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Monday, September 14, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



Good day to us all. Please,I need ADVICE from bv's. Stella, help me post anonymously, thanks and God bless you all...AMEN! When I woke up from my dream, I thought of who can advice me and my mind told me SDK blog.

I am the first born of my family(female) but ever since I have been to this world in my 40 years ,I have never been lucky. My younger siblings are doing so well in their respective place of work but I am not still not working after frantically searching for jobs to no avail. Anytime any good thing is supposed to happen to me or any help,it won't just work out. I cried out for help years back on SDK blog and someone promised to help me with a job ( I still have the man's email) but later called to tell me that I shouldn't bother again.

Though, I am married but we are seriously struggling to make ends meet especially during this covid. To see toothpaste use self na war.To load ordinary 200 naira data,I can do so three times a month. I just want bv's to understand my plight. Because of this, I am so so disrespected by my siblings and even my parents. Presently, I and my younger siblings though married too are not on talking terms with me all because my father told me to my face point blank that since I can't help him by giving him money that whatever my siblings say is the final even to the extent of telling me to bow for them.

The MAIN PROBLEM NOW IS THAT I know that I am a glorious child.WHY? I dream and see things a lot. There was a time years back I dreamt I had a long,black,beautiful and shiny hair and everyone was admiring my hair but the next day I dreamt it had been cut! My spirit immediately told me that that is my glory. Secondly, last two years,I dreamt of being in a church but the prophetess singled me out and told me my enemy is in bondage that I shall be delivered but as she began to deliver me by laying hands on my tummy,I woke up.

The one I dreamt again around 4am on 8th September, 2020(it was so real that I cried when I woke up because I am just tired) was that I was in a gathering and someone started prophesying to me again that this isn't the position I ought to be.The person said I am supposed to have been greater than this that I am just suffering for nothing.The person said I am a glorious child.Then the person said for me to be delivered ,I will need four things which are : RED ATARE (don't know the English version but maybe alligator pepper).

I don't know maybe there's RED ATARE, pap water, something like ayan(not really sure) but I don't know the fourth one because the person jotting it down in my dream forgot and was asking those around that why didnt they jot it down,that was how I woke up again without being delivered.

Before I got married, I was told in my dream to attend MFM which I did then every Wednesdays and I observed that anytime I go for deliverance section,I must be called for an interview but anytime it remains two people which includes I and another person after going through interview ,I won't be preferred. The other person will be chosen.

I just need solution (Please,don't tell me to go fry puff puff or bean cake ooo) on how to deliver myself from this bondage. I do pray midnight prayers sometimes when I am not too stressed and everywhere I went when I was single like almost 10 places,I am being told I am glorious and that its like gold but its my hand I will use to deliver myself because they said I also see things and they can't help me. My father has deep hatred for me now and I don't talk to him anymore .He instigated my younger siblings against me.

Please,I am not begging for money,I will never ever be a beggar. The money won't take me anywhere self but what I need is PRAYERS,BIBLE VERSES FOR MIDNIGHT PRAYERS. I read ODM and I try not to sin. I don't want to go to pastors but how can I deliver myself. I am 40 years old,can I still make it in life? 

I am supposed to be enjoying now but I am suffering. Will I still be able to use my glory to the glory of the Lord? Haa! I am perplexed, tired,depressed. What can I do? I can't fast now because I have chronic ulcer. I am almost tired of praying. Why is it that it is when I am about to be delivered that I wake up from my dream. God,please touch me (CRYING). I PROMISE TO COME BACK TO SHARE MY TESTIMONY IF GOD EVER DELIVERS ME!

Thank you all for the advice!!!

*when you ask if you can still make it in life,you are referring to money?My dear never say never please.
Find peace of mind first and all other things will follow.
hopefully you will find sound advice from the blog visitors.

Sorry about your wretched situation.


  1. Madam poster, keep serving God and believing in Him with a clean heart. Stop patronising pastors and prophetess.

    Start a small business if white-collar jobs are not in sight. You can start a small business, Stella usually do some business idea post every now and then, go get some business ideas from older posts.

    When next Stella do business giveaway, apply with your ID, don't be shy.

    A closed mouth is like a closed Destiny, don't be ashamed to ask from both God and man.

    May God have mercy on you, cleanse you and set you free from all bondage and may He send favour your way and wear you the crown of success on earth.

