Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 5 -Housemates Erica And Kiddwaya Break Up +Other Gists..


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Saturday, August 29, 2020

BBNaija Season 5 -Housemates Erica And Kiddwaya Break Up +Other Gists..

My people e don happen ooooo......

Erica And Kiddwaya BREAK UP

housemates Erica and Kiddwaya have decided to end their relationship

According to Erica, Kiddwaya doesn't have respect for her, and she was tired of their love affair.
She said his talks weren't cool, it was only based on s#xually acts and stuffs.

Even when fellow housemate Brigth O tried to intervene and settle the duo  she declined saying her lover was only interested in s#x talks always nothing more, and that she knows what she wants..

"I'm tired i can't take it anymore"

Yeah when you started with giving booty,what else do you want him to talk about?The break up os good.let her focus on the money and after the show they can settle...


Vee says she showers once in four days

Vee has revealed that she has been prompted to take her once in four days due to the lack of hot water in the house.

Last week Sunday, Biggie had said there won't be provision of hot water in the house throughout this week. This was a punishment to all the housemates for their unruly behavior when he went on vacation. 

She must be kidding me!!!



 Erica and Laycon were caught on camera last night hugging passionately and sharing kisses.

This happened just a few hours after Kiddwaya and Erica  broke up.

Laycon was heard telling Erica, “I’m sorry.”

When she asked why he was sorry, he replied, “I don’t know but I’m sorry,” as they continued holding each other tightly.

na wah...Erica stay one play please!!!!



Kiddwaya, who is the son of billionaire businessman, Terry Waya, said he never got much love from his father.

Speaking with fellow housemate, on Saturday morning, Kiddwaya said his Benue-born father only gives him money and not love.

According to the former Head of House, “I didn’t get much love from home, my dad only gives money.”



  1. I dey shame for Erica honestly. What is she trying to do?

    1. Ndi shippers how market. Erica knows kiddy just want her for sex dats all.

      But abeg leave my laycon. She seem jealous of any friend coming too close to laycon

    2. Shame for yourself!

    3. She flashed her small ass for him before their fight and she expects him not to see her as a sex object? Loool! Dumb girl

    4. Erica whenever day break for you na ya morning.............
      But it is not her first time breaking up with kid, so they could still make up..........

      Meanwhile, I am heartbroken ๐Ÿ’” over the demise of Chadwick Boseman. Rest in power black king.

    5. The shame no be small,I was embarrassed on her behalf, no self respect. When Prince adviced her, some of her fans rained insults on him, calling him a scum and hater.
      This guy has repeatedly given her signs, he's not down for anything serious but she just refused to receive sense. What’s the point of asking him questions about his feelings when you said you are just friends and you are not looking for love?
      Erica is too weak and needy, someone said she needs to see a therapist and I agree. The worst thing you can do to yourself is try to force people to like you, and she's been doing that since the first week when she was crying to Kidd about Nengi & Eric.
      I like her but I don't stan nonsense. Leave Kidd and Lecon alone, focus on your game & interact more with other people.

    6. 13:49
      I dey shame for you too... so you can shame for me on my behalf.

    7. As long as my Ozone is in good condition ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

      Ozo giving the house Goodluck, anytime he is HOH, they win their wager

      I like the fact that Kidd can cook

    8. Erica nailed the relationship with Kid to the can you be with a guy with an oyibo mentality and saying to him we are just special friends and nothing more. Oyibo believes everything you utter, how could a full grown woman be spewing that? and still have the intense hots for him like she does. I knew she would regret it later, maybe she is used to saying such things and the Nigeria bred men will not see it as a serious talk and beg her to be a erious girlfriend but this Kidd is a different breed, they believe anything you say, if you say Do not touch, they do not touch, they have been wired from childhood in schools to respect what a woman says and it must be a shock to him now seeing the turn around by Erica wanting more, if you want to bag an Oyibo mentality guy or woman, project them and wow them, tell the world while they are beside you and listening that you will hang and die for them and you see them Oyibo fall flat, Oyibo and oyibo mentality raised believe in the show of I go die love, that is why they marry fast and easily. Kidd would have been an easy one for her to own fully because he already has the hots of intense physical attraction for her which is the number one for Oyibo love because they love PDA all over the place, Ride or die love! Erica blew it and for Kidd who needs love as he didn't get much at home, she would have taken it fully but Kidd feels she is not serious with them all the while and Boom this? but he loves her from what he said to Prince and Triky last night, he said he cares and likes her a lot but she told him, they are just friends. I hope she gets Tact and not talk stupidly when they are out because it's just obvious she is deeply in love and mark my word she will most likely move in with Kidd because I don't see her staying on her own after the show. Kidd it's now believable to me why he came to that house, i believe what he always said in his diary session, that he loves the way they all eat as a family at the table and all together at same time, playing games and cooking together and sharing the plates, he came for a family experience, bond and a unit of love, I always pondered it why he said so, I wondered if he never had that growing up, after his talk with Prince tgis morning,iI believe him that that's why he loves the BBN. I watch online though

