Stella Dimoko EndSARS Online Protest Post....


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Saturday, October 10, 2020

EndSARS Online Protest Post....

 Let us organise our #EndSARS protest Online by sending President Buhari a memo.......

Please constructive and instructive in your memo and do not insult the ''old man'' please.....

Dear Mr President Buhari....

Please use #EndSars to prove that you are in charge by ending it,please end SARS now,it is killing Nigerians...We thought poverty is what will kill all Nigerians but SARS seems be be doing a better job than poverty...Innocent Nigerians are dying,we all need to get to old age like you did sir!!

Please end SARS Now!!!


  1. We are tired of walking in fear,security agents are suppose to protect us and not kill us. We are tired of losing our loved ones to police brutality. #ENDSARSNOW#

    1. Pls my darling BVs I wasn't to see over 100 comments here. Pls let us adopt the culture of lending our voices, keyboard energy and passion to worthy's a gradual process...

    2. Pls my darling BVs I wasn't to see over 100 comments here. Pls let us adopt the culture of lending our voices, keyboard energy and passion to worthy's a gradual process...

    3. My president, you have heard it all. End SARS.

  2. Replies
    1. Mr President. End sars now. Tomorrow it may be your child.

  3. Dear Mr President,
    With all sincerity and grievances in our hearts, we've come to express our total disappointment and dissatisfaction on your administration and concluded that you have failed us as a country.
    You pay deaf to all the cries of your citizens which you are supposed to protect, but, instead, you expose us to danger.
    Your citizens whom you're supposed to protect are being killed, brutalized and made homeless by Boko Haram terrorists in the northern part of the country, while the SARS are doing their own harassing, killing and brutalizing of innocent citizens in the Western part and the Eastern part. To all these Mr President, you pay deaf ears like you don't know what's going on.
    Is it the Fulani herdsmen killing we want to talk about.
    Mr President, what pleasure do you derive in all the atrocities aformentioned above?
    Are the bloods and cries of innocent citizens the source of your power and protect? Because, I can not see reason why you are mute in all of these if you're not up to any evil agenda.
    Mr President, we the innocent victims of SARS brutality are calling upon your attention to put an end, a total end to SARS.
    Mr President, with due respect sir, we're using this opportunity to advice you to send them (SARS) to the northern part of the country to fight the Boko Haram terrorists causing unrest.
    Thank you Mr President for the listening ears. May you not only be a listener but also take immediate actions to end this menace.

    Yours faithfully,

    BITCHandSLUT. Com

  4. I was watching a programme on Thursday and they brought a story about a man who spent 22years in Prison for a crime he didn't commit. He was just 16years when he was arrested in a community raid. His sister was also aressted and she was 15. The police told the widowed mother to bail them with 50,000 naira each. The mother sold their property and bailed the daughter but the son was left behind. It was after 22yrs when his youngest brother have graduated and then joined the Nigerian Police that he got a good lawyer who fought for his release. I felt really bad throughput that day knowing that his formative years was snatched away from him because of a very greedy and wicked police man. Please Buhari don't only scrap SARS but reform the whole Nigerian Police Force. There are more bad police men than good ones

    1. Vermillion this story broke me! Such wickedness!!😭😭😭

      Those policemen and their cohorts will never end well. When you see some people you won't know they are reaping a harvest of their evil seeds.

      Mr. President #ENDSARS, end police brutality, end extrajudicial killings❗

    2. This is so heart breaking. Pure wickedness....

    3. This is heart wrenching
      Lord have mercy !!

  5. Dear Mr President, please think about the innocent lives that are being lost daily, from our suppose to be protectors. Don't listen and turn a deaf ear to our cries, DO SOMETHING.

  6. The old man is shocked atm

  7. At this point mr president, I think you should do the needful by speaking to us as per the way forward. We can't continue living like this. Enough is enough.


  8. Dear Mr president

    It is not a crime to use an iPhone.
    It is not a crime to keep dreads.
    It is not a crime to have a laptop.
    It is not a crime to have a car.
    It is not a crime to be young and looking good.
    Mr president In Nigeria, an armed robber could kill you if he feels threatened or feels that you recognize him but a SARS operative could kill you for looking good, just to show that he can.

