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Friday, October 30, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




I met Mr A in 2013, two years before he got married.
We couldn't get married because according to him his people wanted him to marry from his tribe.

It was serious as I had to abort my pregnancy of which he superseded the whole abortion process and procedures...

In 2017 I resigned from my place of work to start up a crèche and Mr A has really been supporting me financially. 

He wants to be there for me in anyway possible as he had disappointed/let me down in the past according to him.
( I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that his marriage is yet to produce a child)

TO THE ISSUE AT HAND; My crèche has grown some pupils up to nursery classes and the first basic class will be created once we're given the order to resume the nursery/primary. I have six staff with me making seven and I am not impressed with the number of pupils as i am not making any profit.

After paying staff I go financially crippled!!


 (1) Get a loan from the bank to fund the business by renting a spacious and befitting apartment then give it all what it takes hopefully by so doing I could get the school populated but can I pay it back the loan easily??? I Am actually scared of loans!!!

(2) Sell off the business or some of it's property like; TV's, computers, desks, chairs, baby beds e.t.c and travel out to the state by the first quarter of 2021 as I have a childhood friend who'll be glad to have me with her pending when i am able to be on my own... I Am hoping life might be better there, while i work and save then come back after some year to start up in a big and better way, just the way i have always dreamt of... My school is already registered with the corporate affairs commission. Would love to go away from everyone and everything around me here!!!

PLS NOTE; I don't want to keep sourcing for financial aids from Mr A anymore although he discouraged me from the idea of getting a loan.
I haven't mentioned my second option to him.

Please I would really love your constructive thoughts on my options.
Thank you!

*I think you should take the second option..A New start is always better and please do not tell Mr A about it as he might try to convince you not to leave...
Good luck.


  1. Replies
    1. Take the second option but go and study in Australia or Canada. After that, you can stay there legally and permanently. If you go to US, won't you be there illegally? Source for help from the Oga if he can help you travel. Don't let him convince you otherwise.

  2. The second option be nice and i am pretty sure things sure will fall in place for yo

    1. First, you did not say if you have asked God for forgiveness for aborting your baby and received the free gift of salvation in Christ. Please, do so and find peace in Christ.
      You should have had that baby but you can move forward with Christ in your life.

      Pray to God for guidance. His answer WILL GIVE YOU PEACE. 🙏

      In my opinion, it's too early to go for bank loan.


      Travelling abroad seems to be a good option but good is not always God's perfect will. SEEK HIM.

  3. Do not take a bank loan. Even in a life or death situation. Bank loans can kill faster than any life or death situation. Source for help elsewhere.
    And next time I believe computers were too much in a creche setting. The number of hands were too much as well. You needed only one cleaner and two other staff to play with the kids.
    The cleaner will still help out after cleaning.
    Maybe after getting more than 15 babies/toddlers then you hire an extra hand.
    A TV to play nursery rhymes is enough.
    My advice incase you continue the creche business.

    1. The number of staff for a crèche is dependent on the number of kids. And the staff aren’t there to ‘play with the kids’. Please poster if you continue with the crèche, research how other crèches do it and don’t listen to this person.
      Regards option 2, if you have your papers for the states go for it but bear in mind that things are tough because of the pandemic. Canada is a good option

  4. Go for the second option, keep it a secret as Stella suggested, make proper restitution before doing this. I wish you luck.

    1. Restitution to whom?

    2. 15:27... to motherless babies,maybe.

  5. Miss independent!!!...
    Aunty clap for yourself..
    See your mouth like you cant ask for financial assistance from a man that has been fucking you..
    Your type is the reason why men see women who ask for financial support from their men as leech and begi begi!..
    You better stay in Nigeria and sort out your self oo,cos that your friend clamoring you to come over will show you shege...

    And dont even think of getting a loan..
    HBP is real!..
    You better call all those men chopping your puna to help out!..
    Stop giving them kpekus for free!...

    1. Blog boss I tire o. Even if they are not Nacking now they have nacked b4 so I honestly don’t know where the sanctimoniousness is coming from. I beg take the money from him and use it to move ur life forward. Everybody says the second option as if it’s so easy. When u get there ur friend will now change mouth and say something else.

    2. You are a TERRIBLE person!

    3. LMAO

      Poster please it's this comment that's making me laugh o and not your chronicle

      Anyways I don't think you should rely on any man o. Going to someone's house is only sweet when you come and go and not stay.
      How about you reduce your workforce,try asking the man for financial help just for some face lift and advert and then gradually stop sleeping with him(pardon me if I'm wrong)

      So far he is still in your life,you no go get better person. Try starting afresh.
      If you must go over to your friend overseas,just be sure of your finance so someone doesn't spring up any surprises on you

  6. The second option is okay. I wish you best of luck.

    1. Poster getting a loan right now might cripple the business too. Rate these days high. Especially long term. Go abroad.

