Stella Dimoko Nigerian Traders In Ghana Decry The Govts Refusal To Open Locked Shops


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Nigerian Traders In Ghana Decry The Govts Refusal To Open Locked Shops

This is so sad!!!

The President of NUTAG, Mr Chukwuemeka Nnaji disclosed this in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

According to him, it is unfortunate that Nigerian traders’ shops have remained locked even after visits by Mr Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of House of Representatives and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to Ghana.

“The locking of shops belonging to Nigerians by Ghanaian authorities hinders our doing business lawfully.

“The Ghanaian government should have as a matter of bilateral relations paid attention to us by being open in its decision to tackle our trade difficulties in the host country.

“I think every plea from the Nigerian government has fallen on deaf ears of the Ghanaian authorities, which is ready to destabilise and destroy our businesses to favour their citizens.

“Our shops are still shut down; most shops shut down since Dec. 2, 2019 were only opened to give tax assessment for the current year by Ghana revenue authorities.

“I am aware most of our members complied; all the documents on Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) presented are original not fake,’’ he said.

Nnaji said it was not true that Nigerian traders did not have genuine documents for the shops.

“I think the Ghanaian government is working on an agenda aimed at discouraging the influx of Nigerians to Ghana and the growth of Nigerian businesses in their country.

“I wish that our government would take this Ghanaian agenda very serious to stop Nigerians from losing all their life earnings in Ghana,” he added.

Nnaji said that many Nigerian traders had already returned home with their families following the closure of their shops.

He also said that those who could not relocate to Nigeria before their shops were shut down “are now stuck in Ghana with little or no money to be able to survive.”

Nnaji said that the association had begun the compilation of names of people severely affected by the action of the Ghanaian authorities for evacuation by the Federal Government.

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  1. Really a pity. Shame on our government allowing his citizens to suffer unnecessarily

  2. Really sad Stella. I thought they had resolved the issue o.

  3. All na because of border closer. Whether border closed or not, things are still same or even more.

    Ghana Govt abeg make una open shop for my brothers and sisters, even me I wan relocate join them.

  4. Yes it is unfortunate..But there is an underlining issue here..As a foreigner there are certain businesses that you can't open in that country as only its citizens that can carry out such businesses and if you want to open such businesses, you need to pay but not as exorbitant as the fees that have been told to pay..In Nigeria our government did not enforce that because of greed and ''money for hand back for ground'' situation, there are many businesses that the Chinese, Indians, Lebanese people have taken over here that ought to be for its citizens...Nigeria has lost its ''Big Brother'' status long long time ago..

  5. Sad,i believe it's witch hunting in retaliation to Nigeria closing her borders and other issues.I hope things can be resolved.

  6. What goes around comes back around.

  7. If only Nigeria was favorable enough for their citizens, what will a Nigerian be doing in Ghana bikonu?? Buahri and Co bikonu open up the border you people closed since, You guys aren't the ones suffering the consequences, The struggling and suffering Nigerians are. Mepe nu border unu mechi since bikonu.

    1. Abeg make we hear word. You people are always talking trash on this blog. There are traders doing extremely well across our country. But they made the choice to go to Ghana. Now they are there they don't want to obey their laws. There are businesses that are exclusively that of the citizens of Ghana, no foreigners are allowed to run those businesses. You either obey their laws or leave their country.

  8. Chukwuemeka, as long as you name is not "Musa"
    forget about Nigerian gwavanament.

  9. In the 1980s = Ghana must go
    In the 2020s = Nigerian must go
    Even the earth is not static
    Everything turns. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  10. This is so sad. Ghana is taking it's pound of flesh

  11. Nigerian government should ban our children going to university in Ghana. If possible nobody with their degree should be hired so that they can stay one place. Ghana makes money from Nigeria through educational tourism. It should stop.

    1. Be deceiving yourself. Ghanaian universities don't offer admissions to your students like they did in the past if you don't know. Who wants them with all the troubles they cause on our campuses. These days, your students and their certificates are scrutinised very well before admission. Good name is still better than riches.

      It's simple, leave the jobs that are reserved for citizens alone and face that which are allowed for foreigners or return back to your paradise called Nigeria and leave our "small Ghana", "dirty Ghana" alone for us. Is that so difficult? The government is trying to stop brain drain and green pasture migration. How do we achieve that if we allow you all to come and take the jobs meant for the locals? You all should go back and sack the foreigners taking jobs meant for your locals too. Kick the Chinese, Lebanese and all those people doing retail trading in your country away. This is the only way Africa will move forward. You Nigerians allow foreigners to penetrate your retail market so much and now you are causing havoc to other Africans. Go back and fix your country, put pressure on your government till they sit up. Enough said!

  12. There's a lot of animosity towards Nigerians in Ghana and I can't blame Ghaninans entirely because we took all the ills in our society and started practicing them there - yahoo yahoo, omo onile, drugs etc. The only problem is that innocent ones will suffer also


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