    9. Which kind lie lie narrative be this?

      1. Brigto was nowhere near the conversation, twas Prince and TB Joshua's son Tricky tee, who by the way was so annoying, I felt like getting in there to fling him out.

      2. Lay on ONLY gave her a peck on the head. Which one is kiss passionately.

      I used to find Erica irritating cos I saw her actions as deliberately calculating and manipulative but last night, I resolved to be less judgemental and critical of her.

      I saw a very vulnerable young lady desperately seeking the love she never got from her dad and barely shown to her by mama.

      What got me most was Kidd. Been in boarding since age 6. What??!!!

      The dude is a broken man, reminded me of Christian Grey. Lol.

      His face and expression like a lost child, he kept saying, "I can't love, I'm incapable of being that kind of guy".

      @LillySimple, keep dreaming. There's no Ozone. See how Ozo kept begging Nengi last night over and over, meanwhile Nengs just back the guy dey sample fresh body.

      I really wish Nengi can see the rarity of Ozo's uniqueness and grab this one while still available.

    10. Also, when did Vee say she bathes once in four days? She said some people.

    11. That Laycon's gist is a big fat lie. I watched the whole thing. Erica came to meet Laycon and was saying he hates her bla bla...Erica was just manipulating Laycon early this morning. She went from "you hate me" to "i have no one".
      Lycon:" you have kidd and other frnds".... Eri:" Kidd was a stupid decision"
      Lay:"No,he's not"
      Eri: " I've been on my own for years,no mom or father,I'll be fine"
      She was even telling Laycon that she cares most for him and she cares more for him than Vee.
      After all their convo she asked for a hug and Laycon was 1st reluctant to stand up. He gave her a peck on her forehead and SHE carried his head from there to her shoulder and hugging him tight. THEY NEVER KISSED OOO.

  2. Replies
    1. Offcourse u cant break-up in an enclosed place. Erica needs to stop being emotional. Take things as it is, enjoy Kidd and all dat comes with him as it is.....have fun,get what u can get and dont start pickn wedding dress or thinking of a future with him. Just take it as what it is and have fun while it last. Sometimes it is what it is. Along d way u will meet someone else dat is ready to committ,shes a beautiful girl dat wont be hard.
      She just needs to think with her head and not her heart. Not every man can be all urs unfortunately.....

    2. When we say women should be more careful because they are the more emotional ones, you guys will be trying to sound woke. Only few girls have the mind and can think like a man and have sex or intimacy without feelings or emotions attached.

    3. People that are already on the same bed sleeping. Babe has every right to demand for more. Is it too much to ask. Vee is a dorty gal. Hope she washed her down below sha.

    4. Vee is dorty girl crack me up ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

      Erica should concentrate on the game and forget about kiddwaya, guy man is out to enjoy pussy and nothing more.

      A guy that loves you will respect you, example is Ozo. Eric learn from Nengi and play for the money, stop disgracing women please.

    5. People that have settled. Erica you get coconut head....

  3. Lay on, stop pissing me off , pls.

    1. You dey mind the mumu. He needs to get a hold of himself!
      This is becoming embarrassing

    2. Whoever dropped that report about Laycon and Erika obviously didn't watch. Lol, no be only hugging passionately, na sexually

    3. The report about Laycon is inaccurate but still, that boy want to angry me!!

  4. This is the mistake a lot of Nigerian girls make.
    You want a man's respect, you want him
    to marry you and the first thing you do is to spread legs for him?
    REally? You just become a sex toy for him, a hoe of cheap quality.
    If you want respect ladies, show good character, close your legs and cover up your bodies.
    That in itself is respect.

