Stella Dimoko Nigeria's COVID 19 Cases Now 60266


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Monday, October 12, 2020

Nigeria's COVID 19 Cases Now 60266


.......So,nobody is looking at these figures anymore?why na?


  1. Hopefully someday I'll wake up to see that there are no figures anymore.

    Lagos tho 113 Ah!..
    Let's just stay safe biko o.

  2. I'm looking ooo Stella.
    Those Lagos people na wah for dem

  3. We should start #endcovid19NOW
    Everyone knows it is not in Nigeria and even if it was we have been taking care of ourselves without the governments help.

    The universities were locked up but election went on successfully. The market days have not returned to normal but elections returned to normal. Covid 19is scam in Nigeria. It is only an avenue for them to squander the country's resources.


    1. If mumu was a person 7.19

    2. it is not in Nigeria? honestly some of you just need to stop commenting? you are really daft

    3. What an ignorant talk .
      Better stay safe

  4. Na who dey alive go check figures.

    We’re battling 2 deadly diseases:Sars and Corona!


  5. My dear is that our kids are now suffering the non challant attitude of their parents and leaders. My son's school should be closed down. I am so scared. All through the weekend parents kept complaining about their kids having cold and coughing because some kid had cold and was allowed into school. I thought it was just normal cold till my son came down with sneezing, catarrh and serious fever since Saturday evening. I am also beginning to have symptoms of catarrh. He won't be going to school today.

    Why is it so difficult for the school authority to insist or follow NCDC protocol for all kids to put on face mask. Just one week and they are back to normal. After collecting heavy school fees, it has always been about the money and not the well being of the kids.

    I am so so pissed. God help me.


    1. Madam you better start homeschooling. We that we have only 1 child in this life, we dont joke with nonsense. Employ teachers in core subjcts. When its time for junior waec or GCE.. they go and sit for it, come back home. No b for dis jungle pesin go risk hin pikin life.

  6. Do people still wear face mask

  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 to your question.

  8. I pray all schools close now and reopen in Jan🙏🙏🙏


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