    1. Gbam πŸ‘Œ. Well said Ms.A

    2. I pray that God be kind to you and delivers you big time IJN

    3. Madam what is disturbing her is spiritual. She can win giveaway and thr money will do nothing for her cos they have stolen her star and Glory spiritually. Let her solve the spiritual holding her captive with strong prayers

    4. Poster I think you really need to change your mindset. After you pray, you should find something doing and put your utmost faith in God. If God can provide for birds, then He can do yours. Stop thinking your glory was stolen. Say good things to yourself

    5. Ms. A, I like the way you adviced herπŸ‘Œ

    6. Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I have never patronized any pastor almost 10years now for prayers,I did that long time before I ever get married. I am just tired. Someone wanted to gift me things here but didn't work out .
      BV's, I am the poster. Please,help me pray for my deliverance. I want to use my glory while still young.I want God to lift me up so that those who have looked down on me will marvel,wonder not ever believe I can rise up to such level.
      I want God to shame my dad and my siblings who thought I will never amount to anything in life and have given up on me. Please, always remember me in your prayers because I know God is here.
      Thanks all and I know my testimonies are loading!
      I AM A KNOWN BV HERE and I comment but not every time becos of data,I just had to manage my 30MB data just for this chronicle. Thanks once again


    7. Poster there isn't anything that God can't and wouldn't do for me and I say this boldly.
      Of course I can help you but I can't give you guidance through a public domain so how do I reach you?

    8. Giveaway won't solve anything.

      You need to change the pattern of your prayers.
      Praise God from your heart always, don't force it.
      God will surprise you for good.

    9. @ SPIRIT,please,Stella has my contact. Help me send your contact to Stella. I will be expecting your mails.
      Stella,please don't delete my contact yet because of SPIRIT,I BEG OF YOU. THANKS

    10. Nice one mrs A. Let me add a few things.
      One thing I noticed from personal experience is that, when battling spiritual manipulations, one has to lead a spiritually pure life deviod of sin. The reason being that sin creates a portal to allow demons and their manipulations into your life. Lead a christ-like life. Another thing is to be strong in prayers, pray without ceasing. Do midnight ptayers too. Another thing is to fo charity. Charity must not be in form of money, if you render physical assistance to someone who cannot pay you back it is charity. Also go and sweep and clean the church as a form of sacrifice. As you are sweeping, be praying in your heart, it works.
      Remove fear, worry and panic from your life, Especially fear. The evil ones feed on your fear. If you are scared in your spirit or you pray with fear, you energise the evil ones.
      Lastly, pray with authority. Not the type of authority where you command God to do things for you but the kind of authority where you command your situation to change. Command mountains to become plain. Command your lost glory to be restored. Command your destiny to be released from where it is held captive. Command your light to shine. Speak positively to yourself. Tell yourself that you are born to excel and you must do so. Command anyone/demon fighting your destiny to perish. Command anyone fighting the will of God in your life to perish. Break every covenant you have entered into knowingly or unknowingly with the devil.
      Also, if you have a spirit husband (you'd know if you frequently have sex in the dream) it is time to divorce him and also reject spirit children if you think you have.
      Have a plan to start a little business or something. Whatever it is you want to start ask God daily to bless the works of your hand.
      Please do not give up, your testimony is close. Shalom.

    11. Hi, I'm also a first born and facing similar challenges. God has been giving me information to deliver myself. Look for prayers online for breaking ancestral curses, soul ties, python and marine spirit. Pray for evil veil upon your life to be lifted. Then people will see you and favour you

    12. Be broken. Tell God that without him, you can do nothing. And that you need his help

    13. Do a Thanksgiving sacrifice...always dance and praise God and thank him for your complete Deliverance.

  2. With God , nothing shall be impossible to them that believe.

    I totally understand your plight and the truth is it's only God who can restore what has been lost.

    This kinda battle is not something you pray and fast about when 'you have the strength', it is warfare and you don't stop till it ends. Yes , you keep fighting till you have your victory.

    Ask those servants of God who do fasting and prayers 6-6, for over a month or as long as it takes.

    Keep praying non-stop and always ask for Mercy for God.

    At the end of the day, do not dwell on what is yet to be done, focus on the many blessings of God which appear trivial and be grateful.

    I will also recommend Joyce Meyer's Battlefield Of The Mind, it will help your mindset.

    1. Also John Eckhardts books, to name two "prayers that activate blessings", "identifying and breaking curses", and Cindy Trimm's "the art of war for spiritual battles" and "rules of engagement"

    2. Also you can connect to New season of prophetic prayers and deliverance on YouTube mon-friday, 7am. Just look for NSPPD. Trust me, that is a prayer altar loaded with fire. Thank me later.

    3. She no get money for internet and u are asking her to go to YouTube and buy books to read ... she no get money !! How’s that hard to understand?

