Stella Dimoko US Moves To Ban 4- Year Student Visas For Some Countries


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Friday, September 25, 2020

US Moves To Ban 4- Year Student Visas For Some Countries

The United States is seeking new guidelines that could restrict some international students, including those from Nigeria, from admission of more than two-year period.

According to report, if approved, the new guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security ,DHS, could mean that affected students will experience difficulty obtaining visas for a four-year course in the US.

It is not immediately clear when the policy would take effect. It is also unclear whether it would affect students currently in the US, not minding their status document.

Ordinarily, valid status document provides legal grounds for students to continue their study in the US, whether or not their student visas have expired.

But in the new measures published in the US federal register and scheduled for announcement today, the DHS proposed a “maximum admission period of up to 2 years for certain students”, including those from Nigeria.

Among the countries targeted in the new policy are those on the US “State sponsor of terrorism list” and students from countries that visitors have overstay rate of more than 1o percent.

The DHS 2019 overstay report puts Nigeria’s in-country overstay rate at 11.12 percent; most African countries are also above the 10 percent maximum rate.

The DHS said the two-year limit is based on factors that it identified as “involving national security and public safety concerns.”

It said: “A key goal of shifting aliens in F status from D/S to an admission for a fixed time period is to provide pre-defined time periods for immigration officers to evaluate whether a nonimmigrant has maintained his or her status.

"If an immigration officer finds that an alien violated his or her status prior to or during the course of an EOS adjudication and denies the EOS request, the alien generally would begin accruing unlawful presence the day after issuance of the denial.”

The DHS added that the proposed rule seeks to reduce instances in which F, J, and I nonimmigrants — mostly students and exchange visitors — “unlawfully remain in the United States after their program or practical training ends.”



  1. Immigrants made that country what it is today. The madman called Trump won't stop targeting them. I honestly hope Biden wins in November.

    1. "Madman?" Really? Will you address your dad in that tone?
      Please blame Nigerians for causing it, and not anyone else.

      Why should people overstay their visas in a country, are they not

    2. I am not the anon above but he is a madman.
      Nigerians didn’t cause nothing.
      Nigerians, aren’t the only ones that overstay their visas. After everything the Saudis did, they haven’t been barred from coming to the US. Nine of the September 11 attackers, were Saudis.
      Nigerians, do not attend those colleges for free. The Colleges, will also loose some revenue. These things are done out of hate and spite.

    3. Anon 19.02 my first comment in sdk. Thank you very much. I am a student here doing my Msc. Indians, inshort Asians overstay the most yet he's doing nothing bc they are making more money from them. Africans are still the most minority. Indians have even completely taken over the IT sector. Africans struggle the most that's why most of them are doing menial jobs. Some are lucky to make it to the top but just a small percentage. Africans are NOT USAs problem. Trumps policies are born out of racism, hate and spite. Well what's my own, I can't wait to return to naija after school. For anyone planning to school here, please take your resources to another country. This place is now a shithole country. Yes I said it!. But note that the grass is never greener on the other side. Water your grass where you are and make it green. Shikenah

  2. Dear Mr Trump, this is no longer about national security threat, this is personal vendetta against some countries, period!!.
    if this is effected, then it means getting PHD from an American university is cancelled.

  3. Nigerians are the architect of their own misfortunes.
    Visit visas are being regarded as "escape visas" from Nigeria.
    ladies divorce their husbands and export him to scam an Oyinbo woman
    with marriage, get papers and invite "the divorced queen" to come in
    and rule?
    Students get visas and expect to get jobs or begin a lifetime of crime
    over there.
    Let us not pretend as if we don't read these things regularly on this blog
    and hear it in daily discourse.

    1. Thank you for this. We will never learn. Destroying opportunities for people coming behind. Same thing I told someone few days ago and he raised the gofundme issue. Very soon people who actually need this platforms will not get it all thanks to t abusers.
      Naija is hard, true but then think about the long term effect

  4. Doesn't this indict the Nigerian government as "a state sponsor of terrorism?"
    Does It mean that the government knows about boko haram? The US works with intelligence.
    Abacha said it;
    That if terrorists succeed for more than a year, then government is involved.

  5. It’s okay. Canada is cashing in big time. They’ll come back begging people to come in.


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