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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I have a lot of friends on here. I will try to change the narrative as much as I can.

My husband is making serious passes on my sister. Promising her heaven and earth. I really don't know how I am going to handle the situation without me asking him. And for the last 15yrs we've been married I don't know him to be a smoker. I was told he now smokes weed and cigarettes.. we had issues few years ago, he was very abusive. 

I left for the abroad with my kids. I remembered bringing my chronicles here 6 years ago.. I got a lot of wonderful advice. And they've helped build me into a better person.

 Don't know where to start the whole story. I'm just confused.

 I need my marriage, I don't think I'm really into my husband anymore.

*I really dont understand this Chronicle...Are you abroad and your hubby is in Nigeria?Cos you said you heard he now smokes weed and cigarette.Is your sister living with him?where does he see her to hit on her?

Your sister must have told you that he is promising her heaven on earth...Please by all means confront him about this.....He is really silly that he chose to disrespect you this way by hitting on your sister when he can go out there and hit on anyone he chooses to...
If you left your sister in the house with him,please ask her to move out at once before she becomes your co-wife!!


  1. Any man that tries to sleep with my sister cannot be called “husband“ again. If I have children he will be referred to as Bisi’s dad or Muna’s father. If anyone should ask why we are divorced I’ll tell them to ask him. Useless man. The things some people tolerate to remain married. Don’t try blaming your sister because she did what a sister would. Report him to you. Nonsense!

    1. Please o. This phrase " in the abroad", I thought it was a joke. Is it now a correct English?

    2. That your husband is sick. Your sister should not try it. Talk to her

    3. That’s how my sisters husband wanted to chop me too am like ARE YOU MAD? Animal if not say e be big pass me i for beat am

    4. Many of you are actually funny. Why would a sane woman leave their husband in Nigeria to go abroad?

      So you are all seeing what the man did wrong but nothing on what she did wrong?

      Women...always playing the victim since 1874

    5. 16:11, e no tire you? That doesn't excuse his bad behaviour tho

    6. Shooter and friend, a lot of couples make the hard decision for one person to pursue a better life in another country and the other joins when things settle. It happens every day. All fingers are not equal so some will make that sacrifice for a few years hoping to be united after. It has worked for so many people. You people will be acting like the people that see each other everyday are not getting divorced or cheated on. All the husband killing wife and wife stabbing husband is it not people who live together? Try to reason behind your noses sometimes.

    7. @ Saphire, In the abroad Is wrong English. More like a Nigerian or African slang or phrase.

    8. Sapphire, I tried correcting it sometime ago but some bvs replied that "in the abroad" is their SDK blog lingo but I knew it was a lie.
      Now it has shown up in a Chronicle. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    9. It is not a lie, we deliberately say In the abroad on this blog. Even Stella says It.

    10. Anon 16:11 it’s quite confusing to be honest. If people advised you to leave your husband and go abroad and you’ve been there for 6 years without him, I’m sorry but that marriage is as good as over, especially as the man was not in support of you leaving. You really can’t eat your cake and have it if that’s the case.

      I don’t understand how come you ‘need your marriage’... you sound like you’ll die without it. Why do you need this marriage where the man has lost his sense of reasoning so much that he wants to be with your blood? Infact this chronicle is missing very large chunks and I’m not sure what kind of advice can be proffered.

    11. @poster,you still consider a man who wants to sleep with your sister, and is even desperate about it a husband?!? Tufiakwa for you, God forbid!

  2. This chronicle is very confusing. Confront him and tell your sister to avoid him as much as she can. You are not into your husband anymore ,yet you want your marriage. How do you intend to go about it ?Dear poster, this your chronicle is incomplete.

  3. Let your sis move out if she lives with him. Hopefully they have not banged.

    Your husband is d scum of the earth. A dog, sorry to say. Your own sister..tufia.

  4. Please let's understand you

  5. You want your marriage but you not into your husband anymore. Try have a friendly conversation with him so he can also pour his heart out to you.