    We cannot afford to be afraid of being alive and being okay. #EndSarsNow

    Mr president you are 77 years old while I am in my late twenties, but the probability of you celebrating your 90th or 100th birthday is higher than the probability of me staying alive until my 30th birthday not because I have a terminal illness but because I am a young Nigerian living in Nigeria with SARS preying around every now & then😫.

    Mr president i and millions of other Nigerians but home & abroad are pleading with you to finally end SARS. Every single officer in the defunct unit should be recruited into the army and sent to the Northeast to help combat insurgency. Leaving them in NPF (No matter what unit) may prove disastrous. Thanks 😔

    1. Chia this yours brought tears in my eyes please Mr president Endsars now.

    2. Chia this yours brought tears in my eyes please Mr president Endsars now.

    3. This is a good one Isaac.

      I concur.

      Mr President,

      I had a close shave with death with the SARS officers in 2019 at Apple Junction, Amuwo Odofin Estate - Lagos because of a car I rode in.
      They insisted the money used to acquire such must have come from illegal dealings even when I tendered IDs.

      It took efforts of two Nigerian families who crossed the junction with their cars for them to release my key, I left the scene with a broken wrist.

      The nightmare lingers.


    4. The supposed guide are threats to our life...Mr President please#ENDSARS now

  9. These people are suppose to protect us and not to trigger fear in us. Please Mr president let's end SARS now.# ENDSARSNOW#

  10. Dear Mr. President!
    The blood of our young ones are crying for mercy/help from the hands of the people that were supposed to protect them. Some can't even find rest at the other side because their lives were cut short.

    Mr. President, walking around with your phone is not a crime:
    Having your laptop with you is not a crime
    Wearing rasta hairstyle does not make one a criminal! In short, we are Africans and many of us were born with rasta hair. Rastafarians are not hooligans., It is part of who we are. The law enforcement has no rights whatsoever to be harassing our youths because they choose to wear their hair in locs.

    Nobody should be harassed or arrested due to their hairstyle or due to how they are dressed.

    Mr. President, a lot of parents are now mourning the death of their children, a pain that will never go away.

    I support law enforcement but, I do not support them using their power to kill our youths, harassing us, steal from us and arresting us.
    Please, Mr. President, we gave you the power that you now possess, use your authority to put an end to this inhumane treatments of our youths. Disband SARS and their likes. Officers found guilty should be sentenced to life in prison.
    Tell them to stop harassing our youths.
    They should stop killing our youths
    They should stop stealing from them
    They should stop making parents mourn their kids.

    They should stop intimidating us because they have guns.

    We are tired of the inhumane treatments
    We want to live
    Let us breath

    Thank you

  11. Mr President, I know you are in shock, let's hope you come out of it soon enough and act. Mr President, how distasteful is it that the squad that was set up to fight robbery, amongst other acts of criminality is now the squad indulging in the very act? The squad set up to protect the masses is now the oppressor...all under your watch. In view of these acts of atrocities, the acting president made an attempt in August, 2018 to reform this squad. He felt that perhaps a change of name and few DOs and DONTs here and there would bring about the change, but that didn't do the job.
    Your advisers might have brandished you with the opinion that those in support of the #endSARS movement are criminals... As far as we are concerned, that is talks for Dogs. Are the innocent people whose lives were cut short by this hoodlums in uniform criminals?

    Mr President, I think its long overdue for FSARS to be completely overhauled. The lives of the people that you have sworn to protect are no longer safe. I am afraid that if FSARS is not nipped in the bud, we just might have for ourselves another terrorist group that has been federally approved.

  12. We are tired of everyday killing of innocent NireriaYounths by sars..Mr president ,pls EndSars now..#EndSarsonlineprotester#

  13. They gave guns to formal criminals and kidnappers and named them SARS

  14. Mr President please do something .
    We were stopped by these set of people at festac Gate. And I almost passed out. Thinking they were armed robbers. No identification and thier dressing was scary with long guns.
    My brother inlaw was beaten up by SARS in Benin because he was carrying a laptop .

  15. SARS should end IMMEDIATELY. Some are saying they should be reformed as if they don't know even court judgements are disregarded in this country how much more the armed robbers in uniform with guns facing civilians. It is when you have not encountered them you talk about them being reformed.

