Stella Dimoko Evening Laughs


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Evening Laughs



  1. Men just keep deceiving themselves, doesn't this actually happen the other way round?
    Women are the ones who usually admit they are wrong, apologise and change their ways and not men.

  2. First comment got me laughing out loud. Some women hardly admit being wrong let alone apologizing. I run from such women honestly.

  3. No 2 is so me !!!!!
    Lmao I always get compliments about my skin and that's always my response lmao

    1. Lol!
      You are so like my mom and compliment!
      Over modesty dot com!

      Hi Choco Choco!!

    2. If you were Igbo you'll be in our team.
      Team python skin. Aru eke,shiny till the end of time.

    3. @TWE how are you mama xoxo

      @exceptional mom hahaha lmao @ over modesty lmao

      @XP mama aye whether I'm igbo or not I'm now an official team member

  4. Biko the table has turned. Women cannot be defined anyhow again. They are changing the narratives positively on all levels.

  5. A womans apology: "Are you still angry?"

  6. So ironic,I understand the sarcasm.

  7. Ma'am Stella I nor fit laugh oh, as the killings in lagos is making me sad oh 😭😭😭😭😭😭


  8. Hve never been this emotional all my life 💔💔💔 y all this killings.... God of vengeance,aveange for ur children... Vibrant/innocent youths are been killed for no reason.. 😭😭😭

  9. There is absolutely nothing to laugh about with what is going on in Lagos tonight

  10. PA, please i need this data more than ever oo, with what is happening right now, pick me o, I sent you a mail

  11. There's nothing to laugh about with all our young ones dying


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