  7. Why dont you try to do more marketing to get in more students thereby getting more money in so that you will only need to borrow a small amount t of money to rent a bigger space
    Borrowing isn't bad especially when you are doing it for business just make sure that worst case scenario, the biz can pay back but expansion of a biz is a must. And of course you must be making proper decisions with figures not just in your head.

    Try and also look at your expenses and see what you can cut down.
    Going out there to start afresh is good but my dear, nothing comes easy. You still have to sweat it out and anywhere you are.

  8. The first option is a gamble, unpredictable. Teejay wrote about it in IHN. Second option is better but you can also have a business arrangement (legal backing &arrangement involved too)with a TRUSTED HAND to continue running the school on your behalf while you are away in the States hustling.

  9. No start up is usually easy. It takes grit, determination and hardwork to pull through to the stage where you start reaping the dividends of your hardwork. If you are willing to give it time while publicizing your school for more influx of pupils then go ahead, but never consider taking a loan from a bank, maybe from friends who have friends willing to lend you without interest or well to do family members.

    Your second option is still not guaranteed to turn out as you planned, don't throw in the towel so easily.

    1. School biz is not easy initially but with time you will be in money. Think

  10. Abeg the second option. I pray I have such opportunity to leave. Good luck.


  11. Abeg travel out and go arrange yourself, and come back with a bang

  12. Pls girl collect money from me A and grow ur school. U have done with him b4 and since he is willing to help why not? Life abroad is not a bed of roses. Don’t be fooled. Grow ur brand here. Market ur school better and see

  13. I don't think you should give up on your creche just like that.
    Six staff? What are you using six staff for? Can't you cut them down to do?
    You can also sell off your computers.
    Check on Alibaba, you'll see very creative creche materials that are cheap. I can help you purchase them at a very low shipping cost.

    You already have something big at hand, find out what it is you can do better. How can you attract more kids to your creche. What can you do better without spending more? Say NO to loans!
    Starting life afresh may be a catchy option, but what happens when you get stuck again? Will you abandon it to start life again?
    You have something worth the while now. I think you should grow it. I hope you'll find all the patience and strength you need.
    If you are able to go through the pains of growing your creche now, you can still decide to relocate to find something you will feel more comfortable with.
    Really you'll find anwers right inside you.
    And you already have the answers you need. Look inside you.

  14. Please poster your 2nd plan sounds really good and will do you a whole lot of rest of mind. Go to the states, like Stella said dont tell him about your plan.
    Banish Mr A out of your life ,he is just looking for a way to turn you into a mistress . He can't eat his cake and still have it.

  15. Push your business into success road, if that man is still fucking u, pls sis stop it's wrong, if he is not biko cut off from him, Go close to God and beg him to grow ur school, don't close that school, all u need is a touch of God and u are good to go. U made mention if his wife not giving birth yet, hmmm don't fill in the gap inugo. U will just mess ur life up and turn into a miserable baby mama.

    1. No pls if that man is still fucking u collect the money then stop. That part is very necessary I beg.

  16. Please read Proverbs 6:16-17

    1. Anon 17:25 I opened Proverbs 16vs16-17 instead and GUESS WHAT it says....

      "16 How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!

      17 The highway of the upright avoids evil;those who guard their ways preserve their lives."

      Then the scripture you gave Proverbs 6:16-17 says....

      "16 There are six things the Lord hates,seven that are detestable to him:
      17 haughty eyes,a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,"

      BOTH scriptures can guide you, poster.

      JUST ASK Jesus Christ for forgiveness, accept His free gift of salvation and move forward from there. LET HIM DIRECT YOUR PATH. ❤️

      Turn away from that man.

  17. From what I understand here, you are still sleeping with married Mr. A, right?

  18. Poster reduce your staff, reduce salaies for now, stay praying and working hard. Evry new venture has same challenge.
    The abroad you are considering aint easy too.
    Soon, it will break. Hold on.
    Don't take a loan. Pray for the primary to be approved and plenty pupils. In d next 2 years, you will balance. Face it once and for all.

  19. I think you are still with this guy and that is the foundation of my humble advice. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    If Mr. A supervised an abortion, don't mistake your entanglement for love, stop sleeping with your enemy.