    A Facebook post yesterday about people's encounter with SARS will leave you sad and annoyed. #ENDSARS was the most trended hashtag worldwide on Friday. They should be disbanded immediately.

    And for those that argue for them, how the bad ones are spoiling the good ones, know that there is no good SARS officer. One even drives Venza car. Let them upgrade MOPOL to fight crime instead of opening doors for politicians and celebs.


  16. Mr President, please stop shocking and end the killings by SARS. I don't want them to be disbanded but all their activities should be curtailed.

    The blood bank is over flowing

  17. #End SARS Now ....
    Dear Mr President ,
    Pls look into dis Issue and proffer a Win / Win solution .
    I know U can do it !
    Thanks in Advance .
    Yours Faithfully .

  18. It would be hard for me to write a comment and not to insult the old man who insults my intelligence daily with his words, policies, actions, inactions and body language..

    I'll have to pass on this..

    So I don't end up making a long comment that Stella won't approve.

    The shit hole needs to be restructured or #End Nigeria..

    E go be✌

  19. Mr. President. Nigerians voted massively for you because of your integrity.
    Baba. Why have you kept silent to the cry of Nigerians?. Why are you watching the Nigeria that we joyfully handed over to you to crumble?
    Why have you kept silent and watch the good name you have built for years dragged to the gutters?
    Baba NOTHING IS WORKING!. Nobody is being held accountable any more for wrong deeds. You vowed to defend US.
    Wake up Sir. Take charge as a gallant solider. #Overhaul all political appointees#. $ENDSARS NOW#

  20. Let's end APC/ buhari regime too as we are ending sars, God bless

  21. End APc,end Buhari, end SARS infact end Nigeria, let everyone go their separate ways

  22. Dear Mr President, please think about the innocent lives that are being wasted on a daily basis, from the hands of those who called themselves "our friend" all because of greed. Think about the pain being caused to their families, all those lives being cut short.. They are all young youth trying to survive and make ends meet! Listen to our cries and DO SOMETHING sir #ENDSARS #SAVELIVES

  23. Dear Mr president, you made a promise to serve and protect us druring your inauguration...Now is the time to fulfil your promise...#EndSARS

  24. Dear Mr President I'll send my message via African China's song:

    Mr President, lead us well.
    If you be Governor, govern us well.
    If you be senator; Senate am well.
    If you be Police; police well well. No dey take bribe.


  25. SARS still operated in my estate yesterday (abesan estate, ipaja), especially on my street, Wesley street, a shoe cobbler was forced into their Siena car and they extorted 7k from the poor guy, they had plenty young men in the vehicle whom they accosted and labelled Yahoo guys, ofcourse they were holding guns, who dare challenge them? So I'm thinking they will start operating inside low key streets, especially where retirees live, as I can't go to the street to protest, let me do mine here, video of them in the estate was uploaded on IG by olorisupergal #ENDSARS NOW

  26. Also how do you even know if they are truly who they say they are when they accost you, you can't ask for their identification, na slap you go chop, they will immediately cock their guns , and ask you to keep shut, when you realise you can die like chicken in their hands and nothing will come out of it, you comply with whatever directives you are given, #ENDSARS

  27. Dear Mr President,
    I bring you good tidings. I am of the opinion that the NPF needs a total overhaul and re- orientation. SARS operatives are from the NPF. Ending SARS means they are still back in the police force to continue with their evil duties in a different way. Sir, reform the police as an institution and not #ENDSARS. The NPF is the real problem. It needs urgent and immediate reforms across board.

  28. Dear Mr. President,
    Wake up and do something NOW! Your attitude and body language always seems to betray the fact that you swore to protect us. The youths, especially young Nigerian men cannot move about freely without harassment from these criminals that the Federal government has empowered.
    In Nigeria today, it is a crime to look good as a young man, worst if you have a car and God help you that a laptop is found in your possession. How can someone's phone be checked by these criminals without warrant? If nothing is found on you, they frame you up and make u part with money. Any attempt to resist could lead to loss of life of a promising soul. Mr. President Sir, SARS officials take people to the ATM to take their hard earned money from them. SARS officials check people's account balances right there on the spot without warrant and without no just cause. They have committed so much atrocities that they are no different from criminals.
    Mr. President, let this be the only one thing that your administration will do right. #ENDSARSNOW

  29. Mr President as a father, imagine if your own biological child is killed for no reason other than carrying an expensive phone, laptop or just looking good.baba please in the name of Allah we beg you,help us end SARS,our lives,the lives of our children and loved ones are in danger, it is not too late to transform Nigeria to good as you promised.Nigeria is our home no matter where we go.home is home, make it a safe one for us.