  6. How did you get this information? If it was through your sister,the she's not a good person. What's the point of telling you when she stops all contact from your husband.

    1. It's your type that will fight your sister rather than your husband. Yeye

    2. How is the sister a bad person? That’s how my sis boyfriend invited me to his place, I foolishly went (I was 17 then and naive) I didn’t tell my sister until someone told her(someone I confided in) I became the bad person..imagine I was open to her in the first place! Some things are not meant to be kept! Blame the useless husband!

  7. Stella has said it all. Take her advice

  8. Please poster answer all the questions Stella asked you so we can know where to start advising you

  9. Poster please ans SDK question because me too I am confuse

    Meanwhile is like your hubby don get plenty money or his friends are really doing a “good” job on him

  10. You chose "abroad" over your marriage.
    Now what else do you want?
    God said, that he created you, the woman to be a helpmate to the man (your husband).
    You took your kids (denied them of their father's attention), and escaped abroad.
    You have sinned against God and against this man and against these kids.
    You are the architect of everything that your husband is going through now. Of course, the man
    does not have a marriage anymore. He is going for a lady that looks like you, and that's your sister (please note that this is not right).Repent and call upon the Lord Jesus to save you and this situation.

    1. You are the antichrist.

    2. @15:53
      Nice to know that you know about the antichrist.
      Do you know about the Christ?
      Have you received the Christ, the one that died for you? 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    3. Jesus a Christian wrote this!! . Hiw can you lack so much empathy for your fellow human. Even Jesus said a bruised reed, He will not break. You conveniently skipped the part she said he was abusive in the past and decided to shift all the blame on her.
      So it's her fault that of all women in the universe, her sister is the only one, If she did wrong by leaving him like you claim, why can't he also hold on to God abi she was the one that gave him weed and cigarettes.
      You claim to preach Christ but you never talk about His unconditional and unfailing love.
      It is well with you.

    4. antichrist is better than this woman. She chases people from loving God.

    5. I know Jesus and I know anyone who condemns wrongly in his name is not of him. That’s why you are the embodiment of an antichrist.

      Lots of couples who cannot make it in Nigeria due to the harsh economic climate, bleak projections, and want a better life for their children make the hard decision for a spouse to travel abroad. They do it with the hope and prayer of reuniting at a later date but have visits in between. In my office we are about six doing it and one of us just left to join his beautiful family because things have settled. Three of us plan to leave by February next year, God willing.

      Because you are blessed to have it good in Nigeria doesn’t mean you should be unsympathetic and downright wicked with your words to another. How can you type so much wickedness to someone in distress? If Nigeria had the resources to keep both spouses here, do you think we will be running abroad?

      Your type will go for vacations, send their kids abroad to study but heap insults on other couples without a single idea of how the shoes pinches others. It’s a very unchristian thing to do madam.

      This woman is not at fault because her decision to go abroad was most likely a mutual decision by she and her husband to get financial, educational and environmental security. What is the crime in that?

      It’s unfortunate her husband turned out to be your fellow antichrist and got involved in immoral acts. She is not in anyway responsible for his actions because he is a grown man with free will given to him by God. Or are you telling us if for any reason you have to be away from your husband you won’t be surprised if he tries to sleep with your sister? If he is an adulterer, she being physically present won’t change a thing. We see them everyday. The ones living under same roof are fighting and crying daily. Just thank God he made life as perfect as you claim it is for you and don’t insult people in their period of trials and temptations. It is a very wicked and ungodly thing to do.

      Shame on you for your utterances and pray to God for guidance on your future utterances. You may think you have good intentions but your utterances most times come off as wicked, proud, corrupt and drunk. Yes with the back flips and emojis you sound drunk sometimes. As blunt as Paul was he didn’t come off the way you do. Maybe because he had actual divine instruction unlike you.

      I will also ask God for forgiveness because I have let your insensitive and ignorant statement provoke me. But at least I’m not devoid of emotions to blame a woman for her husband wooing her sister.


