Stella Dimoko Court Dissolves 18 Month Old Marriage Because The Wife Beat Up The Husband Every Night


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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Court Dissolves 18 Month Old Marriage Because The Wife Beat Up The Husband Every Night

Women are also guilty of Domestic Violence........

A Customary Court in Mapo, Ibadan, on Friday, dissolved an eighteen-month-old marriage between an artisan, Musibau Alimi and his wife, Bolaji, because she beats him and has threatened to cause him harm.

Delivering judgment, Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court, said the marriage was dissolved for the couple not to resort to” self-help”.
Odunade dissolved the union and granted custody of the only child to Bolaji.

He ordered Alimi to pay N5,000 to Bolaji as the child’s monthly upkeep.

Earlier, Alimi, who is a tiller, told the court to dissolve the union because Bolaji beats him.

Alimi said, “Bolaji starts trouble by nagging for no particular reason and also spends most times in her mother’s company.
She returns home in the night to beat me. In fact, I packed out of my own house when Bolaji’s threat to my life became too much to bear.”

On her part, Bolaji, who didn’t deny her husband’s allegations, told the court that her husband was an irresponsible man because he had never cared about her welfare.

“Musibau has never been a caring partner because he comes home anytime he feels and sometimes abandons home for three days.
My mother paid for all my antenatal requirements when I was pregnant.
I only pray the court to compel my husband to be responsible for our child’s welfare,” Bolaji said.

from dailypost.

If he is not caring,you must have seen the signs in the beginning,why now resort to Domestic violence?Walk away instead.


  1. Big Ups 2 Bolaji. I Stan

  2. Bolaji is a tiller kwa? And his wife is beating him, wetin do im muscle? Hahaha.

    Probably he has finished himself with alcohol and gotten diabetic,shaky shaky man.

    Some women have useless mothers who fan the embers of their stupidity and wickedness.
    Biko end the marriage before she kills Bolaji.

    1. Bolaji is the panel beater here o不不不不不不不不

    2. Ewooo, the woman is Bolaji? I ran with the masculine name. Hahaha. Do women bear Bolaji?

      Ngwanu Court dissolve marriage before Bolaji kills Alimi.

      Thanks anony 13:18.

  3. Yeepa! the people who beat others how do they do it ? Ordinary argument sef i dont have energy let alone throwing punches left right and center

    1. Hot tempered wives beat their husbands..
      E plenty for Lagos.

  4. What a nightmare
    I am not surprised that the ladies
    ran away from this post.

    1. When I was practicing
      There was a case of DV the man's Church members were the ones that paid for his dissolution.
      The wife used to beat him silly, one time she even poured stew on him , he was a pastor and wanted to remain upright, he never fought back.
      His church memebers couldn't take it anymore they brought him paid for his case .
      I hate any form of DV one thing I know is a lot of men experience DV but don't just come out to say it , maybe out of shame or masculine ego.

    2. Are the men here?

  5. Females will mostly hail when it's the wife that beats up the husband, but if the husband retaliates or beats up the wife instead, they start barking like an unfriendly dog.
    Some blog visitors here probably slaps her spouse on the head to "correct his head", but the day the man retaliates, she will scream & shout till Russians hear her voice.
    Hypocrisy is the oxygen some people breathe.
    Some males & females are naturally violent & troublesome. If you happen to be on the receiving end of domestic violence, married or not, you may not live long enough to tell the world how much you have been enduring, therefore, I urge you to run for your life so the perfect being for you can see you to marry.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha.
      "...till Russians here her voice.

      E far o.

    2. No one should condone any form of violence.
      How do people raise their hands on their spouse ? It beats me all the time.
      I dont even know how to spank a teenager talk more an adult and my spouse. God forbid.

  6. If he doesn't provide for you just walk away than domestic violence.

  7. i am surprised this post is not gathering enough momemtum that naturally comes in cases of domestic violence such as this. is it because the receiver in this case is a man? this validates what I av always been saying, woman are so self centred and only speaks when the issues don't go in their favor. Hypocrites!

  8. What sort of wife from hell is this? Beating your husband? You are indeed lucky you married a calm man, foolish woman.

  9. She better go apply to join WWE

  10. How on earth will she be doing panel beating work on her husband's body, this woman is not normal


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