Stella Dimoko Suspect Denies UNIBEN Undergrad Vera Omozuwa Was Raped But Describes How Her Death Was Planned


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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Suspect Denies UNIBEN Undergrad Vera Omozuwa Was Raped But Describes How Her Death Was Planned

The prime suspect in the horrific rape and murder of Uwaila Omozuwa insists the late undergraduate was not raped.

The 22-year-old first year student of the University of Benin was raped and fatally wounded while reading inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) parish in Benin, Edo State on May 27, 2020.

The Edo State Police Command this week paraded Collins Ulegbe, Akato Valentine, Nelson Ogbebor, Mary Ade, Nosa Osabohien, and Tina Samuel as suspects in connection to the crime.

Osabohien, a phone repairer, was the first to be arrested by the police because he bought Uwa's phone from Ulegbe whom he led authorities to.

In his confessional statement to journalists, Ulegbe said his friend, Valentine, had on the day of the crime invited him to join three others who showed him the sum of N1 million to be shared after the group carried out a task he wasn't told about immediately.

The native of Abhor, Delta State, named the three as Ogbebor, Lucky Boro, a suspect that's currently on the run, and another unnamed accomplice that's also currently at large.

He said the gang made incisions on their bodies with razor blade and swore a blood oath to not reveal the secret of what they were about to do.

The 24-year-old said he was led to the church where Uwa was murdered, and that the team first scanned the area to be sure no one was around before entering the church with a plank.

He said he was having a conversation with the victim when she was hit from behind with the plank, to his shock.

"I told them they would have informed me, that I wouldn't have consented to it so we quarreled about it. I was angry," he said.

He further swore that contrary to reports, Uwa was not raped by the gang. However, Edo State Commissioner of Police, Johnson Kokumo, said post-mortem examination proved that she was raped.

Ulegbe confessed that he was the one that struck the final blow on Uwa with a fire extinguisher that was left at the scene.

She died three days later and her case became the rallying point for a resurgence in the national campaign against gender-based violence in Nigeria.

The suspect said when the gang returned to an uncompleted building to share the N1 million, he saw Ogbebor give Ade, his own landlady, a handkerchief that had been used to wipe blood from Uwa's mouth at the church.

"Mary (Ade) told me not to say anything, until we get home," he told journalists.

Ulegbe said he eventually didn't get his share of the money because Ogbebor, Boro and the other unnamed accomplice ran away with the gang's loot, leaving him and Valentine stranded.

He said it was when they reported this to Mary that she gave them Uwa's phone, the phone that was sold to Osabohien for N17,000.

He said he was arrested five days after the incident and started cooperating because police officers were arresting a lot of innocent people, including the pastor and security guard of the church.

Other suspects deny involvement

Even though Ulegbe said it was Valentine that named Ogbebor, Boro, and the other unnamed suspect to the Police, Valentine denied any involvement in the crime.

"Everything he's saying is a complete lie. I'm so surprised.

"I don't know why he's doing all these things he's doing," he told journalists.

Valentine admitted he saw Ulegbe on the morning of the incident, but that his fellow suspect had merely begged him for N100.

He said he told Ulegbe he didn't have an exact N100 note to give him, and had asked him to follow him to where he could get one.

It was while they were together Valentine said they met the three others whom Ulegbe said actively participated in the crime.

Despite the denial, Ulegbe told journalists that the Police discovered Uwa's blood on Valentine's shirt.

Ogbebor similarly denied Ulegbe's allegations, protesting that he was in Ikpoba when he first heard about Uwa's rape and murder.

The disc jockey said he'd never met Ulegbe or Ade until he was arrested and never been inside the church where the crime was committed.

The father of one told journalists a DNA test of his sperm was done and was not a match with the sample taken from Uwa.

He noted that no physical evidence ties him to the crime except for Ulegbe's confession which he said was false.

Ade, accused of being the mastermind, also strongly denied Ulegbe's implications and noted that he was notorious in the neighbourhood for always getting in trouble with the law.

She said he's only implicating her as vengeance for allowing police officers search his room after his arrest.

The mother of three, whose husband died six years ago, said she's friends with Uwa's family and would have no reason to hurt her.

She said she's only a caretaker for her brother's building where Ulegbe lived, and that she's too poor to be able to afford the N1 million she allegedly paid the gang.

"The Police came to inspect my house, but they did not find anything, they checked my shop and couldn't even find up to N20,000."

"I am waiting to go to court. I know nothing about this matter," she said.

CP Kokumo said Samuel is the mother of Boro and was arrested as an accessory after the fact.

"She has done all within her capacity to protect that son, and shield him from being arrested," the Police boss said.

Samuel denied the allegation and told journalists she was taken from her village and was not told about her son's crime until she was moved by the Police to Benin.

She said she told officers she didn't know about her son's whereabouts, but was detained anyway.

Samuel also noted that she had not seen her son in five months before she was arrested for allegedly helping him.
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  1. This story is so long and a sad one.

  2. This story is very confusing 🙁🙁, The Police Investigative department is not doing a good job at all, it's very easy for any good lawyer to win this case , the motive, the alibi and the evidence doesn't correspond

    1. My exact thoughts.
      Shoddy job N.P.F, very shoddy investigation. Make Una investigate well and give us the exact thing that happened not this Akụkọ Mbe ná ụsụ.

