Stella Dimoko Uniben Undergraduate Found Dead In Hotel Room


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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Uniben Undergraduate Found Dead In Hotel Room

Miss Chinenye Promise Nwoye, an undergraduate student of the University of Benin, was found strangled to death inside a hotel room in Abagana, Anambra State.

According to reports, she was believed to be a victim of scammers or kidnapers, who lured her into a hotel on August 27, 2020, for ritual purposes. It was also revealed that illegal activities have been on-going in the hotel, with customers lodging without documentation, which has made trailing the suspects almost impossible.

According to deceased mother, Mrs. Chinyere Nwoye, and a member of her family fellowship, Brother Jude Okoye, were said to have rushed to the hotel shortly after the deceased informed them via phone calls that she was in danger and needed her ATM pin number to free herself from “kidnappers”.

Her lifeless body was found in the said hotel.


  1. Replies
    1. Why are our young girls going to hotels to meet up with men too? We need to get our moral values back in order.

    2. You are very stupid anon 12:52,so the men that killed her are morally upright,she's an adult,'what she does with her genitals shouldn't concern you.ritualist apologist like you,shame on you!!

    3. What has moral got to do with visiting a man in an hotel when she's not a toddler? Jugina

    4. Your comment is even far more sinful than what you assume she went there for. You will get what is waiting for you then you will know that innocent girls too fall victims too. Even if she isn't innocent, is her moral supposed to be your point of focus in a tragedy like this?

    5. I think what the Anon up there meant is that it's not safe for a young girl to go and meet up with men she doesn't know in hotels!!!! Back in the days,it's unheard of for a young girl to go meet up with guys in hotels, except for the commando girls!!!
      But these days very young girls will be very bold to go and meet with men that if anything goes wrong they'd become victims!!!
      Am an adult and a military woman but I would never go to a place without a tag- along or if it's an official duty, I'd be armed.
      The thing is life is lived once if you joke with yours and are careless, you will regret it. And let's not forget that making peace with God at all times is the ultimate success in life!!!

  2. Oh no. Not again!๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

  3. Why kill her? why are these people inhumane?

    1. They probably lured her with money and other orishirishi and wanted her to vomit all and more. You have gone, we are coming

  4. How much do they intend to extort from a student. Oh Lord please give her mum strength

  5. I don’t like it when law grads in Nigeria are unemployed. Come together in small groups and draft liability laws for each sector. Hotel deaths are now the Vogue. Make them cough out $50m for every death in their hotel and do the same for all professional associations and watch law regain its prestige. We put signs “ watch your steps, wet floor” even after they clean your office. The reason is clear if the fall they sue you here and your general liability premium goes up. These hotel deaths are beginning to look like copy cat murders!

    1. I agree with you Anonymous.A Serial Killer is on the loose..It is becoming too much why kill someone? I just don't understand that stuff.. Young ladies let us be very careful when lodging in 2 or 3 star hotels..These hotel staff put invisible cameras in room where if you were involved in sexual acts, they take the footage and upload on porn sites where they are cashing out big time with it..Lets be very careful..

    2. 10:47 God bless you for this comment.
      Nigerians you don't have to wait for your legislators. Take this bvs advice and form Pressure Groups through Advocacy and bring back sanity to your country.
      Don't think any Western Power will do it for you!

      Stop wasting your youth on Reality TV shows and burying your heads in the sand like the ostrich.

  6. Hmmmm,things are happening. This is one out of many that happens in naija.

    I hope it's not the same criminal(s) that was randomly strangling girls in different hotels last year or so.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Just speechless๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  9. Evil peeps everywhere .. protect us all Lord Almighty!!

  10. Sad and very sad... When the conscience is dead, evil escalates... May the Lord comforts her mother and family...

  11. I pray they apprehend the wicked murderer/s

  12. This criminals just wasted a
    vibrant young girl, on top of
    how much. how much can you get
    from a student who is still
    depending on her parents. this
    is just sad.

  13. This is so sad.....may God give her family the fortitude to bear the loss.

    Really sad.

  14. And they still killed her,this people are heartless.

  15. And Nigerians are so naive, especially females. Someone tells you to meet him in a hotel and you ain't scared you just walk into their trap.

  16. This broke my heart. You raise a child for 23 years and someone snuff life out of her just like that. Oh Lord, give this woman strength, comfort her, be with her in this period of grief. And please, rest the poor girl's soul. Amen.

  17. Sad story.
    but it is very easy to lure ladies.
    Just have a good ride.
    Watched one documentary where a journalist
    came into campus with a good ride and packed it full
    with ladies. He announced to them that they were conducting
    an experiment on how easy it is to kidnap ladies. At some point
    he even picked two ladies. He asked them for the phone and they
    gave him the only phone they had. So no communication means even
    if there was danger.

    1. You are despicable

    2. @15:19
      What is "despicable" about what I wrote up there?
      Did I write about myself?
      I wrote about a DOCUMENTARY I watched.
      Should I stop watching even a documentary to please you?

    3. Mtchewww Odiegwu

    4. Don't mind her. The truth hurts!!! A lot of ladies are always carried away by good looks and money.
      As a nurse I have had a fine young very good looking man, come to my hospital and request that I come and give him injections in his hotel room. Sounded like a USA returnee, I told him that, that's not gonna happen. No be my head that you will use to do I wanna, I gonna!

      Another one was a corper, asked a colleague to come and give injection to their sick colleague in the lodge somewhere in Enugu and she wanted me to tag-along, I told her that am still a virgin and don't intend to be raped!!! If they can't come to our facility, they're on their own.

      I met a guy and he told me he was taking me out on a date to a joint I knew, then I noticed that when he came to pick me up he came with a friend, then said we were going to his residence not the joint, I told him to drop me immediately and he did.

      My point

      Young girls please cherish your lives, cos if anything happens to you, your parents will be broken.
      Don't go to a place you don't know to meet with someone you don't know ALONE!!! Go with a tag along.
      Or insist to meet with the person or people in an open place.

      Use your head

  18. Ikunle abiyamo
    May God console the mother.

  19. Oh no. Not again!May God console the mother.

  20. Whether a girl or a man, when you are meeting people you don't know at a hotel, you should meet at the lobby not in the room. For a lady, you need to be twice as careful

  21. Nobody knows why she was in the hotel room, even family members and friends have sacrificed their loved ones to ritualists.

    The blood thirstiness on the planet is at an all time high. The Bible says the day will come when the womb that never gave birth will be blessed, looks like we are heading in that direction.


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