  30. Mr president pls #ENDSARS now Nigerians are our youths are living in fear. We can't continue like this.

  31. Onyema my cousin brother was killed by SARS officials in the year 2002 at the age of 22years😭 without doing nothing.

    They can never have peace of mind especially those that have their hands in his death .It's a long and sad story oh God, let me stop here now!😭.

    Keep resting Nnaa o as we fondly call you.


  32. Enough is enough. How many people have to die before something is done?

    Dear Mr. President,
    Nigerians voted you in because you promised change.
    Make the change happen by Ending SARS now. We are tired of innocent people being robbed, dehumanised and murdered by thesame people given the task of protecting them. Our lives matters, our children's lives matters, the future of our children matters. Please do something now. #ENDSARSNOW

  34. Dear Mr. President,

    Nigerian voted for your because they had confidence in your ability to move this nation forward. Prove your detractors wrong by responding to the plight of Nigerians, be genuinely concerned and show Nigerians you care.

    If ending SARs is the only thing you do this month, please do it.


  35. Mr President,
    We plead with you to help us put an end to Sars, we will appreciate it if it is the only thing that you can do for us this year. We are tried of losing our brothers and sisters for no reason. Kindly do something about it.

    I also used this medium to call on the following:
    Dear @Apple: Nigerian policemen kill young people for owning an iPhone.
    Dear @MercedesBenz: Nigerian policemen kill young people for buying your cars.
    Dear @Nike @adidas: Are you aware young people are killed for buying your trainers?

    Pls lend a voice and join us in pleading with our president to put an end to all this.

    # EndSarsNow

  36. I'm not safe in my own country again
    The youths are no longer safe in their father's land
    Innocent youths blood are being wasted on a daily (yeah, their blood is crying)
    Looking good is now a crime in my native land
    Help us #EndSars now

  37. Do we really expect the police to be different from the society where they were recruited. A society where we maltreat and sometimes kill our house helps, treat our gatemen and drivers like subhumans. A society where our bosses at work treat us like slaves. A society where we criticise and condemn the government but once we enter the corridors of power, we start looking down on others.

    Who are those within our families that we allow to join the police force. Is it not those we think are worthless, those we think have no hope, criminals and societal rejects

    How many of you have gone to any of the police colleges to see the environment where our brothers and sisters are trained to be policemen and women. How do you treat a group of people like animals and expect the best from them.

    Growing up in this country policemen were respected, well dressed and always clean. They didn't have to harass people to raise money to fuel their vehicles. Today, they give a group of policemen a van without fuelling the van, they have to raise money to fuel the van. They give kickbacks to their superiors from the money raised. They buy their own uniform and shoes. In the past they were given free accommodation in the barracks

    I am not rationalising the killing of innocent young men and women. I can never rationalise that nonsense. I am simply saying if they are treated right we won't hear most of the trash we hear today. How do give a DPO 400 Naira to run a police station per day. Hundreds of billions is budgeted for the police every year. Who are those stealing the money?

  38. Mr president please listen to our plea and end this Sars. This people has done us more harm than good. They are after their own pocket and gets what they want by infringing pains to Nigerians especially the youths.

    This is a country we call home, but we go out every day scared of this people and always pray not to encounter them before leaving our abode. We can't continue to live like this in our country, end this Sars without delay we beg you sir.

  39. Mr. President we Nigerians are not happy with the state of hardship, insecurities, Please act now and Safe the nation. End Sars now. I have seen them mistreat and pickup, humiliate innocent citizens yet nothing been done about it. Please #EndSars now...

  40. Mr President, we need your urgent attention concerning the havoc the SARS is causing in Nigeria. Lives of important and vibrant men have been wasted....
    Sir, act fast and urgently.#Endsarsnow....

