Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Officially Stops Salaries Of Lecturers Not Enrolled On IPPIS


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Monday, October 12, 2020

Nigerian Govt Officially Stops Salaries Of Lecturers Not Enrolled On IPPIS

The disagreement between President Muhammadu Buhari-led government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, does not look like it will end anytime soon.
as the Federal Government last Saturday directed that salaries of any University worker who is not enrolled on the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS), be halted starting from November 2020.

President Buhari had earlier stated during the 2021 budget presentation that lecturers not enrolled under IPPIS will not be paid.

A new directive contained in a memo from the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF) with reference number OAGF/IPPIS/446/1/159 and dated October 8, 2020 has now enforced the threat.

It was signed by the Director, IPPIS, Nsikak Ben, for the AGF.

The memo was issued to all university Vice-Chancellors through the Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigeria, Federal Universities.

“I am directed to inform you that any staff of your institution who has not enrolled on the IPPIS, either as a result of study leave (with pay), maternity leave or on medical ground, will no longer appear on the IPPIS payroll.”

“This is with effect from November 2020, except such staff presents himself/herself for the biometric data capture at the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Abuja,” the memo read in part.

Such employees would have to appear with an introductory letter/IPPIS enrollment forms duly endorsed by the principal authorities of the institution and evidence of six months’ salary, according to bank statements.
from naija news.

*I dont get it,why are some lecturers resisting to be enrolled in the IPPIS?


  1. Stella the ippis is scam. Very wicked of the govt. We joined last Nov and pay started this February. They cut our salary like mad. Some people developed high blood pressure.
    I don't blame ASSU for resisting it. They have a union fighting for them.

    1. Biance,80% of ASUU members have joined.They secretly go to Abuja to register and are receiving salaries. I guess the executives have not given up.

    2. Stella, among the lecturers who have joined, some are receiving far less than before. And experiencing salary cuts without explanations

  2. I don't understand how someone abroad on study leave will disappear and reappear in naija to do ippis. Na wah

  3. Stella,to answer you question, most of these lecturers are not qualified to be called a lecturer. I know of a few whose level of intelligence are questionable but since it's a country of having someone at the top + community chance,you tend to see have baked personnels who aren't supposed to be in the classroom teaching, but called a lecturer.

    1. SMH.
      Shaking my head vigorously.
      About to cut off my head.

    2. Sorry, but you did not answer Stella's question. Instead of insulting lecturers, why not take time to educate yourself on the issues that led to the ASUU strike? Are public universities in Nigeria what they are supposed to be? Are lecture rooms and hostels adequate and conducive for learning? Is the government at liberty to renege on agreements it freely entered into with ASUU? Are the Laws establishing Nigerian universities no longer relevant? Is ASUU the only group opposed to IPPIS? Why are the non-academic unions in our universities currently on a 2-weeks warning strike? Why have lecturers' salaries remained the same since 2009? Stella, to answer your question, apart from the fact that IPPIS is a scam, it does not recognize some allowances peculiar to university staff, academic and non-academic. Those who enrolled on the platform have being receiving amputated salaries, sometimes amounting to half of their normal salaries. ASUU has proposed an alternative platform that would take care of these anomalies but the government is not prepared to listen! Ask yourself, why is the military not on IPPIS? Oil workers? CBN? They all have peculiar allowances not captured by IPPIS!!!

    3. Thank you @anonymous 9:20. You just saved me some typing energy. IPPIS is a scam, our government doesn't value education at all.

    4. Anon 9:20, all your points are valid. Just want to correct you on the military. They are on IPPIS. They joined late last year and they faced similar issues of half salaries but I think now it's been sorted out. And they know they can't cheat the military of their salaries.

    5. Thanks for the update on the military!

    6. Thanks for the update on the military!

  4. I think it's a form of control by the government, and the lecturers do not want it due to some issues surrounding it.
    I just want them to settle it amicably



    Mr President says get on the IPPIS platform or get nothing and for me, Mr President is right. ASUU should restrategize and get her priorities right. They can't be fighting for students, fighting for parents and fighting for themselves at the same time. The IPPIS is intended to check the excesses of Nigerian lecturers who work in 2 to 4 universities. I am a lecturer working in just one university so tell me, why should I be afraid of IPPIS?
    FG wants to increase school fees, ASUU will go on strike to fight it. Why not allow them increase the school fees and let students from all over the country protest? The matter would just solve itself given its tendency to escalate into full blown violence. Given the recent happenings in the country, the probability of such protests relapsing into full scale violence is 100% and government would not want that. If you ask me, FG is even more afraid of students than lecturers.

    If FG says work in only one university, then let all adjunct, contract and sabbatical lecturers withdraw their services and go to their domiciliary institutions. That way, the nakedness of the many new universities the FGN has created without adequate lecturers will be exposed. The FG will either hire new hands urgently or the universities will be shut down. That matter too can resolve itself.

    ASUU should stop agitating for better hostels for students. Students pay money for these services to the FG and they have a stronger ground to demand for what they paid for, not lecturers. ASUU keeps fighting for what they call "revitalization funds" (I don't know what that means if you ask me). My question is, does ASUU have any active supervision over how such monies are to be expended by Governing councils of universities or Vice chancellors, bursars and other big men in the university management? Will they sit at table when juicy contracts flowing from such funds will be given? The answer is No. So why do you decide to go hungry, your salaries withheld, subjecting your self and dependants to hardship over monies that will be expended without your inputs or any form of supervision whatsoever? Meanwhile those that will receive the alert when this money lands are still receiving their salaries. This whole drama doesn't make sense to me. ASUU should trim it's demands to member's welfare and stop carrying a scary baggage of demands around. It is a trade union for God's sake. Let's put away this hypocritical toga of altruism. Everybody's problem cannot be your problem unless you want to die before your time.
    Copied.. That's the reason for the die hard resistance..
    If buhari wants to save the country money, he should start with the budget proposal and the unnecessary and huge allocation to our so called executives and legislators who swim in naija billions.. Leave lectures to their peanut biko..

