents CEO Wale Aladejana is calling on guys to stay at home this weekend and spend time with their wives....

Did i hear you say lockdown again after Corona?Please read further to understand......The message and not the messenger is very important!!


The Bible says in Proverbs 27:8 “Like a bird that strays from its nest is a man who strays from his home.”

I know women will love this but it’s the truth. My brother the safest place you can be is at home with your wife and children, you see all those hanging out with the boys will only put you in trouble. Men like to form hard guy but trust me we are not safe when we are far from home or without our wives.

Women were not created to be resisted by men. You doubt me? In Genesis God created the woman and He simply made Adam to pass near Eve and that was it! Shikena! Since that time men have been in trouble! Few chapters later, God ALMIGHTY told Adam not to eat from a particular tree but till tomorrow we still don’t know what Eve told Adam o, my guy chop the apple!

Whenever there is a decision between God and man and a woman is involved men have always fallen under the spell of women! My wife always tell me this “I trust you but I don’t trust women” and she’s right!

Hang out with boys once in a while but make sure you always sleep at home. It doesn’t make any sense for a husband and a daddy to be getting home drunk at 4am or 5am unless you own a club. 

Gbogbo kini yen o necesstri nau 

 if you want to club take your wife along but if you keep flexing alone it’s just a matter of time before the daughters of Eve catch you and God help you if you fall for a kayanmata or special package babe Choi! You will Sanwolu and Sanwo toll gate!

My brother you are safest with your wife, this weekend stay at home for a change don’t hang out! Ladies abeg show your husband this post and tag him

May you receive this knock of common sense in Jesus name.

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  1. Funny but true... The safest place this period is your home. Anything that will come and catch you there at least you know in your heart you didn't put yourself in harms way.
    I hardly go out these days. Me as a woman ooo, whatever must take me out must make sense, not some unnecessary waka and hang out

  2. For this talk wey you talk so,oil dey your head,abeg one chilled odeku for you jorπŸ‘

  3. True talk but I’m surprised that people are still clubbing in these Covid times.
    Didn’t even know clubs were open.

  4. Dem no go kuku hear, mine must go out come rain, come sun. Seems he's more relax in a bear palour and his other hang outs. He's only home when he's very sick and i had to stop work and stay at home to take care of him. I'm gonna adjust because am regretting marrying him already.

  5. My husband is not home yet, called to say he is sitting out with the boys...he works from Sunday to Sunday...I am not used to his company, loneliness is what I know...I get tired of the marriage most times...praying to God for a better job so I can quit...I keep telling him I'm lonely and he doesn't act on it...don't even know whether to stay put in the marriage and find myself a toyboy, a distraction. It is well

    1. Start going out with your girlfriends and stop waiting for him at home. Let him be the one to wait for a change.

  6. Very annoying habit.
    My own would go and not come back till the next morning then give useless lie of he was in traffic or police held him. I have promised him I will fuck him up, he thinks because I'm meek I won't follow through.


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