Stella Dimoko Memo To All Nigerians In Nigeria Concerning #EndSARS And #EndPoliceBrutality Protests..


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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Memo To All Nigerians In Nigeria Concerning #EndSARS And #EndPoliceBrutality Protests..


This is a memo to all Nigerians to be careful of joining in any protest to end SARS or Police brutality.........I have a feeling that the protests have been hijacked for bad..........

Police are beginning to get Killed and i think its time to postpone all protests as no one in Particular can guarantee anyone's safety right now.......Most people urging on for the protests to continue are doing so with their social media handles from a safe place....

Please use your internet and social media handles to continue from where you all got SARS to be disbanded....Please use your heads to avoid the avoidable........

Nigeria is not a Country to die for right now and this is the plain truth,please get on your drawing boards and map out strategies,we do not want the Police or the protesters dying,we want to be heard the Worldwide...voices and plans to move Nigeria forward and not protests that have been hijacked for selfish reasons ooooh.

If you join any Celeb to protest,please make sure you get them to sign a form promising to take care of your family if you are killed otherwise,it is time to get the protests off the streets....

Rest in Peace to all those who died trying to make Nigeria a better place and to all those who died on Monday's protests,get well soon to all beaten and brutalised...Change the Plan,while we watch President Buhari reform the Police as promised...

Do i make any sense?if you feel this memo is out of place,please continue with your ''peaceful' protests....


  1. I concur with you Ma.This is getting bloody the way it is going now. May God protect everyone out there

    1. This is what the government expects from us
      Make noise and then go back home.

      You think this is only about ending sars, stella this is a revolution.

      During a revolution people will die, we pray they don't but if we are not willing to die for something we will die for nothing.

      Buhari is a strong willed man, we have to be strong willed to prove a point.

      Block all their businesses,they will be pushed to talk.
      No one is being violent, why would you shoot at people in a democratic nation?

      We are sending a message to these old politicians, we can't all move to Canada, they have refused to divide the nation.

      What we want now is to be alive, but after that we will start demanding what we deserve.

  2. I. Agree with you Stella.
    My younger brother said he is joining the protest today, I had to tell him not to,that it has been hijacked.
    It's no longer the peaceful protest that it was days back.

    1. All the protest i witnessed today were peaceful. From Ikosi youths to the Lawyers at Ikeja.

  3. I honestly feel that with what the IG of police has said, we should give them a time frame and see if they will act on it. I understand that even after the announcement, some SARS were seen on the roads harassing people still I wouldn’t want any protester to be injured or killed again cos these police officers will not hesitate to shoot anyone. Let’s give them at least two weeks to get on this new change before we proceed.

  4. Thanks Stella for this, my sentiments exactly.

  5. This is what I have been saying right here in my comments since this protests started.
    As usual, those shooters πŸ”«πŸΉthat will
    attack once they see my comments (even without reading my reasonings)
    went to work and shot me more than SARS men.
    I actually used this word "hijacked." And that the protest should be fore "reform" and not "ban"
    So, let me ask again to the shooters.
    How una (gala) market o oo?

    1. Our gala market dey go well oh,Mad man Ang,oh sorry, I meant Madam ANG.
      And by the way, its 'for' and not 'fore' like you shot in your shot above. 😘

  6. Stella, they won’t hear you, they are tone deaf until it gets out of hand and we really have cause to complain.

    The writing is on the wall o

  7. We don't want reform again, we want revolution.

  8. I sense it too.

  9. You made sense. Even after igp has disbanded them, they still do not want to agree.

    Na dem sabi. There is no congratulations in death, be wise.

    Sanwo has already begged you people to leave the protest for now.

    If you like, be like flies and follow dead body enter graves.

    Protests in Nigeria does not end well. Let's be wise

  10. Stella,you have spoken well. In every beginning, there's an end. I think at this point,the protest should stop. I believe everyone has seen and heard our cry. The world is watching. Buhari will definitely something. Let's end the protest now.

  11. Those who have ears let them hear,thanku

  12. The youth are awake, yes I hate violence... Can we all I dump the APC and PDP monopoly and elect a youth(under 55yrs) in the next election . united we stand
    #say no to recycled leaders
    #say to no old men as president
    #say no to god fatherism
    #say no to corruption
    #say no to violence edakun
    Lets make our votes count
    #lets say yes to a better tomorrow
    #a free and fair nation

  13. First paragraph,line 4 is untrue, celebrities are out there protesting like their life depend on it, they're actually helping the low class out,they can find their way out of police brutality because they have a name,who will help the nameless?
    Stella, Nigerians should stop the rubbish the government dish out daily as if we're not humans.Using social media only won't make the government consider it as a serious thing.
    I look forward to reading Mr Ngozi post on Friday,his story about Mohammed Bouazizi still rings in my brain.

  14. You made a lot of sense, Stella.

    I pray that God will give us leaders that are not selfish and wicked that won't need people to protest before the right things are done. Amen.

