Stella Dimoko APC Leader Tinubu Asks Lagos Gov Sanwo Olu If He Ordered The Attack On Unarmed EndSARS Protesters At Lekki Tollgate


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Sunday, October 25, 2020

APC Leader Tinubu Asks Lagos Gov Sanwo Olu If He Ordered The Attack On Unarmed EndSARS Protesters At Lekki Tollgate

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has revealed why he visited Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Saturday October 24,2020, days after men in army uniform carried out a massacre on #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate.

Days after the Lekki toll gate massacre, Tinubu said those who were shot at the Lekki toll gate have questions to answer.

While addressing journalists after the meeting with the governor, Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, said he visited the incumbent governor, to ask him if he had anything to do with the killing of protesters at the Lekki Tollgate on Tuesday.

The APC National Leader said he could not understand the rationale behind the looting, arson, invasion of police stations, stealing of arms, and maiming of innocent persons that characterised the state for days.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the governor, Tinubu revealed the three questions he asked Governor Sanwo-Olu when he paid the Lagos Governor a visit over the #LekkiMassare.

“I came to ask him pointedly; did he order the attack, or if he didn’t order the attack, who ordered it? Was it to his knowledge that people were attacked? That was all I needed from him.”

Tinubu said since the government had already set up a judicial panel of enquiry to investigate the allegations of human right abuses by officers of the now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, people who suffered casualty during the gunshot Lekki incident should volunteer information to the government.

He added, “Those who suffered casualty during the gunshots need to answer some questions too; how were they there; how long were they there; what kind of characters are they? Even those we want to help, we still must extract information that would help the government to prepare in future or understand how and when to react.”

He said the government showed sensitivity in listening to the protesters and taking actions, but that he wondered why some people resorted to violence. “But where are we getting the looting, the carnage, burning, invasion of police stations, stealing of arms and maiming the innocent (from)? It’s handshake beyond the elbow,” he added.

Tinubu, when asked when he returned to the country following reports that he was in France all along, said, “I didn’t go nowhere; I’m a Lagosian. I still hold the title of the Asiwaju of Lagos. I’m still the Jagaban. Fake news is all over the place; they said Seyi my son was kidnapped, but he’s here with me and I didn’t pay any money to bring him here.”

from Naija News

*What did i just read?what kind of talk is this?So government does not know who ordered the shootings,Lagos state governor Sanwo Olu says it was done by forces beyond his control,Tinubu does not know and is asking Sanwo Olu.?I think the Lagos state governor needs to explains what he meant by ''Forces beyond his control''....


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm!!!
    I better sit on the fence and watch event unfold!
    It's now Lagos Vs Abuja!!!!

    1. Oga rest and stop pretending like you know nothing about all these.

      Are u not the oga at the top??? I wonder who una dey deceive. Forget about ur 2023 presidential ambitions.

    2. Senseless questions...

      Una no go ever dey straight forward. E no go pass Buratai or Buhari, Pa Tinubu come clean on this and mention their names.

    3. Governor Sanwo olu will be like
      "Eee ๐Ÿ˜ฏ , if you ask me, na who I go ask? ๐Ÿ˜

    4. Believe these heartless liars at ur own risk. They lie more than the devil

  2. These people have taken us for a ride for so long, they feel we are still gullible.

    1. They are taking us for a long ride.

    2. Stella, there is only one commander in chief of the armed forces only from whence orders comes and go from. Buhari addressed the nation and ignored Lekki shooting as a non issue. That should answer your questions.

  3. Tinubu knows ..that's why he is trying to win Oscar award for best actor on TV.
    I sent you an email on that but it seems you didn't see it or read it.

    Anyways, las las breeze go blow...fowl nyash go open.

  4. I watched his press interaction and I have never been angrier. Clearly,the Nigerian citizens are simply pawns in the hands of all our politicians.

    You drove to Marina to ask him 3 questions. LMAO!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. These people always taking us for granted!...
    The innocent blood that you guys shed will continue to hunt you people..
    Its sickness upon sickness in your lives..Amen!