    4. Thanks dear. Which one is I pray when I have strength. Please always pray and don't stop forever except u are not ready for change

  3. I am honestly pushed to ask for your contact but temi tomileru. I have one word for you,i am not going to act holy. " ARAGBENI ILE AIYE ".They already know you are a star but trust me ,delay isn't denial. Use your head.

    1. Pls interpret in English

    2. My dear anon,My advice is for the poster

    3. They already know... who is "they" . Abeg. Everything no be star matter. This poster has a bad attitude. Anyone can tell. Poster, this country is bad, Situation is very bad. People are losing jobs etc etc. No be only you. Go and fire Buhari with prayers and watch your life turn around.

    4. Anon 16:30 please be nice....

    5. Sometimes I do wonder if Nigeria was as rich and successful like some Western countries, if people will still be this religious and blame everything on deliverance and the spiritual. Poverty and hunger, must be a curse... If Nigeria was a wealthy nation, will all this stories of dreams, stars, deliverance and midnight prayers to get by in life be told??? It makes me wonder and think deep really... Poster, what can I say to you? You have already done what most here will advise you to do, that is pray, pray, pray and pray some more or maybe go from one 'prophet' to another..

    6. Honestly u are right , Europeans no de talk about dem take my star and all these religious talks of they are doing me that happens in Nigeria, Nigeria is not developed and there is no job , so people would come up with religious excuses like they tale my star... shey na Uk wey I de naim white person wan talk that one?

    7. 18:42 you made some valid points but Nigerians (Africans) are yet to rise above their fetish practices.
      It's even the light of the Gospel of Christ that brought civilization. The Missionaries brought schools and hospitals.

  4. Poster, so sorry about all you're going through. Your father sef, he no try at all. Ah ah! Because of money, he allows your younger ones to disrespect you, even going as far as saying you should bow. What nonsense😠😠. He can push you to do what you're not supposed to do all because of money. Attending MFM is not always the case ooo. This one you dreamt, and they said you should bring red ATAREπŸ™„, abeg just trust in God completely o, don't go seeking for "spiritual help" o, adding more problems to yourself. I really pray you get the help you need. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. My dear I attend MFM and I have not been to any place that isn't MFM but I am basically a seer for myself to be honest. I have this same type of dream she had where I was being told what to use. Mine was I was told to put salt in water and spray in my house. In the dream my sister was telling me this. Another is I have been thinking of having more kids in future and I dreamt where I was being advised on which medication to use to have multiple birth. In the dream a lady told me of a medicine I have never heard of in my life. I kept on repeating it in the dream. Woke up still saying it. I googled it and it actually exists and its aids multiple births. Family members where shocked when I told them. Sometimes I can see people who I have come to realise detest me in real life and I see them in dreams talking about me or doing something but I'm there in the dream but they can't see me. I can see them in the dream talking about me but they can't see me. God gave us different powers according to how you worship him and mine is dreams. Same as with this poster.

  5. You believe in "your dreams, the prophetes, all the places you've been to..." but how about
    the Word of God?
    What is your relationship with Christ -searching, single, married to him or divorced from him?
    Yes, that is the most important question because he is the Word of God.
    If you have a relationship with him,
    you will be reading his word and interacting with him daily.
    You will be more mindful of your eternal home and his blessed promises and abundant life than all these people that are
    disrespecting you. I am not at all
    surprised at their behavior because
    money is a "god" that can be worshipped and they have chosen it
    over their creator.
    Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the kingdom of God and his
    righteousness and all these things you
    run after will be added to your life"
    Begin by having days "when you fast" just like Jesus taught in that chapter. Shallom. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    2. ANG I love your new way of ministration. God bless you. πŸ’žπŸ€—

  6. Poster Hmmm There is a time to pray and there is a time to be still and know that he is God..Sometimes when we pray, we pray as if it is to a deaf God? After praying, do you have faith or you go back to wallowing in fear and self doubt? Because you can't pray and then go back and fretting!! No!!

    What about your mother? What is she saying about the situation? Ask her deep questions like circumstances surrounding your birth? What were the things she did before/after your birth? Look the answers may or may not be pleasant but don't get angry or upset with her!! No please! Instead pray and go and get this book the PRAYER OF JABEZ..Do you know or do agreement prayers? Are you doing agreement prayers with your husband? Remember a 3 chord string cannot be broken.. I will advise you to do agreement prayer with your husband and a trusted, mature man of God that is deeply rooted in the scriptures(I know of one)..When you pray!! Please be STILL and KNOW THAT THERE IS GOD!! God has delivered you and thank God the secret things have been revealed as your deliverance is here!! Just be praising God, sing songs/hymns..Don't ask God for anything just thanksgiving!! And you will be set free indeed!! All the best

  7. Hmmm...this is seriously serious. Your case is spiritual and you know it. What you are experiencing is 'the spirit of almost there but not there'. It is too late to give up now and never too late to make it. I will advice you start going to MFM permanently, and not on Wednesday only. Continue your prayers. There are different types of prayers, targeted prayers, warfare, investigative prayers,etc God will answer you and you will testify, commit yourself to God's words and promises in the scripture, confess it and believe it. Go through the books of Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah,promises of God abound. God will step into your matter but I have the feeling of 'kokoro to nje efo' things.