    1. You self dey visit BBN posts?? Mo gbe. I thought you were clamouring for the show to be cancelled? If you read everything Stella put up there It means you watch the show as well. Enjoy๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. Not all men are like that, some sleep with ladies and still respect them, wife them while some will not see the colour of your pant and still disrespect you.

      Life no balance.

    3. @EXcited courtesy.
      Stop encouraging yourself in evil.
      God created man to have sex in marriage
      and you say fornication can earn respect
      from "some men?"
      Please respect God's laws and yourself.

    4. Jesus soldiers ๐Ÿคจ
      Them de their house don know wetin de happen for another house. You have been with all the men to draw conclusions on what excited opined!

      Ndi uwa, na waaaaa!!!!!

  5. Kiddrica ship is not for the faint hearted. Honestly, you can't give what you don't have.Erica calm down,if you guys are meant to be it will happen. Kidd also need help,its not his fault.No parental love,he said it yesterday. It will take time.

    And these two are under the duvet right now๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    1. As in eh,I just SMH seeing them under the duvet a while ago!

    2. Paris, after her outbursts and "chat" with Laycon early hours of this morning, she was going back to Kidd, when Prince stopped her cos Buggy had told Prince to ensure Erica n Kidd don't sleep on same bed cos they were both drunk, Erica was saying, I want Kidd.

      Abegi, females here critiquing the girl will do same or worse when they're in love

  6. Erica and Kidd will soon makeup.

    Haba vee..

  7. All i can say is "hmmmmmmm" to Erica. Every spirit of confusion should leave her.

  8. This Erica can like to give her fans HBP what?? Well I'm currently watching them now I guess they have sort out their differences! These two are unprintable abeg!

    Well I will continue to keep up with them Wayas tho๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. Just what if Erica is a fake housemate? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿค”

  9. Wow Stella you really have an agenda against Leycon isn't it? Clearly telling evil lies to change the narrative. Shameful shameful stuff. I don't expect you to post this but know that you are clearly evil. Tueh!!

  10. Erica and lekan ke, kiddrica fans, rhapsody and co, pls tell mi its a lie. Tbabe and XO mystery, plz o, hope our babe nengi is fine? Hope she has nt 'falled' our hands. Erica and kidd break up ke? I doubt. Vee is joking no mind her.

    1. Laycon is better off without her. Let her go to her Kidd and manage the relationship like that.

  11. Maybe Erica is beginning to feel like a plaything, which is not nice.

    Vee hardly taking showers is supremely yuck!

    I reckon Kidd misunderstands his dad because his dad does love on him, only in a different way to how he would like.

    His dad's way seems to be through provision of his needs and giving him a comfortable lifestyle.

    Kidd, on the other hand, seems to yearn for substance; an emotional connection and quality time.

    Now that his father is aware, I hope they can have a more fulfilling relationship going forward.

    Laycon needs to not allow delusions take over him a second time.

    1. Dont mind Kidd,alot of Nigerian dads that is dere way unfortunately. They dont show emotions but trust me they love u and are proud of u.
      Many feel providing everythn u need is showing u love. Go and meet oyinbo dat by 18 dey have moved out and providing for themselves; have to even take student loan to go to school. But u see many kids here in dere 30s,still partially dependent on dere parents till marriage.

    2. bed and roses is right ...most African dads show love with provision ..doesnt mean they don't love you that is how they were raised they don't know any different ..even my hubby struggled but I encourage him and he is showing love a lot now

    3. Wetin you dey talk B and R?

      This boy was sent away to boarding school from age 6, he lacked parental love and you are here ignorantly trivialising his experience.

      Talmbout lotsa Nigerian father been absent, is that not why we have mostly dysfunctional adults in our society?

  12. Please Stella, They didn't hug passionately.. its was Erica that held onto Laycon for a long time and he said I'm sorry because he told her that he will only talk to her when it's important. Dont make it look like Laycon was happy they broke up.

