Stella Dimoko Actress Ruth Kadiri Goes On A Rant,Says The Asaba Branch Of Nollywood Makes And Breaks Stars


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Actress Ruth Kadiri Goes On A Rant,Says The Asaba Branch Of Nollywood Makes And Breaks Stars

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri in this post blows hot about the Asaba,Delta state faction of the Nollywood Industry and how it makes stars and turns around to break them....It is an Interesting read!

She says...........

''I have value for every value of the movie industry, be it English, Yoruba, Asaba every part in the industry. But the one lie Asaba people tell themselves especially that their industry, if I have to symmetrize her as a mother, is that they don't know that Asaba as an industry is a prostitute, and Bastard. 

It's a mother that builds and destroy, what kind of a mother is that, a mother that gives you light and take it, why? Because they can't deal with your growth at a certain point, they get jealous that you have growth. They look at you and place value on your craft as a person, and if you try to make them feel like you are better than what they are , they would supress you

Show me one Celebrity that grew up in Asaba, that they didn't try to kill, from the likes of Genevieve who they banned to Omotola, and the next star, that comes out of their industry, they would wake up one day and say "abeg this one, you no dey sell market again" a mother that puts value to your fame.

You see this Lagos industry, is an industry that doesnt do what Asaba does to it's people

You are in Lagos, you will grow, Lagos doesn't say you are no longer in the market, they know the value of heart, they wouldn't wake up to say we are not going to work with you anymore.

I'm sorry to say if Freddie Leonard shot more in Asaba, at some point they would have tried to ban him, because they wouldn't be able to deal with the things he carried. They will wake up and say, Freddie is giving us problems we don't want to work with him again, do you understand? They build and destroy that is my point.

I'm just saying is that every industry is important, nobody should try to make another person feel less important, from the cinema to normal Nollywood movies, they are all the same, what is cinema, Asaba , and what is Nollywood? It's location you can shoot, you can shoot a badass movie in Asaba and it would go to Cinemas.

All those people should wake up with their brains and stop being myopic, they should accept everybody as one.
Someone who say "who no shoot Asaba film no be star" I will be like" really?" If I talk now you would just faint here ,die" let's just respect ourselves.

How many people in Lagos, tell Asaba actors that they are not stars. Lagos never dwells on fame. Nobody tells you, you are not a star in Lagos, they look at you and say,"omg I love you, the movie you did touched my life" which is the most Important.

In Asaba there's a time frame to rain, if it rains more than their time frame. They will try to supress you then they say you used jazz. They know in their hearts that they've done everything to break you. What kind of industry breaks people that they made? Abeg let's not talk that one, let's just continue shooting our films and have respect for one another. Let no one bring nonsense to my side''.

 ****I have been hearing of this Nollywood Asaba branch,it is not today but i thought they stopped....Na wah oh.....Tis whole idea of Nollywood has become like bad politics in Nigeria


  1. She seems hurt. Ndoh! Nne evry business experience challenges even kidnapping. I wud be reading comments

    1. Lagos is not Asaba

    2. If I begin to talk what I know about Asabawood eh,is it their show in Bellwood hotel abi their paying to be featured in movies abi what.

      But that is not the topic for today sha.Let me come and be going

    3. I think their problem is not Asaba or Lagos or anything. It is their problem as a whole. The actors and the producers have a part to play here. The Nigerian actors like some particular roles and when they don't get such roles, they don't act. A Nigerian actor likes to act the role of "boy meet girl, fall in love and marry", this particular role has a kind of age limit. A role you played 20 years ago, you still want to play that role, really? Imagine you played a newly married woman and Regina Daniel or Chinenye Nnebe played your daughter as a six year or ten year old and these kids grow so fast. In the next ten years Regina or Chinenye are 19 or 20 years and are acting, you still want to play the role of 'girl meet boy and get married' when these young ones are there? I'm not in the movie industry but I guess if they tell Ini Edo or Chika Ike to play the role of Regina's mum she will not accept it. With this competition and the fact that the younger ones are up and coming, they're grabbing the 'boy meet girl and get married' parts. On the part of the producers and the writers, they should be more creative so that they can have more roles that will accommodate the older actors apart from 'young girl fall in love with young boy' roles. At 35 or 40 years you don't expect to be acting a student whose father is a rich politician that wants to marry a poor boy whose father is a carpenter. When the younger ones who have the look and are age appropriate are there? No those roles don't match your look and age at all. In Hollywood people like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Tyler Perry are still acting. People like Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Tracy Ellis Ross etc are still acting but they are not acting the roles they acted 20 years ago. They create different roles, different things, situations to act. Some are histories of what happened in the past, political situations, detective situations, projects etc. When we start diversifying roles you find out that every actor of every age will have roles to play without fear of competition from younger actors. Our movie industry is always talking about one particular line of story, that's why it favors younger ones and the older ones fade away. Even these ones Ruth mentioned, Genny and Omotola are they still acting in her so called Lagos movies? The answer is NO! Because Nigerian movie industry as a whole is young actors friendly. Once you act and act and younger once start to come up, they drop you and grab them because they are still telling those story lines you have been acting for ten years. I saw one movie Ebube Nwagbo was acting a young school part, common now, she's past that role. Nollywood has come of age, they should improve, learn, research and be more creative etc.