    The money he is offering is interest free and considering all the water that has passed under the bridge, you don't owe him. He has made his choice and placed you at second best. Count your losses, collect your damages and move. He can't reject you and then block you from moving on unless you foolishly let him.

    You are dealing with a man who directed the killing of your own child and is now ready to wreck his home (the one he is lying has his parent's blessing) by wrecking your life with the tag of baby mama. You are dealing with a wicked man- his financial generosity is what you are mistaking for care. He is only giving you his extras. The limited commodity- his life, he already gave to someone else. Your own child, he has taken from you. If you make the mistake of having a child for this man, know that the children from his wife would always have a higher status in his eyes and that of his family. Don't have kids that would think less of you because you were playing imaginary second wife. Don't put your kids in a situation where their father is uncomfortable taking pictures with then on their wedding day. Where he sneaks in and out of birthdays in 5 minutes if he shows up at all. There was a London socialite who died recently and put his kids in a very precarious position simply because he refused to introduce his children he had outside of marriage, even the ones he had before meeting his wife. Everyone kept blaming the wife but it was obvious it was how the man wanted it. In his eyes, the daughter from his marriage was worth more even if he trained all the kids well. The wife did not want the other kids around and he happily kept it so while playing victim. Run from these men who know how to have affairs then pretend that their wives are the controlling strict ones. Neither your nor his tribe had changed so why are you eating your previous time?

    Approach the churches and mosques in your area with your advert leaflets and seek out social media groups of mothers, estates, offices etc and be social media savvy with your business as that may help get the word out. A borrower is slave to the lender. Never take a loan from the bank. Rather, lean out your business and think of pivoting to an additional business similar to what you are doing now or using your present business address to do something more. If it doesn't apply to you, it may be useful to someone else.

    If you plan on going abroad, do so on the books so you don't lose out all your worked for. You may liquidate your assets and give to a good broker who just may double it before you get back. Good luck!

    1. She is still fucking Mr A,aunty leave another woman husband alone.

  20. Those of you that have never travelled internationally and/or even own passports...please...I know you mean well, but more often than not, you give unrealistic advice when it comes to such subject matters. You give people a false sense of hope...and the result is chronicles like this one, or the one that wrote in weeks ago saying she was going to disappear when she reaches England - after saving the naira equivalent of £400!

    This poster is more likely going to travel on a B1/B2 visa, and even if she gets a 5 year multiple entry visa, she can only legally stay there for 6 months at time. She will not be allowed to work, go to school nor be entitled to social services like food stamps, section 8 housing, unemployment etc.

    How long do you think her friend will happily accommodate her when she doesn't contribute to the mortgage/rent, utilities and other household expenses?

    @poster, do not count on your friend because even full-blooded siblings who grew up together, disappoint!

    @poster...unless you have a legitimate way of migrating to the US, my advice to you would be to focus on your business at home. You should reduce your staff or change their status to a part-time/shift/rota system, so they can go and work elsewhere to supplement their (reduced) income.

    Advertise your services at various businesses around you. Let their HR know that you will offer discounts on group bookings (eg. 5 or more people from the same company). Since they want to benefit, they will encourage their colleagues to sign up with you too. Go to maternity clinics/hospitals around you. Publicise your services with them. Be ready to give referral incentives. Make sure your staff has first aid training. Remember that story of the baby that died because the people entrusted to care for her, formed a prayer circle around her instead of doing CPR? It is an investment that will make you stand out from the crowd.

    The lockdown led to a lot of pregnancies around me...and possibly you too. 2021 will see a lot of parents needing childcare when they return to work.

    Remember: very few people make it big within their 1st couple of have to keep working at it.

    1. Miss E please leave us alone. If we have the option we will travel out and succeed. Poster your friend has given you a Lee way, take her offer. It does not make you a failure. This will give you the opportunity to go for courses relevant for the career part you have chosen and save up real good if you have a good job by God's grace.


    2. Very realistic advice. Especially love the marketing ideas. Watch others still this advice. Lockdown pregnancies are real...I’m one of them lol

  21. Stop fucking Mr A

  22. Stop this entanglement with someone's husband is all I have got to say. He left you to marry someone from his 'tribe's yet he is presently in your life.

    1. We call guys like him cock blockers! She can’t move on to someone else, yet he didn’t marry her and won’t marry her. Poster leave that man alone for good and focus on putting your life together because right now it ain’t together at all! You deserve a financial breakthrough and a family of your own. That man will make your stagnant you watch. Very selfish man who thinks of himself alone and pretending he cares about you. It’s time to really grow up mentally emotionally, and spiritually! Goodluck oo hmmm


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