    1. Don't mind them. Agendites

    2. You're right. She held onto to his neck for a couple of mins before letting go


  13. Give me a Nengi's situation,over this show of
    how low can a Lady ever go? crying countless times
    over a guy,that gives no fvck about her.
    she opened legs,e no work.
    now it's emotional blackmail.. tueeh.
    fact is Kidd has been open.. but deluded Erica and
    her fans, are confusing fvcking and choking for
    I've been saying it,those with love and respect in
    their lives,can feel and see kid and Erica's
    relationship is devoid of mutual love.
    what they've is sexual tension..nothing more!
    thank God, she confirmed it to Prince and tricky tee,
    she wants more than sex and sex talks but Kidd
    isn't ready.
    so sad, to watch how tricky tee and Prince telling
    Kidd to manage the situation well,till they leave the
    Even if it's to pretend.

    1. Thank u jare. U understand it. Let them continue waiting for billionaire wedding. Lolz

    2. I'm not a fan of Erica but I know for a fact that Kidd isn't into her as much as she thinks. She even knows it! She should be on her

    3. Kwa kwa kwa kwa
      @12;51,take it easy before you burst an artery because of Erica!!
      She's not the cause of your problems.

    4. Anon 12:51 preach it! People supporting and calling what Erica and Kidd share love, dont even know what love is. If you talk too much they say you are jealous. #spotremover#

    5. You get energy! Omo buruku o se le fun ekun pa!
      We've seen worse from housemates and most of them ended up raking the biggest stans. That can crucify Erica all they want, drag us for stanning her all they want, question our intelligence until they become as dumb as they think we are... What will never happen is us throwing her to the wolves, y'all go write epistle tire!!!
      If staying with Kidd will make her happy in that house, so be it!
      If keeping Lekan as friend will make her better, I'm all for it!
      She'll make mistakes in her decisions, which of you hasn't done that? Which of you is perfect?
      Save yourself the strength you use in questioning our reasons for stanning her and write these epistles on your faves!

    6. What do you mean devoid of mutual love? In every relationship there are always sexual talks because that shows women they are wanted and needed and attractive to their partners. Kidd likes Erica a lot but she Erica has no Tact and has never had, she says things to Kidd and her fellow housemates that are dismissive of their relationship as being unserious and not worth it and they are just making out, for a guy who was raised here in the United Kingdom, he believes every word you say because here in the UK, you say what you mean and what you feel because words are powerful in the western world especially with these caucasians we live with. But Erica just throws words around very unseriously like we Nigerians do back home without considering it as anything. She gave out what Kidd believed, walked and ran with. Erica should learn how to date a guy with Kidd's orientation,while I was in school university of Birmingham, I remember telling a school mate, I'm tired of this friendship which is our normal Nigerian slang when someone annoys us, I said it everytime we had a little issue, he started avoiding me, I was shocked and kept asking why, he never said a word but when he did, he said he was feeling tired around me, Erica should learn to project Kidd as her man and people will respect their relationship and shush it, after giving Kidd the belief they are just friends and she would never date him outside and just managing him, can you imagine saying that to someone you spend time with? That is crushing and enough to destroy any emotions building up and if Kidd was the one who said that to her, Ahhh.. she would gone in to total depression in that house, words are powerful especially anyone bred overseas but in Nigeria we throw powerful words around and laugh over it stupidly but some people in Nigeria also take words seriously. Kidd has believed it all and she is wailing now. Most Nigerian women and men really don't have tact,

    7. Erica's constant downplaying of her relationship with Kidd is simply a defense mechanism.

      She doesn’t want to come off as desperate with her words but contradicts herself with her thirsty actions.

      She seems to have completely lost the plot. I wish she'd simply mind the game and not pay Kidd so much attention.

    8. Erica is simply a pretender and it is backfiring.

  14. I foresee a lot of people menstruating on this post including me. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

    1. Your choice of words sometimes - utterly shameful. You can cuss me out,dont care. Its typical of you.

  15. Ah ah Stella!!! Whoever is sending you these stories is either not watching this show or doesn’t understand half of the conversations that go on. Vee saying she showers once in 4days? Erica and Laycon hugging and kissing passionately? Please look for the clips and rewatch all these things you posted.

  16. Erica never kissed Laycon. He only pecked her forehead and they hugged

    I dont care if Erica breaks up with Kidd, he is a user.