  15. The memo is very much needed. Protest safely not just peacefully.

  16. Your memo is out of place. Change will not happen by itself or just online. You say this because SARS hasn’t personally taken someone from your family.

    Nigerians if you can’t join the protest do your part and donate money for the conveners, help retweet and trend the hashtags, draw attention to people with influence online when information about someone who is unjustly arrested is posted.

    If on ground, safely get a video of police harassment when you see it.
    We must not be silent now, this menace we are fighting against can happen to any Nigerian leaving their house tomorrow.

    I’ve tried my best to stay alert to news of protesters being arrested, tagging world news platforms, tagging governors, tagging law makers, celebrities that have a voice, people like ruggedman, segakink, retweeting contact details of free volunteer lawyers etc.

    It could be you or your loved one next, and while in that cell afraid and unsure of your fate you’ll wish there were people out here trying to make sure you get out safe. Let’s do our part please.

    1. God bless you for this comment

    2. You always make sense!πŸ‘
      Stella change sometimes comes with drastic measures. Don't dissuade the protesters.

    3. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    4. Thank you all for seeing it this way. Even though I live abroad I miss Nigeria so much, I only wish my children could grow up in a world leaving Nigeria was a prayer point for the average ordinary Nigerian.

      I have never seen Nigerians youths more united over anything because we’re all in this together.
      The way we fought for the people that were arrested yesterday heart was just beating, I was so scared, and I put myself in their shoes because people I know are also out there protesting. Imagine if it was them I saw in those videos? I fought for those people the way I would have prayed that fellow Nigerians will fight for me and mine.

      You can’t even plan your future because you don’t know if going to drink pepper soup in beer parlour will get you locked up and your family won’t even know where you are.
      We have momentum, let’s use it wisely. Please send protesters water if you can, food if you can, if you can pick up plastics and water bottles after them in your area please do.

    5. God bless you for not joining the bandwagon of old uninformed ediots. A lot of people re citing like it’s not the same Nigeria that has been promising and failing for the last 30 years. The protesters are being killed and framed by the police and people are eating it all up. Shame on them.

    6. Exactly what I am saying
      Change will not just happen.
      Celebrities got arrested in the America during their protest.

      At this point they should keep arresting o
      We are ready for them.

      We need to make a huge statement, let the world hear us
      If our radio and television stations will not play it let's make enough noise for CNN to carry it.

      I am more than ready, we can't keep being mute.
      The mau may fighters did it, we can too.

    7. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

    8. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    9. God bless you,i didn't sleep last night until some innocent protesters were released. We are the leaders of tomorrow and change starts with us,no time for cowardice!!! Now or Never #ENSARSNOW# #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY# #WEARETIRED#

  17. That ‘Buhari reform the police’ just be like when them use bitter leaf wash mouth! 😭 tufiakwa!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  18. Stella God bless you for this, please I encourage you guys to read and digest this.

  19. Protest is ongoing right now in PH city despite the governor's warning.
    Some are now referring to him as a bandit governor for placing a ban on the protest.

  20. The memo make sense. Thank you for it

  21. Safety first.....use your social media handle to protest for now,your life is all that matters.

  22. Next time the youth should choose their fight wisely. No protest for hardship, poverty, terrorism, bad Governance, useless policy that has killed more people in the country but they are protesting to end SARS. Now the SARS unit has been dissolved so go home. Next time choose a fight with lasting positive impact. Protesting for end SARS is like trying to kill a snake by cutting the tail, you kill a snake by cutting the head. If we really need change then The right protest is for good Governance, available Jobs for Nigerians and against bad policies especially policy that is putting Nigerians in more difficult situations and making us one of the most poorest country in the world and our senators one of the highest paying senators in the world. Youths choose your fight well,ending SARS is needed but can't be effective if our politicians still treats us like slaves and carry themselves as masters. The power of our politicians needs to be checkmated, so they know their actions will be responded by reactions at any time. If we fight the big fight, believe me you the police will fall in place.

    1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    2. Nah.. I don't agree with you.. if they had chosen any of those things you highline, the protest wouldn't work. There won't be this kind of unity as it would be tagged APC against PDP protest, so while one is protesting for, others would be protesting against. We have seen it happen various times.
      Nigeria is do divided among various lines, parties, ethnic,religious etc and this government have been using it to their advantage.
      They never foresaw what's happening now, they thought they had it all under control.. the unity among the youth is strong, I'm talking of in the south, you noticed how they tried 'rubbishing' the struggle in the north but that can't work except they get people from the south who they'll pay to do what they're doing in the north, these is something that can't happen, not because we don't have greedy people who would want the monies but with the way people dey vex, them never born their papa well to try that rubbish..

      The #End Sars harsh tag is just a front, we are actually protesting against bad governance, and this government with their shallow reasoning would make it easier with the mistake they're about to make..



    3. I beg to differ.
      No just fight is more important than the other.
      Let people start somewhere. Somehow.
      Imagine what we’d fight for next if this gets sorted out for real.

