Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt REPORTEDLY Earmarks N75 billion For Youth Development In Response To EndSARS Protests.


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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Nigerian Govt REPORTEDLY Earmarks N75 billion For Youth Development In Response To EndSARS Protests.

In response to the yearnings of Nigerian youths, the Federal Government said it has set aside N75 billion Youths Fund for their development projects for the next three years.

Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, who disclosed this while speaking with journalists in Kaduna on Saturday, said, the fund, which broken down to N25 billion per year, is meant to support the youths to actualise the creative and entrepreneurial ideas of the Government.

The Minister who was in Kaduna alongside the Minister of Environment, Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Abubakar, also said, they were in Kaduna in response to the directive of President Muhammadu, who ordered all the Ministers to go back home and engage with their state governments and other stakeholders over the recent violence occasioned by the #EndSARS protests across the country.

According to her, “We came to meet with the Government of Kaduna State to discuss the issue of protests that have been happening around our country, specifically, the #EndSARS.

“The State has prepared an excellent report and rendered to us on all the plans and efforts they have undertaken and we have also come to understand the challenges that they have and how best to support them.

“We are here in response to the directive Mr. President gave to all Ministers to go back home and engage the major stakeholders within the states to see how best we can support the states in trying to address the security issues that we have at this time. So, it was a wonderful meeting and it was very productive.

“What we are doing at the Federal level is that we have set aside N25bn Youths Fund. It is actually an N75bn fund for three years. So, we are starting with N25bn for 2021. The fund is meant to support the youths to actualise creative and entrepreneurial ideal that we have, so that, they can be more productive, be their own bosses and employ other youths,” she said.

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  1. Replies
    1. This is not what we need. Are these leaders this dumb???

      Approving useless money that they will later loot into their pocket. Why not use this money to reform the police unit. Increase their salary and monitor their activities.

      Which skill youth won learn. Is like they are deaf and blind. Is #endsarz about skill. Jezz. Na wa oo.

      God forbid who do this country sha.


  2. They are always setting billions aside. We hope this one too won't enter voicemail.

    1. Yimu. Wetin dem go loot
      We dey say #endsarz. Them they do skill. Yeye leaders

  3. They have started again. Money that will still enter voicemail

  4. Another loot in the making
    Nigeria is finished

  5. Another set of oldies will still loot this money. Who do us like this bikonu?

  6. Is it today?
    We've been hearing this from time immemorial.

  7. Open the boarders for Christmas.. rice is too expensive plz. Just reopen the boarder things are hard.

  8. Looting reloaded
    Continue oh

  9. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
    This is another money for them to embezzle. Then share robes or wheelbarrows for youth empowerment πŸ˜₯

    1. Ludo, slippers, rope for goats, transistor radio

  10. πŸ™„The one that will go back into their pockets abi?

  11. They have started, just another way of embezzling

  12. More monies for the poli-thieves to cart away. Why not build industries to employ the youths?
    Why not set up scholarships and state what scores you get to benefit from it and make it a law?
    Why not reduce fees paid in federal universities?
    Why not make elementary and secondary educations free?
    Fake poli-thieves. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. Why not step down, these old bunch of thieves, we need new people with fresh ideas.

  13. Stories that touch...

    The bulk of that money will go to the Northern youths who will use that money to buy cocaine at wuse 2 cos they are from rich homes.

  14. The day Nigerian youths will catch this Zainab ehee. She must be digging the ground to hide her own loots. She has quickly mapped out another strategy to siphon money because she know that our President is 'mugu'. She think she will be there forever.

  15. They will just be opening mouth and calling money anyhow.. At the end of the day, kosi koko

  16. Bla bla bla!!!!

    Only if 1/3 of the money will be used, it will go a long way.

    But na Nigeria we dey, looting galore!!!

  17. Anytime I hear govt has set aside something for the masses first thing that run through my mind is all they hidden palliatives.

    The most Complex B

  18. This money is on paper,none goes into what they say openly.
    Very rubbish and useless people.
    Why not create an enabling environment for us to live and make sustainable policies and reduce the cost of governance and see things change on itself.

  19. These pple lack foresight. Is this what the youths r fighting for? They are not even bothered about the well-being of the youths. The youths are clamouring for change, they are doing these. They can't create job opportunities and basic needs of the Society. On top of it, no justice for d killings. This country is a mess

  20. These people still don't have brain to know what to do.. money you will earmark abi eyemark and either snake swallows it, money carry it or it ends in some people's account.

    Pls God give these people small sense naaa. It is like the day you were sharing sense these people were absent...


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