  8. People who have been robbed of the truth thinks that godliness is a means to financial gain. 1 Tim.6:5

    It is all about money. No one wants to settle down and study the Bible and fast and pray.
    It is all about going from places to places and that is the albatross of a lot of
    And you are telling us what to tell you and what
    not to tell you?

    1. @Anonymous15:17, how can one pray if they are hungry and don't even have toothpaste to brush their teeth? No food, no water, where will they get the strength to pray and serve God well? Huh?

  9. I hope Stella posts this, if you are in Lagos, find your way to MOPGOM church Iyana-Ipaja. It is popularly called Iseda-Aiku.
    The Holy Spirit will tell exactly the cause of your problems and then tell you what to do to be delivered, but it is not a one-off affair, you will continually pray.

    Please it is not fake, nobody will tell you to bring any sacrifice or drink any concoction. It is just prayers and genuine prophecy.

    Wish you the best.

  10. you think that Jeff Bezos wasted his time with dreams? Wake up and smell the coffee. You are having those dreams because deep down you wish to be succesful but want the easiest way. Even if you are destined to be succesful, you have to work hard because success doesn't come easy. To answer your question, yes you can still make it in life but you need to start working and by this I don't just mean look for a job. If you see that jobs are not forthcoming, open a business. You can start small and if you are serious and determined it will grow. Do something with yourself because soon you will be 50 and before you blink 60 then your strength will start failing you. Stop wasting your time with dreams. Invest your time in bettering yourself. Start a course, go back to school, sell things... whatever you do stop thinking that someone stole your star. If you are God's child no one can steal your star or change your future. They may try but they will fail. I wish you the best but really stop wasting your time on meaningless dreams. Sometimes the devil sends dreams just to confuse us. Focus on the reality at hand and work hard if you want to see yourself succeed.

    1. Thank you!. Same thing I typed up there. Abi no be this naija wey everyone dey feel the heat?. Soon you'll be 50 will nothing to show. Start something. As you're starting the something, dont go and finish your profit oo, then blame "them"

    2. Anon. God bless you for this commentπŸ‘

    3. D best advice so husband was in dis same situation he Neva went to anyone to pray for him even when I was pushing that he must visit somewhere he refused....he said d word of God is his guide that if he cannot pray himself out of the situation nobody can ...n by God's grace he's doing well dear poster forget about what dis pastors are saying, d main focus shud be on God's word which is final....always read ur Bible n talk to God with his word then relax u'll be taken care ruff

    4. Mrs A while comment is another nice comment? You just speak christianese but not a true believer...and true Christian knows her basic problem but is spiritual. Whatever she does can never succeed. Get your deliverance first then start something you will see the difference. Only a fool will hear her story and say it is just her mind...a lot of fetish things go on in Africa and whether you believe or not, if your life or circumstances of your birth opens a door they will manipulate till you see the light or get a revelation of the truth.. poster we don’t know your full story or what your parents might have done. If you hear stories in the place of deliverance you will be shocked. Even ajebutters and naysayers who were hit by spiritual attack started to think different. Not everything is spiritual I agree but in Africa it will s still our reality... And for those of you who make noise about oyibo people go and read Rebecca browns books....poster start warfare prayers and see wonders. I won’t be surprised if the culprit is in your family.. you will be shocked at even what parents have done to their children’s destiny

  11. What you believe is what is happening to you. If you believe you r in bondage you will dream of bondage. Apply for a job, tell pple u need a job and stop moving from one prayer house to another. May God help u speedily

  12. From your small writeup, let me help you count some of your blessings/Goodluck;

    1. You are a healthy 40yeR old. Some are battling SS genotype and other health disorders they didn't bring on themselves.

    2. You are married. Haven't you read even on this blog of 47year olds without money, job or companionship?

    3. You even have a phone and buy data once in a while bah? A modern phone that is working.

    4. You even sleep. Some have chronic insomnia. Dreaming is the last thing on their minds.

    Penticostalisim and their ideologies has almost destroyed you mind set. So your long hair was cut in a dream it's your glory that was cut? Your way really far with this psych.

