Stella Dimoko School Teacher Jailed 28 Months For Stealing N28,000


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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

School Teacher Jailed 28 Months For Stealing N28,000

Let this be the new format to Jail looters in Nigeria please....................That is looters will ever face the law in Nigeria!!


  1. So one month for every thousand 🤣, we know if you want to steal in Naija make it in millions and millions as nothing will happen to you. Read a judge in Yobe falsified his age three times what will happen to him, nothing I tell you . Making laws for the poor while the rich walk off strutting 🦋

  2. 🤦🤦🤦. That means our politicians should get life sentences then.

  3. Life sentences and their next 3 life cycles won't still be enough.

  4. I wish same can apply to our Politicians chief looters

  5. They termed this STEALING cause he's a nobody. And they've dished his plate of beans and bread already.....
    Stealing is not good though

  6. These judges are crazy mehn, and our politicians be looting millions yet they cant jail any of them

  7. Same should be applied to our thief thief politicians

  8. Over sentencing for a paltry sum of money. Yes, stealing is a crime, but this crime did not deserve more than a six months sentence.

    1. Na for these kind people body them they get power, jokers.


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