Stella Dimoko Court Orders Woman To Repay N15million Loan She Refused To Pay Claiming It Was A Love Gift From Ex Banker..


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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Court Orders Woman To Repay N15million Loan She Refused To Pay Claiming It Was A Love Gift From Ex Banker..

An Ikeja High Court has ordered a company, the Tilimanjaro Nigeria Limited, to refund a N15 million loan obtained from Nichole Integrated Investment Limited.

Apart from the said N15 million, Justice Raliat Adebiyi, who presided over the court, further ordered Tilimanjaro Nigeria Limited to pay Nichole Integrated Investment Limited another N1million as general damages.

The judge added: “Post- judgment interest shall be on the judgment sum at 35 per cent per annum from the date hereof until final liquidation of the judgment debt.

“The claimant’s clams for a declaration that the defendant is bound by the terms of the Loan Agreement dated 27th May 2011 and for pre-judgment interest at 35 per cent per annum fall and are hereby dismissed.

“The defendant’s counterclaim falls in its entirety and is hereby dismissed.”

Nichole Integrated Investment Ltd filed the suit, marked NO.ID/ADR/591/13, in 2013 against Tilimanjaro Nigeria Ltd. following dispute over the loan agreement.

Nichole Integrated Investment Limited contended in its statement of claims that sometime in 2011 Titilayo Nosa-Igiebor of Tilimanjaro Nigeria Limited approached it through its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Omokaro, for a “friendly loan” of N15 million.

The company averred that the sum was to enable Titilayo Nosa-Igiebor’s brother, who is also a director in Tilimanjaro Nigeria limited, to pay tuition fees in a Pilot Training School in the United States of America (USA) when the family could not immediately raise the funds.

Nichole Integrated Invest Limited obliged the request and advanced the N15 million to Tilimanjaro, he stated.

The claimant stated that by reason of the urgency which the defendant requested the loan and the ill health of the CEO at the material time, the loan agreement could not be executed by the parties before disbursement of the loan to the Tilimanjaro Nigeria Limited.

He contended that Tilimanjaro’s Managing Director by an email July 19, 2011 acknowledged receipt of the loan agreement, but failed and or neglected to execute the loan Agreement despite the assurances to execute and return same to the claimant.

The claimant averred that prior to when the N15 million loan was advanced to Tilimanjaro, the CEO of the claimant and Titilayo Nosa-Igiebor were in an affair.

However, following Tilimanjaro’s failure to honour its obligation to repay the loan at the due date in 2013, Nichole Integrated Investment sued for loan recovery through its counsel, Jerry Omoregie.

But in her statement of defence, Tilimanjaro through Titilayo Nosa-Igiebor denied obtaining any loan Nichole Integrated Investment Limited.

The defendant averred that by reason of the “aforestated lovey dovey relationship,” she was “showered with financial and non-financial gifts” by Omokaro.

She contended that he gave her the N15 million because of her personal relationship with him and waived the repayment of the said sum in the course of their sexual relationship.

The defendant further averred that assuming but not conceding that the claimant did in fact advance the said loan to her, the alleged loan agreement was unenforceable.

But the judge, after reviewing of the facts and the evidence provided by the parties, awarded judgment in favour of Nichole Integrated Investment Limited in the sun claimed.

“The court finds that the defendant failed to prove its contention that the loan was granted to the defendant’s Managing Director personally…”, Justice Adebiyi held
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  1. I was in court on the day of this matter. Always relate with people on very clear terms. That Titilayo was acting all pompous that day eh.

  2. Because her vagina is plated with platinum and gold abi........ole olokanjua

  3. Because her vagina is plated with platinum and gold abi........ole olokanjua

  4. And someone in the comment section back then predicted this outcome.

  5. Judgement has finally been given. Madam go and pay your gbese. Your pussy did not work for this one.

  6. Odiegwu!I thought there was a Court ruling in 2018 waving the payment of the said money.

  7. Lesson for all Nigerian girls gold diggers with shovels. Those who think that
    their vaginas mint monies.
    Some dudes won't beat you, they will take
    you to court to pay.
    And that judge is a woman?

  8. Na so now. If woman collect money she no dey pay back because God sake make man feed am. But if na man collect hell will let loose cos it must be repaid. Make she pay this one first. Her puna get Midas touch?

  9. God bless this judge. The woman is just an ingrate. Nonsense!

  10. Good judgement, a loan is a loan, whether it is from a brother,sister,friend,lover to another one. It is still a loan except it was a gift. And please, require documentation and witness for any money termed loan if you can never let it go,especially given to those people I mentioned above.I have given loan ,huge amount of loan to siblings based on trust only. They have have returned,but am not sure I can do same to lover oh,cos it's playing with fire.I can give them gifts but when it is a loan, draw an agreement please.


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