Stella Dimoko The 42 People That Resigned From Gov Obaseki's Team Before The Guber Election


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Monday, September 21, 2020

The 42 People That Resigned From Gov Obaseki's Team Before The Guber Election

Below are full list of the 42 -appointees that left Obaseki probably thinking he would lose......

Taiwo Akerele – Chief of Staff

John Mayaki – Chief Press Secretary

Paul Ohonbamu – Commissioner

Omua Oni-Okpako – Commissioner

Monday Ogiegor – MD EDSTMA

Christopher Adesotu – Chairman, Vocational and Technical Education Board

Gabriel Oiboh – Chairman, Post Primary Education Board

Osanyemwere Osawe – Member, Post Primary Education Board

Fulani Yakubu Ekpeyoung – SSA

Adeyanju Noah – SSA

Cordelia M. Iyogun – SSA

James Osheku – SSA

Louis Osamuyi Osayande – SSA

Ernest Unuaghon imina – SSA

Prince Lucky Igbinedion – SSA

Chris Oseiwe Oribhabor – SSA

Solomon Okoduwa – SSA

Kennedy Itepu – SSA

Sabbath Egbeyon – SSA

Emike Obazee – SA
Goodluck A. Uyigue – SA

Razaq Rotimi – SA

Olajide Victor Oloruyomi – SA

Smart Bank – SA

Bright Njor – SA

Kingsley Ekueme – SA

Joshua Akhabue – SA

Oladele Ayotope Josiah – SA

Boyi Magdalene – SA

Osarobo Osaro Anthony – SA

Aibangbee Chico – SA

Obayagbona Augustine – SA

Osamwonyi Atu – EDSOGPADEC

Emmanuel Odigie – EDSOGPADEC

Rilwanu Oshiomhole – EDSOGPADEC

Okondoh Patrick Iyoha – OSM Director

Maureen Osaro Ekhoragbon – Vice-Chairman Ovia North-East

Aghedo Oscar – Secretary Ovia North-East

Kehinde Garrick Osemwingie – Secretary, Uhumwonde LGC

Otaniyen Igbinosa – Orhiomwon Supervisor

Martins Ozakpolor – Orhiomwon Supervisor

Vincent Ehibor – Orhiomwon Supervisor


  1. πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ•ΆπŸ•ΆπŸ•ΆπŸ•ΆπŸ•Ά

    1. Even his chief of staff..... Na waoohh...
      I am just happy he won.. I pray he learns from this and not misbehave when it's time to hand over.

    2. See vacancies...

      They have created jobs indirectly.
      Una doooo

    3. This man really fought a huge battle. It is God thst won this battle for him, no other person! Adonai we worship you.

  2. "Poli-trical" jobbers and idlers!

  3. Good for them. Politicial prostitute them.

  4. Hahahaha. They will regret their actions.

    1. Thank God others will now steps inn it's a kind of job creation

    2. The problem is not about their resignation but they can't be trusted any longer. Their political career has been affected because even the electorates can't rely on them. Those yhat stand with Him are the only true friends, in good or bad situation,plenty and lack. Honestly I learned a good lesson from this Edo election,tell that person that said during campaign that Obaseki does not have a child that God will bless him as he did to Sarah.

  5. See Dem, anywhere Belle face😏😏

  6. This post is hilariousπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  7. Stella, I know one of them. He sent me newspapers publications of his stance against the incumbent.
    I wonder what's on his mind now.πŸ€”

    This politic-thon, you need to be a Maradona to engage in the game. SMH.

    1. Alot of them will shamelessly go and beg him...
      Most of them are shameless like that

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chummy chocho you are funny.

      I chatted with the man and he's still bristling at Obaseki. Who knows of he will change his stance later? 🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️

    3. @chummy choco my Governor won't answer them. Where was their loyalty??

  8. These are the Judases, that didn't wish him well. This election was about good and evil, right and wrong God and Satan. God always wins.

    No, Obaseii, cannot be a perfect man. But he represents good.

  9. Now this is journalism.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  10. That Smart Bank wasn't smart at all.

    1. Nah, he wasn't smart. You can take that to the bank.

  11. They left because Obaseki joined pdp not because they thought Apc will win. I know some of them and they have no regrets. They are Apc members and remain so. You people know absolutely nothing.

    1. Story they were paid,and they are oshomole loyalist thinking obaseki will lose the election,you are the one that know nothing 4+4 Ogbane!.Edo people run na Wella.

  12. Yeah. That's life. They gambled, and lost..
    Life continues.

  13. Same thing happened to Aminu Tambuwal's 252 of his aids resigned. Hope they collected enough money to last them in the next 4years. Politicians of where belle face

  14. Speechless.....
    Obaseki Please work well! Make our vote count!

    I need job! Please employ!

  15. I like the fact that his deputy stood with him gidigba.
    Philip Shuaib,na man you be.
    Above all,same ni gbogbo won

  16. Anywhere Belle face politicians,tounge out to them.
    Obaseki come and employ me biko

  17. Thank God, my lecturer did not resign o. E for pain me wella

  18. I also thought about this
    yesterday ,they thought obaseki
    will not win.

  19. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😌

  20. Life is really a lesson itself.
    Just imagine how they threw away honey assuming it to be engine oil. As usually, they will still go back crying and promising to mortgage their generation as payment for betrayal.

  21. It is not every dark cloud brings rain

  22. Stella,I follow you do ntorr! Fear people who bear Godwin, Goodluck, Segun, etc Lol

  23. I'm from Kaduna state southern Kaduna and I congratulate his Excellency Godwin obaseki. You can never win God no matter how strong you are but Godwin always.

  24. I'm from Kaduna state southern Kaduna and I congratulate his Excellency Godwin obaseki. You can never win God no matter how strong you are but Godwin always.

  25. May God help us and change the hands of clock in Imo state. Very soon, south east and south south will all be governed by the party with conscience.
    God help us in this one state remaining πŸ™.
    Congratulations Governor God-win O.

  26. They so much trusted tifnubu and oshio pikin, the so called federal might to manipulate the result to their favour. I tell you they will forever regret going with those positions will be occupied by those wgowlaboured for him in PDP


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