    You have fasted enough. Enough midnight churching. Try practicing GRATITUDE, GENEROSITY even with the little you have. CLEAN AND CLEAR YOUR HOUSE by sweeping out corners and airing your rooms because cleanliness is next to Godliness. Wash your bathrooms and throw away rags, old utensils and old clothes that has no business being in your house. Maximise your CHEERFULNESS. Stop lamenting. Stop complaining. Start seeing God's hand in everything, yourself,people, music,plants, animals, technology, weather, everything and be thankful.
    Clean yourself up and go out expecting the very best outcome. Even if the best does not happen, come home and gist your Father in heaven how your day went with excitement and trust that He will do it.

    God bless you.

    1. Nice comment!
      Poster, read and digest many comments here.
      Act on them too

    2. Gbam!!!Poster please follow this advise. I wish you too the best.

    3. She wont do it. She has coconut head. Shes even warning us sef. You have a bad personality

    4. one day in the hospital ward is enough to be grateful for life and good health.Thank you so much Saphire.

      Poster please read this here.while counting your losses,also count your blessings and be grateful for them.I think you should stop looking for a job for now,and see other options.Pray for God to open your eyes on what to do.

    5. Thank you for this. I'm not the poster but I needed to read thisπŸ™

    6. Poster if you attend a true bible believing church,wether big or small.Join the hospitality group that sweeps and clean the church.Do this without seeking for praises from people or your pastor.Praise and worship while doing this.with your whole heart.

    7. God bless you. She needs to change her mindset. Poster practice this

    8. @Gigi, you nailed it.

      Service is another way of getting what you desire, especially hen your mimd tells you, you've one all that needs o be done.

      Praises do wonders I tell you. It makes the devil himself mad. Then you see the washing f toilet you mentioned? Its like a catalyst. It is one of the most detested ept in churches no matter how clean. I have heard countless testimonies of "impossible" cases that washing f church toilet solved.

      Poster, add those two keys to your lists in seeking solution. Fast, pray, read the word, cheer up, be thankful, give ...etc. By all means add washing of toilet and apply the weapon of praise.


      @AGELESS T.

    9. Sapphire,your comment is the best advice on this post!πŸ‘Œ πŸŽ–️🌟✔️

    10. Sapphire, this is good. Continue in Prayer Poster. Check for Mfm International Headquarters and Daniel Olukoya on Facebook and follow them. They organize Live Revival Hour on Mondays at 10:30pm or 11:00pm I'm not sure. There are numbers and email address on the page for Counselling. They have different programs lined up for the week live on Facebook. Check the page out.

      I do not know your location, but if you can also go to Deeper Life Church at Ilaje in Bariga, they hold prayers every Wednesday between 7am and 10am. Due to the pandemic, the gathering of a lot of people is no longer possible, but I learnt they do counseling for people from 11am on Wednesdays.

  13. May God have mercy on you poster, begin to favour you, cleanse you and set you free from all bondage.

  14. Poster ask Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Saviour - Romans 10:8-13


    That scripture I gave here is the deliverance you need.

    Start studying the Word of God from the New Testament.

    Know your authority and rights in Christ.
    Get Kenneth E. Hagins book on the Authority of The Believer.

    Study and pray using the word of God and His promises in Christ.
    Do midnight prayers with praises.

    Now that you are saved, tell others your testimony of salvation in Christ.

    You can lay hands on the sick and cast out devils. Mark 16 vs 15-18

    You don't need any of the things mentioned in your dream to get delivered.

    Christ sets you free and you are free indeed! ❤️πŸ’ž

    1. God bless you for this comment.
      People need to know and acknowledge God for themselves and by themselves.

    2. I tell you, Ms. A. Your comment up there, Saphire's and one other comment are the best pieces of advice this poster needs.

      If she is wise, she will act on them.

  15. Chronicle is filled with much lamentations and spiritual innuendos.
    MFM is the solution.

    1. MFM is not the solution!!!
      This is wrong.

      God Almighty is the only solution

    2. MFM is not the solution abeg,she needs to use her inner powers and authority to break free.

    3. I disagree. MFM is NOT the solution.

    4. MFM will help but she needs to be better with her prayer life. She needs to learn to bind and cast those spirits herself.

    5. Ms. A you are right again! πŸ‘Œ

      MFM is not the solution.

