Stella Dimoko APC Congratulates Obaseki On His Re-election As Edo Gov And Gives Reasons His Major Opponent Lost...


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

APC Congratulates Obaseki On His Re-election As Edo Gov And Gives Reasons His Major Opponent Lost...

The All Progressives Congress has congratulated Governor Godwin Obaseki on his re-election as the governor of Edo State.

This was contained in a statement by the chairman of the APC national caretaker committee, Mai Mala Buni, on Monday.
The statement was released a few hours after Buni and the chairman of the party’s governorship election campaign for Edo State, Abdullahi Ganduje, met with the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), behind closed doors.
It was titled “Edo State Governorship Election: Victory for Democracy” and personally signed by Buni.
Buni, in the statement, described the election as peaceful, adding that its outcome represented a victory for Nigeria’s democracy.
He explained that some problems within APC worked against the party and its candidate in the just-concluded election.

The statement read, “The September 19, 2020 Edo State Governorship election is over, the winner has been declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission in the person of the Mr. Godwin Obaseki, candidate of the People Democratic Party.
“We hereby congratulate the winner of the election, the people of Edo State and all Nigerians. The peaceful conduct of the election and its outcome represent victory for Nigeria’s democracy
“As a party, we join our leader, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, to affirm our ‘commitment to free and fair elections’ in order to strengthen ‘the foundation for our political and moral authority’. We commend INEC, our security agencies and all political parties that contested the election for the successful conduct of the election. As a governing party, we will take every step necessary to support the Federal Government to consolidate all the gains achieved.
“We, in particular, want to salute our candidate in the election, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamuh for his tenacity and leadership. We similarly commend our Edo State leaders, especially our immediate past National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and all our members in Edo State for demonstrating unwavering support for our party and our candidate in the election..."

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*America is watching!...hehehehehhehhe


  1. Replies
    1. The fear of the West is the beginning of wisdom.

      It is risky and costly to lose assets in America and other foreign countries for the sake of one pastor who is facing charges on corruption.


  2. The fear of amelika like our people will say.

    Shame catch dem. Edo no be Lagos. Shame on APC evil people that will never have peace.

    Iyamu aka pastor imam, go and beg God to forgive you and go back to His work. Stop disgracing your office

  3. Real America is watching. See fear of banning.


  4. Of course he has to accept the voice of the people.. However Godfatherism has not been totally eradicated..Nyesom Wike is now the new Godfather..Truth is it takes a collective effort to remove Godfatherism and it works in some states while it works in another..The true winner here is the Oba of Benin Oba ghato kpere ise!!

