Stella Dimoko Man Sent On Indefinite Suspension For Flouting Company's COVID 19 Rules And Taking Part In End SARS Protest


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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Man Sent On Indefinite Suspension For Flouting Company's COVID 19 Rules And Taking Part In End SARS Protest

Sam joined the protest to #EndSARS,his company found out and sent him on suspension because they assume he has contacted COVID 19 and ''Don't want him to spread the disease'' in the Office....

Right course,wrong timing!



  1. Replies
    1. So the people don't go out at all bah. No church,or mosque or markets. Brother take heart. No even time frame for the suspension, just hope it dose not lead to sack.

  2. Replies
    1. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

    2. Everybody in my office supported the movement but online. Don't be stupid!

  3. Yep! That's the way the cookie crumbles. Rules are rules.

  4. Dude, you have just made a second mistake by bringing your company to
    the "online mob court" without any hint to
    Perhaps, that suspension letter will
    now be converted to sack letter.
    Will those "celebs" that led you on
    now bail you out?

    1. I taya for some people in this season where jobs are very scarce would have found a way to retain your job by negotiating with your social media go finish some youths he could have gone to the protest but he had to post it and maybe tag some of his colleagues to show he is current

  5. Are we not all working to contain and prevent the spread of covid 19.
    company did the right thing.
    You cannot repair a wrong with another
    Nobody remembered social distancing when they were doing mob action on
    the streets. Same people that condemned
    those who attended burials and birthdays?
    Isn't that hypocrisy.

  6. Hmmmmm. From an official angle this is dicey if this letter is not fake. They should have asked him to isolate for 14 days why they investigate the matter not suspension. I hope he took time off work to join the protest because if they can defend that he was supposed to be at work they can issue him a final warning or even a sack for neglect of duties. He should just start looking for another job or business to begin even if they call him back. This is not a healthy place to work with.

    1. Some Nigerian companies are worse. Nigerian Labour Laws are not for Nigerian employers. Very mean people.

  7. Change is a painful process.

  8. The company dey disguise jor. After work do they used to follow him around to know the kind of places he hangs out and all the people he mingles with? Just because this protest was posted? They never talk their problem with him

  9. They have been looking for a way to lay him off

  10. This is the most unprofessional letter from an HR I have ever seen. Lol someone needs to learn how to write formal letters.

    To the employee, I would have sacked you to if I were the management of your company. Rules are rules, you either abide or leave.

  11. A few comments started to make sense then veered off the mark.

    Yes, the staff SHOULD NOT HAVE POSTED his suspension on social media❗❗(though he did not mention his company's name).

    However, :

    1. Are those rules documented and circulated amongst staff?

    2. Are the sanctions for breach of the rules clearly specified in documentary evidence in (1)?

    3. Did he absent himself from work in any guise to partake in the protest?

    4. Did the employer request that the staff go for Covid-19 Test and proceed on a 14-day self-isolation period according to NCDC guidelines?

    If the answer to 1-4 is no, then the staff should engage the HR for a peaceful resolution or can seek redress in or out of court with a good lawyer.

    However, if he breached the company's rules in 1 and 2 during his off-duty hours, the company should only ask for Covid-19 Test and a 14-day self-isolation period.


    Oh, a bank staff that was laid off due to branch manager's victimization (without any cogent reason) , engaged a good lawyer and got paid out of court settlement by the bank.

    EQUITY & FAIRNESS ON BOTH SIDES (Employer-Employee).

  12. Too bad. U left work to go and protest. U should even have been sacked. That shows lack of responsibility. Shows ur mind was not in moving the company toward. And u even came to write it out here. Nonsense sombori


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