Stella Dimoko Veteran Musician Charly Boy Rants About The Mindset Of Naija Youths...


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Monday, August 10, 2020

Veteran Musician Charly Boy Rants About The Mindset Of Naija Youths...

The Veteran Musician does not understand why the youths are Interested in BBNaija shows and not in Politics.......

Well BBNaija has a end date,the looting and stealing in Nigerian politics has no end and is frustrating!!!
Aside that Naija people like to read or watch anything dem!!!


  1. Keyamu gives Area daddy "Ghana must go"
    filled with money.
    Comments - 200 million
    Likes - 0

    1. Stella you they mind this old papa youngi.

      These days I hate talking about the country. Does watching bbn change the situation. The few that goes to the pool to vote! Goes their to collect 5k and vote who they tell them to.

      What has been the effort of the leaders we put there??? Look at how shamelessly they loot the country dry.

      Sowore that came out they shut him down.
      They pass stupid laws and bill to shut us out. If we want this country to be better we all have to collectively put all hand on deck. Forget talk. Na bbn say make our leaders no work.

      Abi no be from UK BBN start. Are they back ward??? Who is looking for how to trend will write stupid write up on bbn stuffs. Charley will u beat your chest and say u are a saint??? We are all corrupt! We are the problem to ourselves.

    2. @Sexy hips
      Eziokwu, you go to the POOL to vote?
      And then go to the POLL to swim?
      I tell you, this laughter cures one
      from corruption news hangover.

    3. 14:00

      Poll as in for election. Ur brain should tell u is a mistake.

      Yeah let's all laugh to the mistake云云不不不不不不不不不不不不

      Are u on now??

    4. 不不不不不

      Area fatuer

  2. Charley boy should be calming down because he was once there. BBN gave us a very big comic relief from Government looting corona scare.

  3. Charle should just calm down!!! Na dem Dey back off protest! Na dey go still come yarn !

  4. General election:one man one vote
    BBN:one sim card 100 votes

    General election:18yrs and above allowed to vote

    BBN:no age limit

    So wetin you dey yarn????

    Like I always say, different content for different crowd. There are more than 20 channels on DSTv/GOTV, if you dont tune in to 198/29 you wont see BBN on your screen. Before BBN people watch Tv, after BBN we will watch Tv. If BBN is not your thing kindly avoid tuning in and avoid all posts tagged BBN on social media.
    Very simple!

    1. I tire ooooh!! As if BBN is Nigeria's problem丹‍♀️丹‍♀️

    2. Don't mind the sadists, any thing majority of people enjoy watching and talking about they will condemn. They like it when people get frustrated and commit suicide because of bad leadership

    3. Thank you o

      Me i don't watch big brother but i know that every programme on television has its target audience.

      Talk another sir

    4. The truth is Nigerians have very very misplaced priorities

      Energy for projects that take from them ( profits to BB pockets only)

      No energy for their short term to long term future that affects them directly or indirectly

      Docility towards things that matter

  5. lol,bitter truth.take the message
    and leave the messenger. charly has his own short coming and
    and mistake ,but that does not
    mean what he said is not true.
    even in SDK blog I noticed news
    on politic rarely have plenty
    comments, but tacha,toke and co
    you will see more than 100

  6. Oga Charlie, leave them to watch what they find interesting biko. Truth be told,I cannot stand a man that watches Oga ,are you okay!!!

    1. Why?

      I have seen men that watch zee world and telemundo, absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    2. @Gifty I pray not to see this

    3. Hahaha @ Choc.You don't want your boo watching BBN?

  7. We should also pay attention to 喫 political and economic issues

  8. Area father is angry o . Nigerian youths no try at all

  9. Na today! Baba just wants to trend. The vote of the masses have stopped counting since 1800.

    1. That is the trouble, votes don't count, worse you may loose your life at the polling unit, election in this country is bloody.

  10. He has a point.


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