Stella Dimoko UK Based Nigerian Actress Timmy MacNicol Says Men Are Wicked As Estranged Hubby Refuses To Grant Her Divorce..


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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

UK Based Nigerian Actress Timmy MacNicol Says Men Are Wicked As Estranged Hubby Refuses To Grant Her Divorce..

UK-based Nollywood actress-cum- producer, Timmy K. MacNicol broke down in tears as she demands divorce from her British Husband.
The beautiful woman wants to move on but it seems her estranged hubby is hell bent on frustrating her....

Na wah!!!

In her words;

"When I was little, I used to hear of slavery, I heard of slavery but I've never felt it, I read it in history but I've never felt it. I think it's time I take law into my hands (crying)

I will take law into my hands, what crime did I commit to get married? what did I commit? Divorce I'm not getting, marriage I'm not getting, I'm just stocked. (Crying)

Men are wicked, men are wicked.. if you judge me I wish you the same thing I am going through right now, if you judge me!
Men are wicked, men are wicked, this is slavery with hard labour, I need a divorce. Give me the f**king divorce, and free me , No! Be married to me No!, Then what did I do? "

The beauty of this is that people who refuse to let others move on,never move on themselves,they stay in one place and become stagnant in every area of their miserable life.........


  1. I pray help comes her way as soon as possible before she does the unthinkable.

  2. Sorry abt your ordeal ma'am, but not all men are wicked. Maybe you married the wrong man

  3. Most Nigerians abroad marry for papers and after wards claim domestic issues.
    But staying where you dont want and living with someone you dont like is bad. Pray the settle amicably.

  4. If she wants divorce oga give her let her move on with her life.

  5. Look for a boyfriend and be enjoying your life, when he is tired he will sign the papers. You must not live togeda. find ya level

  6. Can't she be granted a divorce by the court without her husband's consent because this is sheer wickedness.
    Marriage is not by force!
    Chizzy j

  7. I feel for her.since she is in a civilized country,she should make use of their police or something nao.

  8. Quite empathize with you on this tale madam.
    What I don't agree with you is the statement that
    "men are wicked"
    I am married to an amazing man for over a decade and
    we never quarreled or argued.
    My advice is always, make Jesus your first relationship
    and he will give you that good and perfect gift from above.
    Then work out that gift (if you are among those that should marry)
    by following his teachings.
    Even now, if you make Jesus your Lord, you will see
    beauty in the midst of seeming chaos 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. I believe in Jesus

      His power and testimonies of good marriages but please resist the urge too show of when people are in distress

    2. 12:06 the lies you spew, don't they scare you?
      Identical twins that share same womb and looks, siblings that grew up togther have misunderstandings.... it's normal. Not to talk of people from completely different backgrounds(couples).
      If what you claim is true, then both of you are pretending and do not know each other at all.
      And the day e go explode....

    3. @13:59
      So quick to believe in evil but quick to
      condemn the good experiences of people.
      I am not the only one that way. There are others
      that have very good marriages.
      Jesus is Lord.
      And the other anon. I am not "showing off,"
      I am telling a woman in distress that there is hope.
      See it from a positive mindset and not from a biased one.
      Thanks. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    4. Madam perfect marriage...resist the urge to shalaye..who asked you.Mtshewww

    5. See scornful and pain people. If your own marriage is bad don't think its same everywhere.

  9. Yes they don't care whatever cause there life is already miserable

  10. Bros ... EPA.. daddy.. Egbon.. ram u no wan chop biko comot rope o.. shetigbo sir? Pls .. from the minister of men control ABI wetin u want again?

  11. Well this is her own part of the claim... If only her husband can tell the world why he doesn't want to grant her a divorce. Maybe she married man for financial gain we can't really tell...

  12. Stella of God! Tell Timmy to go take her medication, i think she has skip it. She debetic,has anxiety issues,on anti depression medication, she's not mentally fit. Ignore what u read online and seek help for her. Her mental status has deteriorated so bad.

    1. Anon13:17, have you ever thought that the said horseband might be making her sick. When one is in a Domestic abuse/violence relationship, he or she is prone to mental illness,like anxiety, depression just to name a few.

      Pray harder so non of your relatives experience Domestic abuse/violence.

      So stop judging and labelling people.

  13. I think there are arrangements in place for such cases. Get a good family lawyer.

  14. Sorry about what you are going through madam, sending you God's love and light.


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