    4. Thanks Anon 09:25. It always beats me whenever I see Iyabo Ojo acting the part of a serving Corp member or that of a young lady dating Mike Ezuruonye in movies or even Mercy Aigbe acting as a single lady dating Somadina. I just wonder what is wrong with the person in charge of casting. Roles are not diversified at all and it’s so bad.

  2. It is well

    Asaba people, come and disagree but make it juicer

  3. I thought Freddie Leonard acts in Asaba Nollywood.
    I believe Asaba Nollywood are the original creators of Nollywood (igbo producers and directors of major home videos back in the day)
    The likes of of Beverly Naya, Lilian Esoro and Adesuwa are not part of it. That's why their names are synonymous with class.

    I hear it's worse in Yoruba wood. Juju is the order of the day. Everyone trying to bring each other down. , In fact, runs girls have overtaking Asaba and Youruba wood that they don't respect their seniors again governor because governors bought cars and houses for them.

  4. So the movies done in Nigeria are in 3 languages English, Yoruba and "Asaba" ? Why not say what is really in your mind

    Be concealing your bigotry

    Igbos do juju and rituals. Really? to compare with Yoruba?

    Don't know why most of you like Kunle Afolayan can't even be less bigoted sometimes

    1. Did you read at all? You were just quick to spill the evil you av kept for long, pls avoid sharp objects, you will be alright

  5. I shaa know the most talented actresses all went through asabawood

  6. Current Asaba nollywood are all prostitutes waiting for people's husband to use juju on. E.g Regina daniels, their boys or men nkor? Yahoo and gays covering up in name of actors and actresses. God will scatter you all.Since they came no more decency in Asaba again.

  7. When Regina mama na head Guardian Wetin u expect?

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ na real head guardian

  8. Thank God i have left this asabawood nonsense now blessed with a better life and better job.
    These actors go know how far 10 years to come they better go and plan their lives

  9. I remember my school days then when I did everything to be an actress.... I even paid to join the actors guild then. One project manager like that invited me to asaba and promised me a role. He said I will be acting with ini edo and Mike ezuruonye,I doubted it. Then the night before the D-day we camped at one Zenith hotel in asaba, I thought I would be sleeping with every other person, to my greatest surprise the production Maneger said I will be sleeping in his room. So when I realised another girl will join us in same room I was a bit relieved. As soon as we were sleeping, lo and behold uncle face me on the bed oooo, showing me how hard his rod was and begging and begging me that I should pls help and have s_x with him. I said never and maintained my point. I couldn't find my self doing that. He begged for 4 hrs and when he realized I wasn't yielding he went into the bathroom, took a pee, came back and face the other girl. Before I could say jack they were banging the whole bed.... Same bed I was sleeping on!!!!!! For christ sake who does that!!!!!! I almost fell off the bed that night!!!
    fast forward to morning, I greeted him he didn't answer me,but the other fork greeted him and he answered. I knew my time there was up but I told my self, let me not just conclude.
    We got to the location I waited a whole day... I didn't even get a single scene to act. The ini edo didn't show up but I saw Mike, he was somehow kind to me..... But I didn't act anything with him. I waited the whole day..... Whoooosai!!!!! Nothing.
    Now guesswhat???? That second girl that slept with the production Manger on that bed I was sleeping on was only given A WAKA PASS roleπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… after all the banging!!!!!!!
    I had such experience about 4 times in asaba, then I decided I won't come to asaba again. One day I will have my money, I will sponsor a movie and play the lead. Good talents don't hide.

  10. It's every where! If Yoruba wood complain their own now una go tire, how you have to belong to a click before they can give you a role. How they don't pay them after acting, they beg them that they will act for them during their own production. If Lagos people complain their own now wahala. Ruth Kadiri una run go Lagos for classier films and competition no gree una sell, now you dey cast Asaba nollywood na wa for una! All these people you mentioned their names, Genny and Omotola are they still acting in Lagos films? Or is Lagos not letting them grow? Na una know wetin una dey do for that una nollywood.


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