  17. Laycon shouldn’t be so quick to jump right in. Those 2 are getting back together soonest. He had better tread carefully.

    1. Please Layco is not jumping to anything abeg!. He was the one that told her to make herself happy by doing what she likes. Despite her complaints of Kid, Laycon neither supported nor bad mouthed him. He even encouraged her to focus on why she was in the house,such a great guy to have as a friend.

    2. Laycon did no such thing abeg

    3. Fighters of the universe calm down and read to understand. I never said he jumped right in. Chaiiii, who do nigรฉrians this thing. ๐Ÿ˜…

  18. Any Nigerian is fortunate to have small change in bus pocket is now billionaire. This is just stupid. Yes Waya is wealthy but he is definitely not a billionaire. What's his source of money, when you hear names like Dangote, Alakija,Jim Ovia , Tony Elumelu, Adenuga ,Otedola who are all listed by Bloomberg and Forbes among the richest in Africa, you know how they made their money

    Before any idiot comes here to rant trash, l don't envy the Wayas. My concern is just how every Nigerian with millions of naira are classified as billionaires these days.

    Erica was again drunk yesterday, l guess she lacks the capacity to discipline herself. Free alcohol may ruin her game. Laycon should have stayed away from her knowing she was drunk. I hate when men take unnecessary advantage of vulnerable women. I am voting Laycon till the end.

    My views are strictly mine , you don't have to be comfortable with whatever l say. There is enough space for you to drop yours

    1. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    2. Mama Methuselah abeg be calming down o..u and who dey fight.

    3. Sir Alexander, dont angry me pls!!! Laycon did not take advantage of anybody. For this your comment you must give him 1k SMS vote if he's up next week.

    4. I love you the way you love laycon,he is a sweet soul just do whatever Makes you happy to Erica na sayo dey worry Erica +heart ache for loving abad boy
      We all have loved a bad boy at one point In our lives but Erica stay away from laycon

    5. And how did those you listed above make their money when they obviously weren’t born with golden spoon. ๐Ÿ˜ณ. You just want to spoil the man’s image. Please tread carefully if you don’t know the true entire story.

  19. Forget all dis break-up talk....Erica and Kidd will be back sleeping in same bed in approximately 1/2 business days. Infact dats too long,dis nite afta d party.

    1. They are currently sleeping on Kidd bed at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ these two? I can't deal abeg

  20. ERICA ERICA ERICA!....Your family must be disappointed right now

    1. She said her best friend will slap her through the screen for her foolishness. Good thing she knows she's acting a damn fool

    2. To be honest many of us,including me have been a fool for love at one point in our lives. You meet a very hot guy,u guys are hot and heavy almost immediately,u know hes not good for u and will eventually break ur heart but u cant let go.
      Eventually she will get her senses and will be ok.

  21. The poor girl gave her hrt out easily to a gangster? Truth of it is that when we guys love a lady we mostly respect her! We dnt flirt in her presence no matter what even chronic cheat will also pray you dnt caught in the heart

  22. Emotional manipulation at its peak
    Erica likes Kid's money not him

    Tolanibaj likes Neo
    Some women though

    Nengi for the money


    1. You forgot to add Nengi likes Kidd not ozo. #spotremover#

    2. I like Nengi, she knows her worth.

      Men like Kidd likes challenge, they like women that challenges them, that gives them tough time. They respect women like that.

  23. Erica went to Laycon to talk about him avoiding her and was saying he was looking at her with hatred and wishinh her bad
    Laycon said he needs space and she should focus on Kidd since she's happy there. And this idea of her coming to talk to him or caring about what he thinks is wrong and he doesn't hate her or wish her bad
    Then she asked for a hug and during the hug, Laycon apologized for making her think he hates her but still stood his ground on the space

    1. You are the only truthful person here. I watched till 4am. Laycon said he doesn’t want a relapse that she should remain with Kid. But people are coming here to twist story.

    2. Icons for life,so sweet a child

  24. I told them they called us jealous. I said Erica would want more and Kidd won't be ready for that. She's been codely asking Kidd for some days now to define their relationship, then boom break up happened. I knew that relationship won't happen it was very obvious, the clues were there. You can't throw yourself at a man and expect respect, no way! It ended in tears, premium tears. Its now she knows the way Kidd touches her breast is disrespectful you never start. #spotremover#

  25. On Friday night August 28, Big Brother surprised Lockdown Housemates with a special treat and fun time haven told them that their Wager Task for the week has been secured.