  6. The reason is simple , some lectures are collecting salaries from 3 different universities because they are lecturing in those universities so as such they don’t want government to spot them out, that’s why they are resisting ippis!

    1. So when you’re lecturing in 3 universities, should you be collecting salary from just 1 university? Please answer me.

    2. It's just like saying that a medical doctor should work in only one hospital..

      Not seeing anything wrong in lecturing in other universities..
      These lecturers too are looking for how to survive

    3. And is there anything wrong with lecturing in more than one university if I may ask?


  8. Some dead lecturers are still receiving salaries under the current regim and their counter parts that are receiving their salaries don’t want ippis


  9. This whole IPPIS thing is a scam. The FG is using that platform to repay most of their debts, hence, the deductions. ASUU should not give to the pressure.

    1. God bless you!

      The protests will soon move on to these issues!

      Criminal Government

  10. Simple: IPPIS will ensure that the proper deductions are made and nobody is collecting 2 or more salaries for the same job. A lot of lecturers lecture in 2 or more federal universities and are paid in both places. IPPIS will put an end to that.

    1. What you have put forward is just an assumption!

      IPPIS has gone ahead to deduct salaries from university lecturers WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

      Emphasis on consent!

      University professors have deductions of up to N150,000 on a monthly!

      Thieving government that thinks they can do anything and get away with it!

      IPPIS has put an END to NOTHING.


      If 2 or 3 universities require the services of 1 lecture and the lecturer discharges his duties well how is this a crime?

    2. Vehicle" Cprruption*

  11. From what I understand, there are lecturers who teach in multiple universities and get paid. FG says you are to work in only one university and the IPPIS is to ensure that a lecturer gets his pay from one university, which wouldn't sit well with those lecturers.

    I think an advantage of the IPPIS is it would force universities to admit shortage of lecturers and push the to hire more. It doesn't seem fair that one lecturer is collecting salary that should have been paid to three or more.

    1. FG says you are to work in only one university ....Eziokwu?

  12. Stella, this is copied from Vanguard. Hope it helps to answer your question.

    The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has said it will soon expose those feeding fat on the adoption of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System, IPPIS, by the Federal Government as its payment platform.
    This is just as the union alleged that some people in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation are subverting its efforts to reach an understanding with the Federal Government on the controversial payment system.
    The National President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, stated this on Sunday in an interview with Vanguard.
    Ogunyemi, who was reacting to a memo from the office of the AGF that any federal worker not yet captured on the IPPIS platform would not be paid salary as from November this year, noted that such a memo was not binding on his members.
    “All the agreements we have been having since 1992 with the government have always been having the provision that circulars emanating from the civil service which don’t have origin in collective bargaining with the government won’t be binding on us.
    “Circulars that will be binding on us are those coming out of our negotiation with the government like what we had in autonomy for university, retirement age and others. They can be respected because they are products of collective bargaining,” he said.
    On why the union would not accept IPPIS, the ASUU boss explained that there was a meeting with the government where it was agreed that if ASUU could develop a better alternative to IPPIS, such an alternative would be adopted.
    “Based on that, our members started work on the University Transparency and Accountability System, UTAS, and in the presence of the Minister, the Permanent Secretary and the leadership of the National Universities Commission, NUC, we demonstrated its use.
    “IPPIS was not part of the reasons we went on strike early March this year. Now, it is clear that some elements who are benefiting from it and who do not want a better platform, brought IPPIS matter up and we are going to expose them soon. Now, our members are being owed between three and eight months salaries. We know some people deliberately withheld the salaries. Nigerians should ask them why they are doing that,” he stated.
    Meanwhile, feelers from federal universities in some parts of the country indicate that government’s directive that schools should start resuming from Monday, October 12, may not hold water.
    This is because the ongoing strike by ASUU and the 14 days warning strike by the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, and the Non-Academic Staff Union. NASU, may stall that.Ogunyemi, while commenting on the development, urged Nigerians to understand what his union is fighting for.
    “I have two children in public universities and so I am affected too. However, what we want is that our children should have access to sound and quality education. We don’t want what has been done to public primary and secondary schools to happen to our universities. Our products must be able to compete favourably in the global market,” he said.
    Even when universities eventually resume, some may scrap one academic session.
    For instance, first year students of the University of Ibadan admitted for the 2019/2020 session are yet to begin classes before schools were closed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus disease in the country.
    Those to be admitted for 2020/2021 session are waiting in the wings for their admission.
    In a related development, some Federal Polytechnics may open soon but strike notice by teaching and non-teaching staff may later be a hindrance. Copied.

  13. Please o I just have one question .was it the government that was collecting the money for post jamb. If it was universities why didn't they use it to develop the school

  14. FG stopped payment of salaries to lecturers not on the platform since June 2020. Please get your facts right.

  15. The student/youth groups should join hands with ASUU to demand not only quality education, but, support their lecturers too in this fracas. The average take home pay for an illiterate local government chairman runs into the millions not to mention those of the senators cum legis-looters. The PMB govt needs to honor Nigeria's long suffering academics now.


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