      Jesus Christ said "WHATEVER you ask the Father IN MY NAME, HE WILL GIVE IT TO YOU. ASK and RECEIVE that YOUR JOY maybe FULL.“ John 16vs 23-24

  16. Sometimes take out to just praise God, don't ask for anything ,just praise,May God satisfy you early with his Mercy (ps90vs 14-15)my sister, it will end in praise,Shalom

  17. Sweetheart there's nothing like I try not to sin. Do not try. Do it . Pray without ceasing. Join service groups in church. Do not hold anything against anyone. Give seeds if u can. The almighty God I know is not a man that he should lie. I have been there trust me. Mine is spirt husband always coming a night before I am to receive somethinng good and I will go back to square one. But I never gave up. The devil self became frustrated and had to leave me cos I persistent.
    Please never serve God for what e will do for u ( he has done enough by giving u life and good health). Serve him because u were created to. I realized this and life has been. Please never stop praying. Read all chapters in Psalm and ask the holy spirit to guide u. Please continue praying. I wish u cud attend one of the branches of salvation ministries and worship there. Your life will never reman the same. I love u

    1. WORSHIP❗ - This is it! "Please never serve God for what he will do for u ( he has done enough by giving u life and good health). Serve him because u were created to. I realized this and life has been..."

      WORSHIP God from a GRATEFUL and JOYFUL HEART. That's what you were created for.

      Always count your blessings before him each day and thank him.

  18. I see a lot of people posting ignorantly. The spirit controls the physical. God has graciously showed you that there is a spiritual aspect to your predicament. Yes your glory can be stolen depending on a lot is circumstances, your parents, words that are spoken to you etc.

    First, Jeremiah 33:3 says call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things you do not know. Anytime you dream, wake up and cancel that dream until you have a peace in your spirit. You also need to.pray and cancel any negative word ever uttered to you or your person by any one. You have to declare what the word says in place of whatever negative word spoken against you.

    You have to also pray and cancel any witchcraft spirit targeted at you. Yes I said so. Also the Bible says he will restore the years that the canker worms had pray that anything stolen from you by whatever means or way be restored. Declare every curse upon you null and void. Reverse anything spoken against you by anyone.

    But before you do, you must forgive if you ever want your prayers answered. Forgive and release anyone who has offended you. Your Dad and siblings. Set them free in your heart because the devil can use it against you. I will advice you to go back to MFM.

    However, if and when you can there are prayer points on Google. If you can Browse just key in what you want and it will lead you. But you are in a war.

    Keep your head up, God can change your story within a sec. Take your eyes of your family and what they have said about you. Cry out to God and ask for mercy against whatever it is. Wishing you God's grace.

    1. When dis this glory stealing start sef?.
      The person that started it will suffer 600years

  19. Just imagine this scenerio. You were given some rules to abide by when u went to a baalawo to get wealth, children, or whatever. Please won't u abide by those rules? I guess u would. Now do the same for God. Abide by all his rules and see your life transform.

    1. Simple.

      Meditate on God's Word, praise Him,n ask God for forgiveness and always show gratitude to God even the hands you used in typing this your chronicle. Thank God.

  20. In fact pray like the Muslims. Pray morning afternoon and midnight. No sacrifice is too much for your situation. Im vexed

  21. What do you mean by saying ‘we shouldn’t ask you to fry bean cake or puff puff’? It’s demeaning right? Wrong!
    Sometimes, we just need to be in the right thing. If paid employment is not happening, you don’t sit around lamenting your situation, you sit up and take charge, take charge of your life.
    Yes spiritual issues exist, but what are you doing to counter it? Only prayers? Prayers without the necessary work is dead. When God looks down, let him see someone that’s grinding and hustling. A hustler should be willing to do anything legal to make money, no matter how menial it seems, the aim is to escape poverty by any legal means possible. So if you are really in a situation where toothpaste and N200 credit is an issue, then get up and get busy.
    Others may direct you to the relevant prayer houses, but if you will take my advice, know this - your time will be better spent building a business from scratch than running from pillar to post for deliverance.

    1. Frying Ankara and puff puff and give out as Saara 7 sacrifice. I think that is what she meant.

    2. Really @ Charity? Okay oo, didn’t think of that.

  22. This is the song that came to my mind while reading your chronicle.
    My hope is built on nothing less
    Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness;
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
    But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
    On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
    All other ground is sinking sand,
    All other ground is sinking sand.
    When darkness veils His lovely face,
    I rest on His unchanging grace;
    In every high and stormy gale,
    My anchor holds within the veil.
    His oath, His covenant, His blood,
    Support me in the whelming flood;
    When all around my soul gives way,
    He then is all my hope and stay.
    This song confirms the promise that we put our trust not in man because God has the final say, He alone is our hope, God promise never to leave us nor forsake us.