    It began with the charade games hosted by Oracle Neo in the garden with Housemates daring each other with some fr**king bits of rules and order.
    Thereafter, Erica was speaking toabout how the whole night has being and present situationship with their respective male co-housemates.
    However, Laycon was seen sitting on the bed in the garden and staring at them. Erica then says to Tolanibaj, ‘look at him staring at me, probably wishing me bad.’
    After a while, Erica approached Laycon and had a conversation with him. They talked about their friendship and she said she felt like he hated her now because of his response to her eviction question and Ebuka’s question about Vee accusing her of being manipulative.
    Laycon reassures her that he is not her enemy, and that even though they can’t be friends, he still feels the same way about her. At this point, the ended the conversation.

    Then, another conversation started some minutes after Erica had her shower and from how it began, it seemed they had both agreed to finish their conversation because Laycon asked her if she was sober enough to finish the discussion or they should wait till tomorrow.

    Erica assured him that she was cool enough to talk. Laycon expressed himself and explained why he had to be the way he is to her and that he doesn’t hate her.

    According to him, its usually thoughts of what could have happened between them or how beautiful she looks and assured her it wasn’t negative thoughts. Erica responds by saying that manipulation and prayer conversation he had with Vee, exposed by Ebuka threw her off and thinking otherwise.

    But Laycon explained that his conversation with Vee wasn’t anything harmful, just that it was proved out of context after Ebuka revealed about it.

    Laycon continued that for his personal reasons, he cannot talk to her (Erica) and it helps him get over her. He expressed how seeing her and Kiddwaya made him uncomfortable and she offered to talk to Kiddwaya about it but Laycon told her not to and she should stop worrying about others including him (Laycon).

    Laycon also told her that he cannot be there for her because she has someone already. Erica agreed but concluded she was alone (because she understandably has doubts about Kiddwaya) but she understood his stance.

    Laycon asked her why she felt alone and what she and Kiddwaya do other than kiss. Erica told him they talk; Laycon asked her if she was happy with what she was doing and she said yes. He then said that’s all she needed to worry about.

    In a nutshell, this conversation ended with a very emotional hug and both agreed to only talk when it is very necessary.

    A lot of points made were left out but this was a very candid conversation. Laycon expressed himself better than he has ever done since the show began. Erica also was able to clear the air on the Vee conversation because it obviously bothered her.

    Nothing bad came out of the conversation as opposed to what is currently making rounds the internet.

  26. I'll say it for the umpteenth time that Erica and are
    fans are the most desperate and shameless things
    yesterdayshe asked Kidd if she was
    special to him?
    Kidd replied in what way?
    The idiot had to ask again if she's special to him,
    Kidd replied then yes
    Lol...bitch should brace up. After cheapening
    herself to him,she's looking for every means to get
    him so committed.. A very foolish thing.
    Guys like Kidd, you don't bag them in this stupid
    manner.. Kidd will continue to flog her cheap cu.nt
    and move on.
    My own is, I'll be so ready to stand by Kidd if any
    fingerica or dog Erica, tries to play the victim card
    at the end of the day.
    Kiddwaya was on his own, na Erica carry nyash go
    give am..

    1. Omo you try o,can I type like this but I got your analysis
      Thanks dear

    2. you that typed this hope you are perfect, causing out and analyzing some one with so much bitterness what for? Calm down this game is not a do or die one.

  27. course..Kidd will resume choking and fvcking her
    in the next few hours.
    because of how worthless she has proven to be.
    and that's why Kidd will never take her serious or
    submit to her blackmail.
    rather he'll continue to play along, chop free nyash
    but never commit!!!

  28. of course..Kidd will resume choking and fvcking her
    in the next few hours.
    because of how worthless she has proven to be.
    and that's why Kidd will never take her serious or
    submit to her blackmail.
    rather he'll continue to play along, chop free nyash
    but never commit!!!

  29. Dear Elites you guys deserve an accolade for your sincerity..
    We know Erica messed up by going to meet Laycorn yesterday... she should have just gone to bed instead..
    But that doesn't mean we will unstan her...
    For that sef,I over STAN
    Unlike some others that will still praise their fave when they do wrong...
    Erica is lucky to have the likes of Elites
    Una too much!