    6. @17:38
      Read your first line again; "lots of couple make the decision."
      Here only one lady, the poster made the decision.
      And read her last paragraph; "I am not into my husband again..."
      So why is she looking for her now?
      All of you can call me "antiChrist" Jesus my Lord was called Belzebub, Prince of
      demons. And he said that his followers will be called worse.
      So, nothing new here.

    7. ANG, you need God's love to transform your heart. You condemn others who Christ wants to draw to His unconditional love and free salvation.

      Foodie and 17:38 have said it all.
      ANG please allow the love of God to illuminate your heart. 💖

    8. Even when I stated clearly in the bracket that going after the man's sister is
      wrong, you all still arraigned me, crucified me and erected the cross
      And then turn around and accuse me of being the judge here?
      Wow! Crucifiers, may God bless all of you.

    9. @19:35 you are correct. ANG or whatever "it" is called sure needs love in its life. I refer to you ANG as "it" because I doubt if you are human. I can imagine what growing up like was for you,devoid of happiness and love. That is why you come up here to say trash everytime. This is the only platform where you think you can show your ignorance and stupidity. You are so filled with hate that is why hate is all you give here,because each gives what he/she has. So you want everyone to have a feel of what you are. It's easier to love than to hate. CHANGE!

  11. Please ladies, abroad is not heaven. I don't know why a lady will
    abandon her husband and go abroad, what for?
    Please come back home to your husband
    before you write us a chronicle.

    1. Some couples agree to do so in order for their kids to be raised in a saner climate. Stop blaming the wife. The husband may have initiated and supported the move.

      The husband is the one who broke their wedding vows, not her. Or do you think the wife doesn't have sexual needs too?

    2. @16:06
      She is in a "saner climate" now, isn't she?
      You abandon the first duty God gave you -companionship and helper to the man
      and flee abroad and write a chronicle hiding most of the facts? 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  12. Your sister is your blood. Going after her to me is the height of disrespect. Ask him about it. Do not let it slide before it gets worse. All the best.

  13. This story is not complete. How did you get the info?
    If your sister told you then she doesn't have the intention of dating him. Warn him to stay away from your siblings. Report him to his people and your people. Meanwhile, you said you do not love him anymore, you need the marriage for something else?

  14. Madam first you should know what you want. You want your marriage yet you're not into your husband anymore. Why not move on?

  15. Poster, firstly, are you in different continents?

    Secondly,is your sis staying with your hubby with your blessings? If so,that was a bad idea. You don't leave a grown up woman with your husband. It's a huge temptation.

    Thirdly,you have to talk to him about the accusation. That's the only way you can get to the bottom of this.

  16. Babes l hate saying this but you are married but SINGLE. He has broken all the codes of marriage. Why don't you want to confront him?. You left to abroad because he became abusive. He smokes weed. He is hitting on your sister yet you need your marriage

  17. Your husband is hitting on your sister and you still need your marriage? What are you doing with such a man?

  18. I know of a lady that choose her marriage over living in the abroad. Her sister and her husband were rumored to be together because sister lives with them. She had to relocate back to Nigeria before water go pass garri.

    1. 16:10 please, it is *living abroad* not 'living in the abroad'

  19. Didn't you people read that he was abusive hence her move abroad? You are making it seem like she abandoned him.

  20. Men can do some things I tell you. Not even Satan trust them.

    I know a true story where a sister moved into her sister's home when she had her child to babysit the child so she could return to work. It wasn't long after that the husband started messing with the sister and eventually got her pregnant. The cheating sister returned to England and had the baby over there, I don't know what the relationship with them is like now, this happened almost 40 years ago. The couple eventually divorced and karma got a hold of the husband, he was stuck in a prison for over twenty years, he was a woman beater and used to molest a niece of his. Now he is nothing, just a man that breathes. You gotta watch the seeds you sow in life for harvest season is sure.

  21. The lady didn't not abandon her husband, the man is an adult period.poster please let us no if your sister is still staying in your house since you left. If not, how is ur husband disturbing her then?


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