Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Denies Reports That 20 Corpses From Lekki Massacre Is In Their Morgue


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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Nigerian Army Denies Reports That 20 Corpses From Lekki Massacre Is In Their Morgue



  1. Will they also deny killing people at oyigbo?

    Why are they killing igbo's, some people have fled, why is no one talking about this?

    1. Is oyingbo strictly occupied by Igbos? So b4 the shoot they ask your tribe?

    2. Saphire thanks for this your question, I don't know what is wrong with my tribal people

  2. Let me tell whomsoever that shot at our innocent, armless and harmless youth, protesting with Nigerian flag just for a decent Nigeria, you can run but you can't hide,cook up all kind of lies to cover up your sins, the judgement shall be passed upon your children,may you never have any useful child to help you at old age. As you killed these promising youths that refused to leave their father land and have a dream of a new Nigeria,may pain ,agony, sickness of unknown origin be your lot in Jesus name amen. My heart is broken. May you bury your own children in a very painful way. Ofoooooor.😥😥😥🤲

  3. So according to SaharaReporters,

    The Military KILLED people at the Lekki Toll Gate.

    Same Military carried away the corpses from Lekki to Ikeja to go conduct POSTMORTEM EXAMINATIONS on them.

    Honestly, this could only make sense to their target BABY AUDIENCE.

    SaharaReporters knows that most of our young people use emotions to think, so anything goes. If they give them any senseless stuff like such, they'll run with it. It's such a shame tho. You concoct such "exclusive news" without any solid evidence. SMH

    1. Weyrey Alaso

    2. Eesah or Mr nobody as you rightfully should be addressed, you desperately need to be admitted in a psychiatric institution and this is coming from a place of love, okay?

      I work in Lasuth and I can authoritatively tell you that over 60 corpses are presently in our morgue. Over 20 out of the corpses were TRULY brought from the military hospital. I have seen them, no be 'dem say'
      People were REALLY shot at in the Lekki MASSACRE, some died, some suffered serious gunshot wounds.

      We have several gunshot patients(still alive) in our surgical wards who right now, are struggling to pay their medical bills because the hospital management put a stop to free medical treatments, drugs and other consumables.

      SO PLEASE, even if you're a paid agent or whatever, think of your Maker and don't mess with the dead.

  4. The Nigerian Army are serial liars, I have never seen a situation where they told the truth. Sahara reporters reportage is in order. Give the NA two more days, they will make a U-turn that they never said that.

  5. Sure.
    Just like they 'fake newsed' reports that they were at the toll gate.
    Or that they shot at anyone.
    Forked-tongued people.

  6. What is going on?
    Somebody put an end to this nightmare. Aarrgghh!


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