    1. Muah, still stanning till day 71 or 72!!

    2. Proudly Anonymous29 August 2020 at 17:14

      You elites are just a bunch of deluded,social climbing,lala land fanbase.

      Erica did not mess up by throwing herself cheaply to Kiddwaya,but she messed up by going to meet Laycon to clear the air about what's going on between them.

      In your foolish bid to support your stan into securing a bag,you people are still even scared to drag your love rat Kiddwaya,because you're still believing that your already sunken ship can still sail.

      But you just have to make it about Laycon.

  30. Maybe na audio breakup oooo..

  31. We are products of nature and nurture. We can't totally blank Erica out for how she chose to conduct herself. She's obviously not emotionally intelligent and strong(her weakness). Should she be crucified for such a weakness when we know she doesn't have total control over it? It is sad she's in love with the wrong guy but that doesn't make her a bad person.
    I stan harder.

    1. 1000 likes for this. She would learn and ulearn once she is out of the house.

  32. Erica has no business drinking alcohol of any sort. She always manages to mess herself up, whenever she is drunk. I have no idea what else she wants to use to lift her spirits when she;s down, she can take weed, she can even sniff cocaine, but alcohol was not created for her, and she needs to never take a sip of that poison again.
    For the same reason, I cannot advise Kiddwaya to date her outside the house, if I know him. No be say anything o, but someone that talks carelessly under the influence, cannot ride with a family like the Wayas. E sure me say e get some things wey dem dey keep to their chest, and her affinity to talk carelessly when she's drunk, will probably lead to spilling some things she has no business spilling. If she cannot give up on alcohol totally, then, she should find someone else that can manage her and her messy behavior. Kiddwaya is not the one.
    Person drunk, person drunk, na wetin make them do mumu things, no fit be excuse all the time. After all, if you kill somebody under the influence, you go still go prison, even if it's for a reduced time. I don't care how emotional she gets, it is annoying, that she looks to something like alcohol, that will still worsen her situation, for relief. I can never, surrender my conscious actions to a drink, or anything that will make me unable to do things with my sane mind, because I don't trust people.
    Erica will learn, not to trust people, because she seems to have that as one of her greatest hubris. In the end, this is a competition, not a f*cking family reunion, everyone there is trying to get ahead, and if somebody has to throw you under the bus, to get to the finish line before you, they will, and you only have yourself to blame for it. She foolishly submits herself to others, on the altar of something as mundane and idiotic as 'friendship'. It's a competition, nobody be your friend.
    In all this, I will not stop supporting Erica. Nobody has won this show by being an epitome of perfection, if you no loose guard and fall hand, you no fit build character and you certainly cannot win a reality show. Anybody wey wan drop at this point, abeg, no forget your change, but if I don enter bus, I no dey drop until we reach destination.

  33. I know Erica is a mess. When i decided to stan her i hd no clue what i was getting myself into. I feel she has so many deep rooted issues, the fact dt she grew up with a single mother and she has also talked about the tough love she got from her mum growing up, only got to see her dad about three year ago. The girl is dealing with so much. She has a lot of learning and unlearnjng to do. Erica is teachable and i’m sure she would learn from this whole experience once the show is over.

    1. I agree. She may not even realize how badly affected she is from her upbringing.

      It's not easy having to deal with parental abandonment. That may be why she is possessive in relationships (as she mentioned) and in constant need of reassurance.

      A lot of introspection needs to happen and I believe she'll be better after therapy.

    2. Anon and nutella ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘

  34. She entered the situationship with clear eye and
    now wants to change status quo when she accepted
    the initial agreement. It doesn't work that way. Kidd
    likes her no doubt, but he doesn't want anything
    serious with her. He can smell her money lust from
    a mile away. Kidd never led her on. He never
    decieved her. Her has been honest from day 1.