  41. Mr President, your voice is needed here, those young youth killed also voted for you believing that things would be better under your stewardship. Now, is the the time to act in order to stop the senseless killing of the next generation.

    They aspire to grow old too,but their lives were cut short because of the unprecedented activities of the men in black. We plead with you to please feel the plight of those parents that have lost their loved ones. Remember when you almost lost your son to a freak accident, how did you feel then,now think about the fear of every parents when their young ones live the house.


  42. Armed Robbers don't kill anymore. They just take Material possessions and leave
    It's SARS that's doing most of the killings.#EndSARS

  43. Nigerian Police Force needs a total reform, these officers need mental health evaluation.
    There's so much intimidation and extortion going on , a lot of innocent souls have died , I lost a cousin some years back.
    The use of non police vehicles is also something that should be looked into , I hear they operate using Sienna and other kinds of Vehicles.
    People cannot move freely especially at night out of fear of what would happen to them if apprehended by Sars or any of these uniform men, people pray to encounter armed robbers instead of Sars.
    Enough is Enough and it's about time something is done about this horrendous situation.
    The people that should protect lives and properties shouldn't be the ones taking lives and properties.

  44. My colleague was apprehended last December,obviously cos he was driving a nice car, they checked his brother's phone and concluded he is a yahoo boy.

    The officer seized his phone so he can't call anybody, tore his shirt, pointed a corked gun at him, he ended up parting with 100k. Even if the police are not well taken care of, becoming a criminal isn't the way forward. Country is hard for everybody, not only them. #ENDSARS# now.

  45. With all due respect Sir # EndSARSNow‼️

  46. Dear Mr President, I know you will not read this, you have done well in placing your government very far from the people and maintaining a very silent disposition toward the plight of the people you govern, especially if they don’t fall in your preferred categories.
    So my plea is to all others who have a voice in the corridors of power, pull your weight behind this cause and push for the discontinuation of this agency. A good number of these SARS officers are abusing the power and arms given to them; rather than fight crime, they reduce themselves to government-backed bandits. For no reason they extort and imprison and murder. Impress it upon the president to do something!

  47. Mr President,

    Going by the 1999 constitution, every citizen has the right to move freely in Nigeria.

    This is a fundamental human right that is obtainable all over the world.

    This freedom is being jeopardized by the so called men in uniform especially Sarz.

    These terrorists harass and intimidate us, beat us, threaten and kill us, they extort us, chase people to their deaths and even rape women. They evade people's privacy by checking their account details, pictures, phones etc and storm into people's homes indiscriminately.

    We no longer feel safe, they have done more harm than good, the bad eggs outnumber the good ones. We are even more scared of them than the so called criminals!!

    Not everyone is a criminal or Yahoo boy and even when they apprehend these criminals, they collect bribe from them and let them go.

    Sir, how many more have to die for you to act?

    It doesn't have to hit close to home for you to nip this in the bud.

    Why are you oblivious about happenings in a country you govern and swore to protect?

    Issues like these should be addressed swiftly.

    Since the purpose for which they were created is no longer useful and they have clearly derailed, we urge you to ban them or deploy them to fight Boko Haram.

    Finally, the army, the Nigerian Police, Customs, Immigration all need a total overhaul and reformation. They have all lost the plot.

  48. Mr President, we are tired of police harassment and brutality.

  49. Mr President
    We provide our own water
    We provide our own electricity
    We provide our own security
    We provide our own jobs
    We provide our own shelter
    We even fix our own roads.
    The least the government can do is make sure we are not dying at the hands of the Police, especially the SARS. The SARS are the most corrupt force in Nigeria currently. Instead of going after robbers, they go after innocent citizens to kill, rape, extort, maim and instill fear in us. On what planet does lae abiding tax paying citizens live in fear of the police that their tax pays their salaries? The police are meant to protect us not kill us. Even a baby in Nigeria knows that the police is not our friend. We have a right to live and we want to live.
    Below are our demands
    1. End SARS!
    2. End Police Brutality!
    3. Top to Bottom Police Reform!
    4. Prosecute all the officers involved in the menace both past and present!
    5. Stop harassing protesters!
    6. Fix the system.
    7. End SARS!


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