      Mụ Victory Dance Loading 💃

  3. Tourture technic will get the truth out

  4. The Original Shugar Girl30 August 2020 at 10:17

    Lies and more lies

    May God protect us from evil.

  5. This story is like an Octopus, it has way too many legs..
    I am very lost..
    The woman that was accused of paying 1million Naira looks very hungry & I wonder how she was able to afford that amount..
    The police needs to touch them further make Dem confess..
    Chizzy j

  6. May God reveal the faces of the wicked.

  7. Infact this story is tiring. Ahhh Nigeria police. I don't know why I doubt this story. I have the feeling the police is just trying to solve the case and they have bamboozled these ones to accept being the culprits. May God help them if they are innocent, if not let justice take its course.

    1. @ Y
      Since the federal government is involved with this case it won't be swept under the carpet like that. All of them are suspects. They should torture them well,they murdered a young girl who has a promising life ahead and they had cut her life short. Can they create life???
      Do you know what the family are passing through since they heard about the demise of their daughter.

    2. Black slimzy, torture is the worse form of interrogation.simply because the person being tortured will confess to anything to get the torturer to stop. Infact in this case I believe the main killer may have been tortured into confessing and dragging people's names into it.does Nigeria look like a country that is capable of thorough investigation. They must have mishandled all the evidence at the crime scene. Ideally, if the paramedics had been called, it would have been sealed properly to avoid tampering with evidence. But here different people handled the fire extinguisher,moved around. Wo! If they are guilty God would allow them suffer for it and if they are not God should help them to be vindicated. May we not do bad waka in this Nigeria.

  8. These devils should be thoroughly tortured until they confess. What nonsense!

    1. I cannot believe you are advocating they torture someone until they confess. Are you not worried that they might be innocent and just confessing because they are being totured? Their stories don’t add up and I sincerely believe they have been picked at random and are being torture and framed.

  9. Nigerian Police should not rely on this criminal's confession alone, they should look for other evidence tying them to the crime. You guys haven't achieved nothing on this case apart from arresting the person with Uwa's phone.

    There must be something else linking this woman to the crime If she is guilty, what about her phone records, text messages?

    Abeg, you people should do a thorough job.

  10. The real truth will be out soon. Its just too sad. Taking a life an innocent child.

  11. The main culprit is still out there. Who paid them the 1m? The person stands to gain something from her death to be able to give such. The pastor and the security/gate man should be rearrested for further questioning as this their story get k-leg.

  12. This story has too many lies from different people who are involved in this matter. I think the police are not being fair here.

  13. For the main killer to have mentioned the pastor as not been part of it, but implicating other "hungry people", to me o, hes taking a fall for money, and he would be released in no time. But i suspect the pastor. A big coperation like redeem wont like a blood on the alter story. Stella pls post.

  14. For the main killer to have mentioned the pastor as not been part of it, but implicating other "hungry people", to me o, hes taking a fall for money, and he would be released in no time. But i suspect the pastor. A big coperation like redeem wont like a blood on the alter story. Stella pls post.

    1. So pastor will kill inside his own church?

  15. Whoever was in possession of uwa's phone is the first suspect, that person should tell the police how he came about the phone and further arrest should be made if possible they should be tortured,this case shouldn't be handled lightly an innocent girl was murdered for no reason

  16. Personally I truly do not believe this story. It’s not straight forward. Seems they are just looking for who to pin it in. First it was the pastor and now this. E get as e be

  17. The guy is just implicating people. But he is too senseless to reason that those he is implicating can not afford 1m. The story is somehow.

  18. This story is full of lies and false implications, the main culprit is obviously a very big shot and he's been covered by the police and the confessionist

  19. Na wa ooo, so you people are still advocating for tourture in this 2020. Now I see why jungle justice can never be eradicated in Nigeria.
    When you are flogged, for something you didn't do and asked to apologise even when you are innocent, you apologise because you don't want to be flogged again. Pain makes people do things and say things they wouldn't have in other wise situations. People will confess to crime dey didn't commit , if you burn them repetitively, in order for the pain to stop.
    Why do you think abroad, you cant torture an accused, infact you are given limited time to interview the person because any sort of torture can lead to a dismissal of a case, even if the accused is guilty. There are psychologist, who can naviagte and manipulate people into confessing the truth.
    Anyways Nigeria has a long long long long long long long............................................................. Way to go.

  20. Mrs Ade may not be able to afford 1 million naira but could have been paid by someone else to get him a virgin that can be used for ritual purposes. Knowing Uwa’s family may have helped her pick Uwa as her victim.

    There is no way Ulegbe didn’t know what they were going to do. He must have known its something evil at least for a blood oath to have been taken. Probably thought it was rape... One or two persons may have been falsely accused but the gang is mostly there. The police just needs to piece the entire thing together.

    I feel like the real mastermind hasn’t been mentioned. I wouldn’t rule out the pastor yet.

  21. the phone is the first piece of evidence. from there, if they had taken fingerprints of that extinguisher, then it's possible to tie one more person down.

    the guy with her blood on his shirt is also guilty


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