  35. Kidd didn't come to that house to have anything
    serious. The first pointer to this is the unending
    tales of money and splendour (heavily exaggerated
    btw). If he wanted a real connection, there wouldn't
    have been this much stories as there's no man out
    there especially one that is already good looking
    and presentable that will want to wife a gold digger.
    You can't let out blood on the high sea and not
    attract sharks. He's not stupid. The ladies interest
    radar spiked when they heard about the billions.
    Erica after hearing the Linda Ikeji story that first
    Tuesday had by Thursday, openly set her bait to
    catch Kiddwaya.
    She started with the vulnerability and the tears. She
    cornered Kidd and told him her life story breaking
    into tears in the process. He petted her and tried to
    make her feel better. She tried to use this method
    because men generally like to feel protective. It's a
    manipulative trick. One I've used myself in the past.
    Kidd and her started hanging more after that
    incident but he still didn't open up about himself,
    which is the biggest pointer when a man isn't that
    interested in a woman. The moment you get a man
    to open up about himself and lay everything down
    on the table, you're half way to getting him.
    Since her fist trick didn't work, she upped the ante.
    She tried to get him Jealous by using Laycon. That
    didn't work. She claimed she was all about her
    Career and didn't want anything serious... but In the
    next breath accuses him of bring a fuckboy, that
    didn't work. She tried to guilt trip him by asking
    him how he would feel if he saw her flirting with
    other guys, still didn't work. Soon she says she's
    looking for a mental connection and not merely
    physical. Still didn't work. Shagged him on national
    TV, still didn't work. Soon tells him she wants a
    breakup... Still didn't work.
    Breakup from what exactly? Was there even a
    relationship in the first place?
    I or two of her tricks might have riled in other
    niggas but Kidd isn't other niggas.
    I bet you she still has other tricks up her sleeves
    but we watch

  36. Kid was honest with his intention from the onset but it's left for Erica to use her common sense but unfortunately she forgot it at home. I pity 3rd choice Laycon

  37. Lol. The person that wrote it surely watched a microwave.

    You can't watch your TV and write this๐Ÿ˜

  38. Oh my ship, my royal carribean, giant of the sea, are we sailing or are we moving right back to the harbor? My sweet Erica please stay away from alcohol, and remember sigh no more ladies by Shakespeare. Oh my darling Kidd, I know you think you can never change, and there is no saving you. But Jesus came to set the captives free, and there is no bondage too deep for him to break. It is possible and I hope it happens for you as it did for me.

  39. I was up last night till 4am watching those two. A lot was said and I knew they'll get back to pretending like nothing was said today and be lovey dovey again. They're at it and I'm exhausted.

    At this point whatever makes Kidd comfortable in that house is what I'll be shipping. If being with Baby G does then fine if not fine too. I love them together but I don't likevseeing them hurt cos of each other. Early this morning wasn't funny at all.

  40. Nengi is way smarter than to have the hots for Kidd. Pls you people should let her be. That girl is a lady to the core. I pray she maintains to the end.

    1. That girl is pure street. Nengi loves Nengi and no one else. She is not in that house for love at all. Her default is to flirt around, get men to fall, then get them to do her bidding. Smart. But as housemates booed up, and realizing that you can't survive without an ally, she knew she needed an ally. But who? Well, she doesn't do female friends,babe clearly prefers male company. Who else to choose than the guy who is completely into her and of whom she is sure of his loyalty? Ozo. However she made it clear several times that friendship and brothership is all she has to offer, nothing more. Both she and Kidd doesn't owe their partners anymore than they offered from the very beginning cos they made it clear. It's left for Ozo and Erica to play the game along or break off and move on.

  41. Proudly Anonymous29 August 2020 at 17:53

    Kidd is there to play a game.

    Erica is not the only babe in that house on his hit list.

    Nengi maybe next but it will be outside of the house. I trust Nengi to play her cards right and she will not be trampled upon openly like Erica.

    Wathoni,Kaisha,Vee,Tolanibaj,Lucy (well I can't say) even Lilo and anyone I have not mentioned here might be on his radar that is if he's interested and if anyone of them wants to play his game of cash and cruise.

    All those sweet stories of his Dad and upbringing is just a ploy.

    That guy just wanna fuck!

    Baba no get time for any entanglement.

  42. Most of the narratives are incorrect...Laycon did not kiss Erica but hugged her in the request of Erica.
    Vee didn't say that, she said she had her bath early every day during the cold shower punishment as opposed to twice a day and this was corroborated by Tolani during her diary session.


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