Stella Dimoko Actor Mr IBU Shares Story Of How His Workers Allegedly Poisoned Him...


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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Actor Mr IBU Shares Story Of How His Workers Allegedly Poisoned Him...

Nollywood Actor John Okafor aka Mr IBU was poisoned by his workers?OMG!!!

According to him;

I don't take alcohol until now, people say you don't take alcohol but your stomach is big, the Belle na idiot, I eat little foods. It was since they gave me that poison, it was bigger than this before but I have been taking medicines, and it started reducing. Before I can't see my legs but now I can see them 

It was someone that poisoned me,, they took me for a show at Nnewi and poisoned me, when we got there, they started beating me then put in some poison inside my mouth, they all ran away and left me there.

It was my dancers that came and picked me up. I didn't wake up until they took me home, they even gave up, it was at Enugu I woke up. God said No! You are not going now. They already snapped me, all those things they put in dead people's nose and mouth, they put in mine also.. 

oh God I love you so much! Thank you almighty.

If not for God almighty, I would have been a story, all the people who don't love me, and those who feels it's better they kill than for me to live, well, I leave the case for God almighty, whatever they think I have done bad, let God judge. But if they're chasing me.. because their plans are many even here in my office., They brought the first poison here I took it, I was rolling around here vomiting, nobody came to ask, even my workers didn't enter despite them hearing my voice. 

I vomited something in my office. The first one gone , they gave me second poison and the people poisoning me are people working with me here, I swallowed another one unknown to me, because I never suspected them, until when God opened my eyes. That's why you can't find them here again, except my sister that's working with me here now.

They paid them, gave them enough money, to make sure they eliminate me. All these plans were from Enugu, some of my town people. But their plans didn't go Pari passu with God's decisions. If God had said yes, you can kill, then by now you won't even know. But God said No and when he says no it's final. 

When we got to Enugu, I blew the cottonwool off, "I dey craze? How i go die like that" I was so happy, I couldn't talk until the next day, I couldn't identify anybody, when my wife came , I asked who she was.. 

Chai God I Thank you, if not for you, the enemies would have rejoiced, but I'm now rejoicing and they are ashamed of themselves, I can't say punish them No! You know the kind of gift meant for them, give it to them *laughs* so they would assemble themselves together and say God I'm sorry then he should send them to come and apologize to my face"

*So who put in so much efforts to poison him?I hope he does not have a health condition and is thinking he was posioned?God bless him....


  1. I don't understand his case. Hope not Acute Kidney Infection, AKI.

  2. Since he knows them, he should be very careful. Settle your age grade group even if its small palliatives send to them. Be prayerful, we love you for the laughter /smiles you'd been putting on our faces.

    1. Settle your age grade group? That's not a solution. I know of someone who was paying School fees for lots of his village people,but they still killed him. When you are good they will still bring envy,jealousy.You see world people, you can never satisfy them. Just follow God.

    2. @Anon 15:09 I agree with you. Just be good if you want to be but human beings can never be pleased. Word

  3. Lots of Nigerians always misunderstood any unexplained health issue as poisoning. May God Help Us. Too many universities, yet lots of illiterates.

    1. Even if people take this poisoning and enemy attack thing to the extreme in Nigeria, it doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

      In mr Ibu’s case, the poison was forced into his mouth while he was terribly assaulted, he was awake enough to experience it happen. So it’s not ‘unexplained health issue’.

      I genuinely pray nobody poisons You or yours. May experience not teach you regarding this subject matter, amen.
      More to that, use kinder words when reacting to people’s experiences. You can never know who is exaggerating or who is telling their strange truth.

    2. Mrs Ibu welcome with your comments,your husband went to do juju and it ,ackfired.keep lying Ibu one day is one day.

  4. It is well with you. God no let my enemies shame me.amen

  5. Generally, his words sound like someone who has lost touch with reality... Well, ibu be more careful. Since you have identified y.our enemies be wise. Face God squarely

    1. I feel so too. Sounds like a mental health issue!!

  6. When we got to Enugu, I blew the cottonwool off, "I dey craze? How i go die like that"


    Thank God for your life.

  7. Oh my Africa! Please someone should encourage him to seek science, MEDICAL HELP.
    Somebody please encourage this man to go see a good doctor to avoid stories that will touch us deep.

    No be poison Mr. Ibu, go do a health check. That stomach, that large abdominal girth (circumference) is not a good sign.
    Let them check his liver! Alcohol or no alcohol you can have liver cirrhosis from other stuff like hepatitis or the liver might just decide to turn into a "fatty liver"!.

    Mr. Ibu go seek medical help too...!!
    Just maybe last week I saw him on Davido's insta stories...I just shook my head. He is not healthy.

    1. Thank u. Let him go and check his health. In Nigeria once something negative happens health wise u will say u stepped on poison and suddenly remember they put something in ur mouth.

  8. Mr. Ibu it's is well with you.

  9. Mr.Ibu's story, I will pass before I would be tagged insensitive.

  10. This evening as I was driving home, I saw a lot of young men with big abdomen and I wondered why they are take it as the norm.

    Why should men who never went through pregnancy have distended stomach? WHY???❗
    That's a threat to their health.

  11. Did he go to the hospital?
    Did he do lab investigations?

    What was the outcome?

    Many people call their health issues poisoning? Be it Diabetes, Hepatitis, STDs contracted when sleeping with all and sundry with protection and even malaria.


  12. Mr Ibu is poisoning himself with obesity.
    Let him lose weight and become fit and see if the ‘poison’ will not clear.

  13. The guy is obviously very unhealthy!


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