  8. make una run this man OT street abeg

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. What kind of drama are these people acting for us like this?

    Please can the UK come and colonize us again? At least at a point during the colonialism people were travelling to school, live and work abroad.

    These people are jokers.

  11. The forces beyond the control of the governor is the president but the governor can’t mention that else he will be in trouble.

  12. The story of Unknown soldier is coming. These ‘werey in disguise’ people are playing the same script they play 40 years ago.

  13. Isn’t it obvious after the presidents speech that he ordered the shooting? You see the endsars movement lost direction and moved from peaceful protest to treason, you asked for endsars, sars was ended, judicial panels was set up to investigate extra judicial killings, the youth became excited couple with incitement from celebrities, they started saying endsars isn’t just about sars, is about the whole govt, senators salaries, new Nigeria, end Buhari and Bla Bla, Rivers state governor placed the state on curfew, they defied curfew and was asking who the hell is wike, the Lagos state govt placed a curfew, by 4.40, they were playing football and laughing and posting on social media telling the govt to do their worst, shouting we pin, we move and you think the president will not see it as treason, the only lawful way to end bad governance is by voting, any form of protest to end a sitting government is treason however peaceful you term it, President Buhari is an army general and knows what treason and mutiny is and ll definitely have none it, social media did more harm than good, the youths were forming a parallel govt without knowing it, you had funding, your legal team, your security, your own radio and you were announcing it all over, thank God they didn’t name any leader, the person would have been in big trouble. Next time before you join a movement, know what the law says to the teeth. Before you come here to argue with me, read section 37(1) of the criminal code and then follow the endsars hashtag, you’ll now understand why the govt killed the people at the tollgate

    1. So your point exactly? Other issues affecting the nation shouldn't have been brought up?

      ' President Buhari is an army general and knows what treason and mutiny is and ll definitely have none it'.. is that even supposed to be talked about in a sane democratic working country?

      Aren't you just as stupid as the deranged president himself who you're indirectly applauding for applying military tactics in a supposedly democratic government? Isn't that one of the reasons the 'lazy youths' are clamouring for a change in the system of government?

      And haven't you heard even from some senators that the faulted constitution you qouted from is also one of the problems of this country? So all that garbage you spilled up there is for what? For the 'lazy youths' to keep being lazy while the government do what ever they like, using taxes gotten from hard working citizens to enrich their pockets because Your Buhari is a retired Army general?? Please don't make me come back for you. Not everyone is from a linage of gutless cowards.

    2. Dear angry youth, my point is that the only way out is to vote them out, vote in better people into governance. Protest from now till tomorrow won’t change anything. Get your pvc and vote

    3. any form of protest to end a sitting government is treason however peaceful you term it,

      Thunder gbagbuo gi there

    4. So the only way to stop them...was by killing harmless youths. What happened to rubber bullets...what happened to tear gas.
      Gosh I am so pain. Reading what you wrote broke my heart the more.
      Most likely you are a Govt official if that's the way you people think...then we are finished ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    5. I’m not a govt official neither am I a politician, I am just a psychologist and political analyst stating the laws of the land, go and read the flag laws of Nigeria, the flag doesn’t stop a military man from shooting you if you are too close to him during a protest, it is presumed that you are planning to disarm him and he is to attack in such situations, stop believing everything you see on social media and do your own research so you don’t fall victim. The intent of the president was to kill and teach others a hard lesson, typical dictator thinking, but if the youths were well informed, just maybe they would not have been victims but you lot cheered them on on social media and now you are forming sympathy

  14. They should keep deceiving themselves.

  15. Was it not this same governor that said that "the soldiers got the order wrong about Lekki toll gate. That they were there
    by 7:30pm instead of by 10:30 Pm when people were supposed to be in their houses..." So in other words, he knew about the
    soldiers going to Lekki?
    Again, Was it not same Tinubu that said he was not the commander in chief and do not order soldiers, so why is he visiting
    to ask the governor jamb questions? Is the governor the commander in chief, do the soldiers obey the orders of a governor?


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