  23. Poster, come clean to God and confess your sins to God (known and unknown). Hosea 2:1-4
    Rededicate your life afresh to him.
    Give God a hot hossana praise and worship at midnight for as long as you can and dance to his glory. do this with all your heart, not minding your problems. Psalm 149
    Watch God arise to execute vengeance against your enemies.
    Do more of Thanksgiving and praise to God and he will restore your glory as he promised in his words.

  24. My Dear what are you doing for God. What is that one thing you do at his vine yard under rain or shine. Sometimes failure starts from the mind. You are a product of your declaration, stop having that mind set that it will always be bad you. Work for God, keep trusting his word, pray with assurance that he will soon turn your situation around and lastly don't stop pushing the best is about to come.

  25. Its sad you are in such a situation. Like someone mentioned in the comment section, see the positives in your life and appreciate God for it. Now you have to change your mindset and follow a new way of life. Leave behind your insecurities of being witch-hunted and start something new for yourself. Again, I advise that you take up a new responsibility of becoming a genuine Minister/Pastor. Make the Bible your guide, pray with an open heart, evangelise and take up the full gospel duty. Good luck ma.

  26. I pray for God immediate intervention in your cas

  27. Poster, have you heard about Sabbath Churches?, yes, locate a good one, go there for spiritual cleansing and prayers, after that, I promise u say money will come, do *saraka*for beggars, cook rice and share pure water for them, your destiny go shine by force.

    1. Which Kain Sabbath church and spiritual cleansing? Poster abeg this one no follow o.

  28. Your case is that of enemies within,and maybe your parent know about it,keep praying and trusting in God,he will come through for you, i wish i could help with a job referral,but dont worry God will make a way

  29. I have seen this before, it is not spiritual, it’s mindset and attitude. Change your mindset and get a hustle. Focus on it and remove your eyes from everybody else.

    1. Best comment so far meanwhile stay away from your family for a while.

  30. He that the Son has set free is free indeed. John 8:36
    Please key into the finished work of Christ and keep speaking it over your life. Thank God for the things you want to see happen in your life. Calling forth those things that be not as though they were. Rom 4:16-22
    And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die. Rev 12.11
    God simply can't tell a lie and what He cannot do does NOT exist! Num 23:19
    I await your testimony darl. It is well with you!

  31. Dear Poster, first of all go before God and rededicate your life to Him. Always thank Him that you are still alive despite all, read and obey His word , reject negative reports about yourself. Try and wake up 12 midnight, prophecy good things into your life and bless yourself with your mouth. Ask God to fight your battles for you. Get the relevant Bible passages EF Psalm 124, 125, 20 etc. Pray that your glory will be restored and begin to manifest. Also reject every bad dreams and ask God to direct you , start applying for jobs, look for business you can do from the comfort of tour house. If possible, go to MFM prayer city for their deliverance program - Monday to Friday and Friday to Sunday. It is well with you in Jesus name. God answers the prayers of His children and you can even ask God to reveal the source of your problem and solution to it. God bless you.

  32. Stop watching your siblings. Focus every single bit of energy on yourself and self improvement.

    What are your talents, what are you good at? Maybe learning a skill trade can help you. If you learn a marketable skill you could even move out of the country to seek greener pastures.

    Become an expert in something! If it is even working as a mortician or baking, cooking, computers, learning to code. Contact charities and NGOs that offer free skills trade learning for people and you and your husband should expand yourselves. Yes, it is extremely difficult especially if you have children, but push on. If you start taking the steps to better yourself today then you will have a different story to tell in five years. Waste no more time. Maybe you cannot find a job, because your future does not lie in working for someone else. One thing that I have discovered in life is that you will never succeed on the wrong path. When you are not fulfilling your life's purpose you will never prosper. Once you start doing what is meant for you that is when the success will show up. You have to spend a lot of time looking within and searching yourself to find what you are passionate about, once you know what it is pursue it and you will see the rewards start rolling in.

  33. Wow dear poster I though the post was written by me, right now my husband is going though the same stuff you wrote up there and funny enough I have been the one doing most of the prayers he gave up praying right now as I am talking to you he lost his job since last year october and he keeps having this reoccurring dreams that he is great and wealthy I forgot to add that he is the first born of his family,his other sibblings are doing extremely well, I have really pray and don't even know how to go about the whole thing because life here is becoming harder by the day...some days I feel like running away with my kids.....Mrs bassey

  34. I was in a similar situation. When help came, I was in Europe, no nursing father or mother to pray for me. I wasn’t even fasting. I read a book by Prince Derek. They shall expel demons. I finished the book, closed it. A force threw me to the floor and almost tore my mouth open. Something crying like a wounded animal came out of my mouth. I can never forget. My life has never been the same. He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. May He have mercy on you and turn your life around.