    4. See you
      You think it's about sars
      This is actually against bad governances
      We are all tired man.
      They really need the government to bend, if this will unite the youths then so be it.

      One lady was asked who is the leader of the protest and she said "we are all one"
      More than ever I believe in Nigeria.

  23. A lot of the girls here a hypocritical.
    All of you are now chanting "thanks Stella, it is true, I sensed it too"
    The same people that were attacking me with all their might when
    I began reminding us that this is not a peaceful protest but a
    hijacked violence against the police. The comments are still there.
    You ladies have got no shame in hypocrisy! Pharisees!

    1. ANG the Jew,can you now rest.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    2. @ms tee
      The Pharisees are also Jews but they are hypocrites.
      You dodged the issues I raised. Even as of yesterday, were
      you all not chanting "Ban police, burn the streets..." and attacking me in the process
      for thinking differently?
      why the hypocritical "I knew it, I said it.." today?

  24. Who are those hijacking the protest, please mention names . There are no protest leaders. They disbanded SARs, yes but did they immediately follow up with how they are going to reform the police force. This the fourth time they are disbanding SARS. Nobody is sponsoring the protest and nobody is hijacking it. The policeman that was killed in Delta was no where near the protest grounds. He was killed by armed robbers, who went on to kill the chairman of a local market. You people always have ways of trying to discourage people. But when youths abroad do the same thing you sing their praises. I have followed the protest closely, I have seen the selflessness of the youths. Doctors are volunteering, people are bringing in ambulances, food, water. Only Sowore and his useless revolution now tried to hijack the protest on the second day and people stood up to them. They have made sure no politician is supporting / sponsoring them. Appreciate what they are doing instead of your deliberate effort to discourage them. Black lives matter have been protesting for months and nobody is claiming hijack.

    1. This one that u are making sense today. I applaud you.

    2. God bless you, Stella is just I'm her feelings.

    3. God bless you. People will be giving their two cents in an economy that don’t trade dollars.

    4. God bless you πŸ™πŸΎ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    5. Spot on😘😘

    6. God bless you Alexander. I shook my head in shame when i read this post. "If you join any Celeb to protest,please make sure you get them to sign a form promising to take care of your family" - rubbish talk

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Stella please no police was killed.It is the police that have been tear gassing,throwing water canon and shooting at unarmed protesters. This continued after the IG claimed to have issued directive not to do so. The police force is bereft of discipline and accountability. No respect for constituted authority. Protesters should be careful and avoid all altercation with the insane police men. The protesters have conducted themselves in a civil manner and no hijack has taken place.

    1. I dunno how this is not clear. BTW, if police was even killed, it must have been in retaliation. For how long will we keep watching people kill others just cos they were legally given guns.

      Let them protest for as long as it would take to get things done and not just done, but rightly done.

      People can't join them in this fight yet they will not just unlook but join hands in castigating the heroes.

  27. This memo is all shades of wrong. Nigeria is worth dying for,it's the only country we have.Change sometimes comes through blood,sweat and tears.
    Please don't dampen the spirit of the people,you don't wear the shoe so you won't know where it pinches,pleaseπŸ‘,don't dissuade if you won't encourage.

  28. The violence is too much and I knew it would get to this. Stay safe fam.

  29. I disagree with you on this Stella, people have been silence for too long. Let the victims or families of victims recount their stories you will know this is long over due.

    Also people are tired of the deplorable state of the nation, the SARS issue just compounded it, by the way Oyo Governor has provided Soldiers to protect protesters.

  30. No Stella enough is enough.

    If I had my way, I would have happily joined.

    Let me continue to pray for them.

    May God protect the protesters

  31. Stella please na. Don’t do this.
    For Pete’s sake can we acknowledge the fact that for once about 80% of the nation is uniting Together?
    This is how revolution starts.
    For how long do we draw a plan?
    Tell me, when this fight is over, don’t you think we’d start feeling like we can be heard all over the world regarding other things in this nation?
    The government is making this fight hard because they don’t want to succumb to our pressure. They don’t want us to start feeling like our voice actually counts. They know if they succumb easily, we’d make more demands, making them feel powerless over us.
    Fear is what they use against us and once we are fearless, think about many other things we could fight for.
    Nah this should be the beginning.
    And yes, conspiracy theories about hijack is bound to emerge from a protest as global as this.
    May God grant the departed souls eternal rest..

  32. 1. No police was killed by the protesters, it was by their colleagues.

    2. Every person that has associated themselves physically with the protest are being looked out for.

    3. The youths have all spoken with one voice and are also backing it up with words.

    4. No celebrity brought us out of our homes so we don't need them.

    5. Until we make headway, there will be no backing down.

  33. More people will die not fighting. There is no time blood will not be spilled in the liberation of this country from whatever shackles that holds us back.

  34. Stella lemme say it in the nonsense . God bless you. Sense follow you Dimokokorkus


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