Stella Dimoko Actress Ruth Kadiri Advices Her Followers To Run Away From Those Gossip....


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Monday, October 19, 2020

Actress Ruth Kadiri Advices Her Followers To Run Away From Those Gossip....

 Actress Ruth Kadiri dropped this post and i dont know if she is just posting or trying to tell us something..........


  1. Ruth don't be the one "saying everything" all the time. Haba.
    It's not good to walk into a room and be "the only smart one".

    Women gossip a lot, it's not changing anytime soon. Watch closely, create your circle and run with them.

    Please be guided.

  2. Plantain and beans flour seller 0708553942019 October 2020 at 12:42

    So true

  3. True but she's beginning to talk too much, portraying herself like she knows it all. There's something classy about being quiet and talking only when it's necessary.

  4. This isn't the time for silly cryptic posts!

  5. Always dishing out advise meanwhile I do it all. Please nobody is perfect and everyone gossips. Have your circle and leave people to do them

  6. Everyone is running away from those gossips, who are those gossips?

  7. Ruth, please dedicate more time to working out and getting rid of this bloated look. It's past due for you to be rid of the post natal fat.

    1. Be kind to people cos you do not know what they're going thru or their life challenges. She sees herself in the mirror everyday and knows how she looks. You dont need to tell her.its her life, her body, her choice. Mind your business and work more on your will do you good.

    2. Please be nice @anon 15:29

  8. "Bloated Look?"... you sound like some one with self esteem issues.Ruth has never looked toned...she has always been chubby, curvy and cute! Let's embrace body positivity Abeg! Its comments like yours that make some people go under the knife.


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