    1. Spot on. Wike alone is a vibe.

    2. Exactly what I told my dad. Wike is the new godfather

  5. . Now, it came to pass, In that period when men chose their rulers, after the reign of Lucky the son of Igbenedion. A certain man arose from the mount of Auchi whose name was Adams the son of Osho.
    2. It was he who was the chief of the publicans and a leader of labour. Later he had become Governor over all the province. And adams abode as governor for eight years in Edo.
    3. Behold, During his reign, the man Adams had excelled in speech and utterred many fierce and lofty words.
    4. And his oration was honey and wine to the hearts of the people.
    5. He ruled the city with a mighty hand and prophesied with a loud voice unto the four walls of the cities; the North, the South, East and West, saying; 6. “Woe unto the godfathers and naysayers and oligarchists, to the men who have exalted themselves over this city as gods over men.7 “Again i say woe onto them. “For as the day wipeth out the night, I Adams the son of Osho, shall flush out their reigns, and seize their loincloth.8 “With a heavy rod shall i chase them out, and they shall run. I shall break their brass gates, and set their iron bars asunder. And it was so.
    9. That at the end of the Eight year, wherefore Adams was to complete his reign, a man called Godwin the son of Obaseki had exalted himself saying ” I will be Governor.
    10. At the same time, Iyamu the son of Ize had also exalted himself and said i will be Governor.
    11.Adams had looked up the face of Obaseki and took his hand and kissed it and spake with a voice saying “Fear not, for i am with you, oh thy faithful servant, I shall bear you upon my wings, thy mouth shall speak good tidings, and in my stead thou shalt reign.
    12.And it came to pass, that when the due season for contest came. Adams and Obaseki went together in one accord, to the outskirts of the cities to the tabernacles, to the villages, and to every field.
    13. Lo, Adams had held his companions hand saying with a loud voice;“Oh cities of Edo hear ye my counsel, Oh land of my inheritance bear thy comrade’s witness, for this is the man whom thou shall vote for a faithful and just man!
    14 “Begone from the man Iyamu for he is vain and double faced.
    15.Cast not thy votes for him for his mouth is slack.
    16 Ye! He has put on the loincloth of a saint but his heart is darker than widow’s ash.
    17. Withdraw your firstborne sons, from him, for he dines in the devil’s cult.
    18. Withdraw thy daughters, for he is a deformer!
    19.And it came to pass that many people had hearkened unto the voice of Adams the son of Osho.
    20 And on the day of reckoning more votes had been casted for Godwin than for Iyamu and he had been crowned governor to reign in Osho’s stead.
    21 Behold, at about the second year of the reign of Godwin, and like a dream of the night, after the feast of the old year, the new governor and old governor saw discord together.
    22 The new Governor had called upon the people saying.
    ” He wants Your gold and Silver and I said nay!!!. No man shall be god over this land, for this is the very cause ye fought for in your reign, and i say it shall stand.
    23 And when it came to the ear of Adams the son of Osho what the new governor had done. He had cried with a loud voice..
    24 “A traitor is on the throne!!. therefore shall my eyes not be allowed to behold the ungodly stand in judgement for long. 25.For yes! He has bitten the finger that fed him bread. And his rainment must be seized!. Another four years thou will not go!
    26 And Godwin the son of obaseki had responded, “I shall go another.
    27 On the fourth year on the month and on the day when A new adversary was to be chosen to travail with Obaseki. Iyamu had comeforth and said “here i am, i will go. And adams spake softly saying ” I am with you.
    28 Now the people of the city had rent their clothes and thrown forth their voice in desolation saying to the Adams the son of Osho, who shall we go with?. 29 Whom shall we believe? For the Lord God is not the author of confusion, a man whom ye called a leper yesterday, how turneth he now an angel? And the one whom ye called a messiah the day before how turneth he now leper.

    1. Lol....I actually read your epistle in 'mark Anthony' voice just like the speech he gave at ceasar's funeral..

    2. Lol....I actually read your epistle in 'mark Anthony' voice just like the speech he gave at ceasar's funeral..

    3. 不不不不不不不不不you're a case ai swear

  6. 32 that the people of Edo decided that light should defeat darkness and godfatherism casted into the bottomless pit.
    33 And, Lo The Lord blessed Godwin the son of Nogheghase, the son of Obaseki with more votes over his contenders from the plain of Bini to Esan and across river Ikpoba unto Owan, Etsako and unto Akoko Edo.
    34 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of David, which saith, God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

    Author Unknown

    1. Nigerians are talented I swear

    2. My Goodness you Iyke the son of Desmond is a pure genius! WOW!!!

  7. @Iyke Desmond this got me rotfl I love this; u really tried and this shall happen to buhari and cohorts in the coming years

  8. America is watching
    Your loots are spread all over the place.
    Touch the election results and snow will freeze all of them

  9. Please forget this America is watching narrative, it doesn't hold water. The real thing there is that Ize Iyamu is not really APC and so the full APC did not come out to stomp for him. Adams messed up big time and may soon be expelled.

  10. So what will now become of those juju priests wearing the pastor cloak that prophesied that Ize Iyamu will become governor?

    1. Odiegwu!! I was so ashamed when I saw them giving thier 'endorsement '. When did men of God start dabbling into such? Do your private opinion/ endorsement, dont say God said. Fear God!


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