Stella Dimoko The Rejected Invitation In These COVID 19 Times....


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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Rejected Invitation In These COVID 19 Times....

I got a call about a week ago informing me that it was the birthday of Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access Bank and it would be nice to drink up on his behalf, thank the Almighty and shame the Devil as it were. 

Since the easing of the lockdown, boys have been looking for every opportunity to return to the old normal. I declined. I resist temptations to defy COVID-19; for, even more careful persons have fallen victim. 

In normal times, I would have jumped at an opportunity to celebrate Herbert Wigwe who is certainly one of the biggest revelations in Nigeria’s banking industry in this century. When he took over the leadership of Access Bank, the Bank was no. 5. Today, that bank is No. 1 in terms of share capital, loans, deposits, reach and customer satisfaction. In April 2019, under Wigwe’s watch, Access Bank merged with Diamond Bank and became the largest bank in Africa. Wigwe has shown a capacity to control and transform every storm that comes the way of the bank.

 There is no doubt that he is leading Access bank in the right direction. He and his brother, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, both co-founders of Access Bank, remind me of Fola Adeola and Tayo Aderinokun who both built GT Bank into a global brand. 

At a time when Nigeria’s reputation is being rubbished by the likes of Hushpuppy and Woodberry and the 419 gang, Herbert Wigwe and his team give Nigeria great hopes. He is a role model for the younger generation. Today, Access Bank is not just a Tier-I Bank, it has branches across Africa which provide jobs for millions across the continent. And yet Wigwe is just 54. He is in addition, Chairman of Nigeria’s Bankers’ Committee. 

A high-achieving brother like him truly deserves a drink and a salute. The organisers should please invite me next year when, hopefully, our lives would have become normal again. In the meantime, many happy returns Herbert. May your days be long. 

By Reuben Abati


  1. Abi na! Lol! Happy birthday to Herbert.. but from afar!

  2. Happy birthday to Mr Herbert Wigwe.
    🍻 cheers to many more years.

  3. you go fear fear.

  4. Access bank number 1? Oga get your facts right.

  5. Happy chairman, more fruitful years ahead

  6. Happy birthday Herbert Wigwe.

    Your legacy lives on Tayo.

  7. Ass licker. Ruben abati. Access bank my arse.

  8. Happy birthday to him, make una enjoy

  9. Oh dear, the first time Uncle Reuben will disappoint me. This extremely short na. What happened to the epistles? And to think he will link it to cancellation of Elrufai's invite.

    1. Down to Earth Chin edey your body lol

      The most Complex B

  10. I am sure this a paid epistle. Stella pls always state accordingly.

    Access bank is still not number one in Nigeria. Ranks behind GTB and Zenith in profitability.

    Access bank NPL portfolio should be about the worst if not the worst in the industry. Abati should have mentioned this too.

    I like their drive especially with Aig, but with all these mafia like acquisitions going on and multiple EFCC invitation, it is just a matter of time before their cup will full.

    Lastly, Herbert has done well for himself for now but I will be careful to call him a role model yet.

  11. Nice to read a short one from
    Abati. Happy birthday Herbert Wigwe

  12. Happy birthday Herbert Wigwe.First time I'm reading everything written by Abati

  13. No. 1 my black smooth ass. Every bank is no. 1 in something . Profitability is what shld be used . Simple

  14. Reuben Abati that also stole from Nigeria is now rubbishing hush and wood berry. May God forgive us in this country.

  15. This guy and flattery! When did he start hobnobbing with Access bank md if not because of his share of the loot while in goverment? Nigerians have amnesia and Abati is aware. He is comparing these folks at Access bank to Fola and Tayo that built GTB from ground zero! I wonder how much he deposited there of his loot or how much he collects for PR. Younger folks, Abati was a poor paid writer at the guardian before he became Jonathan’s mouthpiece like Femi Adesina. Don’t forget his antecedents and don’t let him use his ability to write fluently to rewrite his history of his ascendancy to parties with Bank CEOs in a country where GOVERNMENT is the major source of deposit funds and Access bank former CEO donated billions to Jonathan’s campaign! Collective National amnesia is what Reuben Abati is hoping for, writing on soft sell blogs. Let’s hold them ALL accountable for the looting they partook in regardless of party in a country where crossing from one party to another is deemed normal!


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