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Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Wordless Morning Post....


  1. He's still a learner. Your APC brother is using 1 milla per person per day

    1. Per day or? I thought it's for the complete duration of treatment of a patient that's 1 million Naira. Na wah

  2. 400k?
    These people don't have the fear of God at all,that's why it so easy for them to lie.

  3. Replies
    1. Chike, the virus is still everywhere.

      Just yesterday (8/9/2020), UK recorded over 2,900 cases. The highest number of daily cases in the UK since sometime in May.

      The US death toll is over 190k and France, Brazil, India etc aren't left out as well.

      S/A is unable to lift the lockdown at all because their figures aren't declining.

      You do not have to believe. But in respect for the lives lost to this virus, and in consideration for their families, let's be guided please.

  4. The drug ncdc sent to me and my kids would not cost anything above 3thousand. Worst of it all,they didn't even check on us. God helped us to recover. I will leave this country if I have a chance. I will work hard to make sure my children does not see this decadence in Nigeria.

    1. You were under self isolation not in any of the isolation centres. Technically you don't count as an admitted patient.

  5. This is actually possible since healthcare in Nigeria is very expensive. Yes, even govt hospitals.
    You have;
    1. Salary of workers per day
    2. Price of the different drugs and infussions they consume. Some are charged per hour while others per day.
    P.s it is true that we have pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, however, every single drug ingredient including paracetamol(you heard right) is imported.
    3. Feeding
    4. Accommodation.yes you heard right
    5. The price of almighty oxygen
    6. Nursing care
    7. Disposables etc
    However, this man should be ashamed for publicizing such figures since it is the govt duty to subsidize this treatment for its citizens.
    I'm also almost certain that private donations were made since majority of NGO's in Nigeria are based in the north.
    If at the end of this pandemic, the govt doesn't see it fit to restructure are health sector and invest heavily in research and govt then we need to rethink the thought of the govt towards it's citizens

    1. Please how is this possible,ehnnn? He didn't tell you that salary of the health workers are involved mbok. Is it not vitamin c 1000mg, zinc and azithro or chloroquine that they are given? If you give them food at N300 per plate,three times a day for 30 days( of course average days to recover is not up to that),it still comes to N27,000. For accommodation,is it not already built hospital wards that most of the states are using? As for oxygen, majority of the patients dont have such severe symptoms that would require being put on oxygen.My dear factor in every every, it still won't reach N400,000 per patient. Corruption is endemic in Nigeria.

    2. @Anon10.34 Sweetie I work with health insurance. Yes does drugs you mentioned are inclusive and more in severe cases. You think does drugs are cheap like you buy them in the pharmacy?
      Combine the amount for 2wks per patient multiplied by the price 12hrly or per day depending on the drug.
      Medicare/healthcare is expensive and you probably wouldn't know this because you've never been on admission for a sickness as mild as malaria or even delivery.

    3. Annon10:57, if the drugs are not cheap as I buy them in the pharmacy then why on earth would I go to get them at a more expensive price elsewhere? When you buy goods in bulk(drugs inclusive) they come at a cheaper rate than when you buy at the retail price. But then even if I go by the pharmacy rate, the numbers being called out still won't add up.By the way, I work at an isolation/testing center and I know what I know.

    4. If you really work in isolation centre then you should know better or do you work there as security?
      Take time out to carryout a definite auditing on your own. Ask about the drugs they're given and how they're given the drugs then do the calculations yourself. It's no point arguing with you

  6. It’s actually £8,500 per person in the UK,that’s 5,100,000million Naija.

  7. It's actually much higher in private hospitals especially if there are underlying issues. Some of the state governments are clearly subsidising the treatment. Kudos to them.

  8. We bought every drug, paid 6500 for everyone cylinder of oxygen and 400 naira per plate for every food and we spent more than 200k because she had underlying illness.
    At the isolation center in FMC Owo, treatment is not free o

    1. You see,yet they claim they fund everything.

  9. But according to eye witnesses, treatment is not free, so why spend so much money?


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