  35. Before you take the next step, whatever it may be, including going to any church or spiritual house or whatever, get on your knees and surrender your situation to our Lord Jesus, ask for his mercy and then ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you need to know. There is always a way out of every predicament and JESUS himself is that way. I did not read anywhere you talked about your RELATIONSHIP with him.
    If you had a close, growing relationship with Jesus, you'd realise that running around looking for prophecies will not help you. Don't be deceived. Do you know the word? Do you study and pray the scriptures? Please start today if you don't. Go to Luke 10:19 (look it up this night), read it, ponder it and come back and tell me whether any power is greater than his.
    Depend on the Holy Spirit from now. Even if there's a prayer to be said or a church to go to, let him be the one to direct you there. I have some teachings about finding the plan of God for your life and how to rely on the Holy Spirit. Email me at and I'll send the links to you.
    No believer should carry burdens on their own when we have a helper in the Holy Spirit. At this point, you are already weary from all the emotional burden. I understand because I've been there. Most times, there's barely enough spiritual strength to even pray. You need help now. You need comfort. You need counsel. You need strength. You need wisdom. Most of all, you need peace. And they are all available for you. Drop your yoke and come and find rest. Cheers

  36. You need to change your mindset... and you need to speak to someone who is spiritually awake and understand life's philosophy.... And then if you really want be delivered, visit a Catholic Church and ask for where the Blessed Sacrament chapel is and go there and talk to Jesus directly... You will come out different....

  37. Poster dont listen to all these comments go and find a very strong prophet and a mountain and sleep there till your problem is solved. He that wear the shoes know where it hurts.

  38. Madam Poster, I'll be a little real and raw here.
    Everybody is created unique in his or her own way. You are unique as God's creature, so also are your siblings. The mistake we (first borns) make is that we think that because we were first to be birthed others should trail us. No, you are blessed with evidence, that you are the first child is a prove, thank God for the privilege and begin now to assume your role as a womb opener.
    Also, from your submissions, it seems you are wallowing in self pity and bitterness 'why should they be richer than me first born?'. Free yourself from any bitterness and unnecessary comparison. Celebrate the achievements of your siblings and again thank God for them.
    You are so preoccupied with being left behind and that's transferred to your dream world. Dreams are reflections, from today on, live positive - positive confession and attitudes, never see yourself as being cheated in any way. If you are not comfortable with the way things are with you, with supplication and thanksgiving make your request known to God, don't use your siblings as yard stick to measure whether you are blessed or not. God holds your blueprint.
    If you can pray at midnight fine, if you can fast better but have it at the back of your mind that God is sovereign over all, that there is nothing practicable anybody can do to be blest of God. God told Abraham in blessings I will bless you...Abraham did nothing.
    Your prayer should be 'Oh God, make me a candidate of your blessing' Amen
    Also, remember that prayer does not bring money, industry does. Be prudent, be industrious. Engage in a reasonable venture no matter how small...May the hand of God be upon you.

  39. Please give your life totally to Christ, Find a Bible believing Church and read your Bible. Worship God because of Who HE IS and not what you want from him.

  40. In the name of Jesus Christ, I beg you to go and look for Apostle Joshua Selman on YouTube. He will not pray for you, listen to his teachings and you will get the code to your freedom. Satan is using you to plan terrible games. Forget about what anybody said you should bring I. The dream, those are manipulations in the realm of the spirit. JOSHUA SELMAN. That's the name of the man of God. Be patient. He will expose you to a realm of Christian understanding that will command results in your life

  41. Dear poster, I am so sorry about what You are going through. i want you to know that you can pray your way through this situation. MFM just started their 70 days fasting & prayer, even if you can't fast because of ulcer just follow the prayers daily and watch God do his wonders. MFM also do a program called Power Must Change Hands, every first saturday of the month You can attend the program. E-hugsssss

  42. Read boldly, Roman's 10:9-11
    Number 23:19-23
    Col 2:14-15
    Isaiah 54:17
    Isaiah 31:1-5
    Jermiah 23:29
    Isaiah 14:24
    Her 29:11
    Deutsche 31:8
    Psalm 35,
    Psalm 27
    Psalm 91
    Psalm 20,
    Psalm 23. Study the word of God day and night. And also change your mindset, say good things youself, make sure you forgive everyone that has hurt you. Now seek God and you will find him. Faith works wonders, make no room for doubt.


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